Welcome to the Home of the Isabel Initiative and Keeper Alliance

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Current Whereabouts

Hello Everyone
Cheska Here.

Jeff, Rose, and I have destroyed the previous base.
We're on the move now, and headed west.

We have already made it into Wisconsin to see Jean and Fizzy.
At the moment, Rose and I are sitting at a coffee shop table on the laptop.
I'm also mapquesting the address that Jean emailed me.

Jeff is on his phone booking our hotel rooms.
He's wearing the Reindeer suit I bought him.

As I'm wearing the Santa costume he bought me.
We got an elf costume and a coat for Rose.

So far, we've already covered our tracks.
Nothing has happened, and no sightings of tall, dark, and skinny.

We haven't even encountered any scattered Hallowed.
I'm not sure if that is a good or bad sign.

We'll be sleeping the hotel tonight, separate rooms,
and go and hang out with Fizzy and Jean tomorrow.

For now, I'm sharing a bearclaw with Rose.
And Jeff and I are sharing a large coffee.

I'll update later when we get to the hotel.

-Cheska <3
Love you guys

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Can't Believe It...

but Nessa's back...

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

I was browsing through the blogs
last night, and saw something.

Nessa's blog was back up.
She commented.

And, she's trying to find her way back.

I can't believe it.

Redlight, you screwed up, you sadistic bastard!

She wasn't supposed to come back.
She was supposed to stay safe.

I loved her. I wanted her away from all of this.
And now she's trying to find out.

She doesn't deserve any of this.
And regardless of how much I hate this.

I hate myself even more.
I can't tell her a damn thing.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

Merry Christmas to All!
It's Christmas Eve in the U.S.
So we still have time to prepare.

And Cheska and I are celebrating in excess.
This is our second to last night in the base.
So we want to make it a great one.

Cheska hung up some Christmas decorations earlier.
Rose managed to catch me under the mistletoe.

But Cheska and I repaid her in kind.
A smooch on the forehead and cheek respectively.
We each got each other presents, too.

Cheska gave me mine last night. 0_0
Er... It was really nice. And really warm.

I managed to get something nice for Rose.
And for Cheska, well I have something special in mind.

But back to the move.
Since we're destroying the base
we need a few places to stay for a while.
We're headed off tomorrow due to the lack of traffic.
Everyone will be inside for the holidays.

We'll be spending Christmas with Fizzy and Jean.
I managed to keep the booking for the hotel I gave Fizzy.

So if you live in the near Wisconsin area,
you'll be catching a glimpse of a tall woman in a Santa outfit
with a teenager in a reindeer costume.

So, in advance, sorry about my lack of updates .
That's going to continue until Cheska, Rose, and I reach Poland.

I'll also be detailing my end of the Solstice later.
For now, I'd rather leave that part a mystery.

So, Merry Christmas from Jeff and Cheska!
And to all a Slender free Holiday, and  good night.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still Alive and Kicking

Hey Guys
Jeff and Fallen Here.

We survived guys,
against all odds , we survived.
Sorry about the drama.
We're on the run right now.

Sorry for the lack of posting as well.
Fallen and I were celebrating, so to speak.
If you call rocking the bed celebrating.
And I was wrong, she's pretty gentle.

My plan is complete.
We saved about a hundred Hallowed.
That's kind of the reason I got Hallowed .
Sorry for the scare.

We managed to get the cure.
Thanks to Zero and B.
It only worked because of Zero.
You brave bastard. Thank You.

This is just a simple update.
All the details will be posted later.
From where we are, it isn't safe.

I'm a little tired. So much love.
How about you take over Fallen?
Tell them what we're planning.

Of course, Jeff.
My pleasure.

Hello Bloggers.

Yes, Jeff and I have finally solidified our relationship.
Mind you, he was very gentle. Such a warm body.
It has been so long since I last shared my bed with a lover.

But we have managed to evade the Master, 
or as I now like to call him.
That complete and utter bastard.

Jeff and I are completely cured.
I can no longer hear that bastard's voice.

He has given me my redemption.
And his heart, the dear boy.

Or shall I say, my dear man.
We are on the run for now.

Our plans are to move through the U.S. along the hotels Jeff has booked.
We have decided to destroy the base as well.
Rose is coming with us. She needs some friends right now.

We may be visiting some of the other bloggers for Christmas.
First on the list, Fizzbomb and Jean.

Jeff would be happy to see his friends.
And I have taken a liking to them all.
And Jeff, my dear. Fallen is no longer my name.

Please call me Francheska from now on.
Of course, now that I say that.
That's what I'll be hearing from you tonight.
You bad boy, I should punish you now.

Got to go guys.
A little more "celebration" to be had.

Merry Christmas!
-Jeff and Francheska

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Solstice is Here

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

The main event is here.
The Solstice is here.

And tonight we all kick major ass.
I wish all of you well.
Because tonight is the night we beat him.
Or at least take him down a notch.

It has been an honor knowing you all.
If I don't come back.
I want you guys to know...

