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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you know how hard it is to set a broken nose?

....Really, do you?

I mean... I deserved that one.

Yeah, if you guys haven't guessed it yet, Fizzy's my partner.

I respect her like hell, and she gets the job done.

But why did she choose to save Cheska?

The ma... I mean, boss man wants her dead anyway.

But she's going high and mighty over this chick.

Not that she isn't attractive, but Fizzy can have her.

That and she hates me.

I come over to talk to Fizz about her next mission,
and the minute I see her, she takes one look
and smacks me right in the nose.


A bag of frozen peas later and we were talking.

I'll post the transcript later.

But for now...

I'm looking for something...



  1. You know, you talk suspiciously like Jeff and Cheska.

  2. It's not THAT hard. Broken neck is harder.

  3. Frap... a broken neck is deadly. o_O

  4. 1) Ritchie, you kinda had it coming what with the dick move you pulled.

    2) A broken neck is next to impossible to fully recover from. My cousin had his neck broken in a bar fight and today, while he's able to walk and generally do everything he used to, he deals with constant pain, his movements are stiff and awkward, and there've been times when I visited and his legs just gave out under him.
    So, Fapsalot, it's pretty obvious you've never had a broken neck or had to deal with a relative with one. That, or you're a bigger sociopath than I could ever hope to be.

  5. I didn't say it would be EASY to live with it, but it's not always deadly.

    Why does everyone have to keep making Fap jokes...?

  6. Broken noses are such a pain. I've had one before, a long a time ago.

    Broken necks, however, are a bigger pain.
    I'd rather have a broken nose than a broken neck.
    Although broken noses, ironically enough, can be deadly too.

    It's actually easier to break a nose and kill someone that way than it is to break a neck.


  7. Frap, I'll be honest with you, people make puns on Fap for two reasons;

    (1) The name "Frap" just invites it.
    (2) Reading your blog is like watching you masturbate while you are thinking of having a threesome with yourself and Slender Man. It is the wankiest, most self-aggrandising blog in the whole Mythos and allow me to say; I would actually probably feel more comfortable while watching you get off to your sick twisted sex fantasies about Slender Man than I would while reading your piece of shit blog.

    Sincerely fucking yours,

    Someone Who Isn't Perfect But Doesn't Get Butthurt At The Slightest Criticism