I'm going to fulfill the promise I made
on the first post of my blog a month ago.

I'm doing everything I can to save them.
I'm saving as many Hallowed as  I can.
And If I die trying. At least they're free.

Goodbye, and farewell
Old friends.


Fallen: My dear Fallen. I love you with all my heart. And I will not rest until you are free from this bastard's control. I'm happy I met you, regardless of your original intentions, and well, I wish we could have spent more time together.

Nessa: My dear, dear Nessa. I'm happy you survived this. I happy that you'll never remember any of this horrible tragedy. But know that to this day you'll always be in my heart.

Zero: You are one smug little bastard, but one of the bravest young men I have ever met.

Jean: My little Brit. Keep yourself safe and strong, and take care of Fizzy for me. You two would make a really cute couple.

Fizzy: Fizz, words cannot describe how awesome you are, So I'll say this much, stay safe, keep strong, and protect Jean. I know you two have a thing going there.

Rose: Thanks for being there when we needed you the most. During my breakdown, losing Lost and from the beginning of my journey as a blogger. Thank you so much.

Vivi and Chester: You two make a wacky couple and some of the most sane people that I've met so far. Chester, keep her safe. And Vivi, keep his ass in line. Stay alive, we need guys like you to lead future generations.

Hosozukuri: Our minstrel and mistress of the song. Stay safe, young lady.

Sabrina: Our scribe, the artist of this generation. Thank you for the picture.

Will and Statistician: I leave it up to you two to help the next generation beat that bastard. Be the next line of defense against that Slender bitch, you hear me?

Mali and Holly: Stay safe, stay sound, this is the part where it all must end.

J: Crazy bastard, stay safe.

To all the others I've met and commented to:
You know who you are.

I love all of you guys, and I'll do everything in my
power to keep every last one of you safe.

That's a promise.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yeah, Awkward.

Hey guys.
Jeff Here.

The last few days with Fallen
Have just been wonderful.

Which is why I probably haven't been so careful.
The information in my posts has been a little...

How should I say this?
Awkward beyond all reason?

While Fallen and I do share an interesting relationship.
Admittedly It isn't up to either of us to share it with the world.

So, if everyone could just ignore the previous posts...
Or maybe I should tone down the content?

Either way, I'll be  more careful in the future.


Awkward Situations

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

Rose kicked my ass good, so I guess a month isn't
enough time to master  my abilities as a Revenant, was it?

Which isn't the worst part.

She kissed me in front of Fallen.
Fallen really didn't like that.
It was really unexpected on my part.

She jumped into the training area and started beating on her.
It was scary as hell seeing Fallen jealous.

It was flying fists and horrible fury.
She was fuming like mad.
I had to step in to stop it from escalating.

And afterward, it was really weird between all three of us.
Fallen kept giving Rose a death glare.
She also kept pressing my face into her chest.

Rose, word of advice.
You're a sweet girl.
But please don't do that again.
For both our sakes.

But as of this event,
Fallen's been a little less friendly to Lily.
Admittedly this is getting out of hand.


The Solstice is Nigh

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

You know the phrase "hits like a girl"?

The guys who made that phrase have obviously never met Fallen.
Or Fizz, Jean, Vivi, Rose, or any other badass girl I know.

The reason for the title is, well you guessed it.
The event we have all been waiting for.
Is just one day away.

The month before, Fallen began waking me up at six to train.
I mean, I was previously engaged in martial arts.
A little jujitsu and some capoiera.
But this was just torture for me.

All the Hallowed are migrating back to their bases.
It turns out Fallen's hideout was meant to house fifty.
They're all training for the big event.
Some of them are nice.
Others looked like they wanted to kill me.

But back to what I was saying.
Hand to hand combat.
And Fallen is experienced.
She pinned me after two moves.

I had no idea she knew martial arts!
Her punches and kicks hurt.

Which is why I've managed to block each hit.
Until she pulls out a tactic that I've never seen.

I can only go so far with my Revenant speed and strength.

And Fallen just knows how to rub it in my face.
Not in a bad way, mind you.
She still treats me to our usual cuddle sessions.

But yeah, today was another one of our training sessions.
Our last in the series.
A month of training can do wonders.

The thing that worries me though,
is that if Fallen is this rough on the battlefield,
How rough is she in the bed room?


But yeah, on another note.
Back to the comments of the last post.

Fizzy, I don't need to see Fallen
in knee highs and a leather bustier.
I've already seen her naked.

You, Jean, and Rose as the OT3?
Wow, just. Wow.

And Chester.
Do me a favor and
give Vivi a hug from me.

Get ready for the Solstice guys.
Can't wait to see you there.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Evil Thoughts and Speculation

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

You may or may not have heard about 
Jeff and I becoming a couple.

I'm snuggling against the little guy right now.
He's so cute  when he's embarrassed.

And I've been having some thoughts.
I didn't really  breastfeed him earlier.
Just wanted to push his buttons a little.

So cute when he's sleeping.
And so manly when he's awake.

Should I tease him a little more?
Fizz has convinced me I can still rile
my little Jeffy when needed.

I'm going to kiss him, lick him, 
and cuddle with him.

And tell him I love him.
Because  I know he loves me.

Now, on to the speculation.
Jeff isn't a regular Revenant.

He doesn't hear the master.
And he can't be controlled.

How can he do so?
It baffles me on how he can resist.
He still has his personality.

Maybe its because he's so sweet.
Or maybe because he can't be mean.

I don't know, but I am worried.

But enough of that.
It is now time to snuggle with my 
little man, and take a note from Jean 
and Fizz. 

I've popped in a movie.
Jeff has me in his lap.
And I have his head in my chest.

Mm, such a good boy.

Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen.


Surprise Surprise...

for me that is.

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

Remember when Fallen said she might try
and breast feed me yesterday?
Yeah, that kind of happened.

Well, not in the way you think.

-Earlier this morning-

I was just getting up from bed, wiping the
sleep from my eyes when I realize that
I was sitting up in Fallen's chest.

But not where I was the night before.
Fallen was awake and had me pressed to her right breast.
Apparently when she woke up, she thought she would try.

I happen to suckle in my sleep...
As far as she's told me.
I'll admit, it was very sweet.

( Though she told me it didn't happen.)

I feel strangely full though.

Jeffy, lunch time!
*shakes breasts in his face*

Oh Fallen, you're such a sweetheart.
*kisses her on the lips*

Well guys, time for me to go.
I'll see you later.
But first, I have to talk to B.


Coffee House Fun

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

So, I may have mentioned in the comments of a particular post
that Fallen and I went out to go meet Fizz.
We did. At an awesome coffee shop.
And It was fun.

I kind of wrote down everything we talked about.

I managed to sneak the laptop down.

Transcript Time!

(On the way to the shop)

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

So, I may have mentioned in the comments last post,
that Fallen and I went out to go meet Fizz.
We did. At an awesome coffee shop.

And It was fun.

I kind of wrote down everything we talked about.

I managed to sneak the laptop down.

Transcript Time!

(On the way to the shop)

J: So Fallen, what are you going to say to Fizz?

F: I do not know. It is the first time I would be meeting a runner in person.

J: Aw, don't be shy. She's really nice.

F: From what the master has told me, she is a credible threat. Even equal to that of the Sage, Zero.

J: That's our Fizzy for you.

F: Apparently she also likes women.

J: Yeah, I kind of found that out the awkward way.

(Subtle laughter from the two of us)

(Entering the coffee shop, we spot a  girl in a Blizzcon hoodie , blond and blue eyed, Caucasian, early 20's, who waves us over to a table.)

(She begins  checks out Fallen, who I pull out a chair for. I then sit down next to her.)

J: Fizzy, nice to finally meet you.

(I extend out a hand in greeting. She takes it and shakes it in reply, smiling. She then looks to Fallen, who she looks over and winks at.)

Fizzy: Fallen, right? Jeff, why the hell didn't you tell me she was this hot?

J: Fizz...

Fizz: Sorry, mate, but beauty demands I acknowledge it. I am, among other things, an artistic soul.

F: It is okay Jeff. In the past, many have found me attractive.

(Fallen is a bombshell, to quote Fizz. A curly haired brunette with soft blue eyes, pale skin and top top it off, an hour glass figure.  She's also told me that she's a 36D.)

J: So, have have you been lately?

Fizzy: Been doing well so far, since well, Nessa, my hideout being burned to the ground and all.

J: Nice to see you've adjusted well so far. So how is it in your current stowaway?
Fizzy: A cheap little motel. Not exactly the Hilton, but it's nice to be staying somewhere and not freezing my ass off. I could do with a little company, though. Maybe a certain proxy can take care of me?

(Fizzy raises her eyebrow at Fallen, letting her guard down and giving both of us a warm smile.)

F: While I am flattered, Fizzbomb, I cannot accept that offer. The only person I care for is sitting right next to me.

J: *clears throat* Well, while we're here, why don't we chat about a few things?

Fizzy: So, how about you two?

J: About us?

Fizzy: I dunno, I mean what the hell has happened since I've disappeared?

From what I heard , Zero started running, M and Shaun are back, Robert's gone, and you got yourself Hallowed.

J: Well, that's a complicated story, but all I can say is that I had a plan before all of this happened.

Fizzy: Jeff, I always thought you were the smart one.
This has to be the craziest thing you've ever done.

J: All for the  sake of everyone else.

( Fizz is about to make a rebuttal, but stops)

(A slim, green eyed redhead comes to our table and pulls out her notebook.)

Waitress: So, what will y'all be having today?

Fizzy: One mocha latte, a croissant, and hopefully your phone number.

J: Large soy frappucino, please.

F: Cappucino, please.

(The waitress blushes as she walks away to get our drinks, Fizzy patting her on the butt as she passes by.)

J: *sighs* Oh Fizz...

Fizzy: What? She was pretty cute.

(Fallen giggles)

J: So, off that whole notion, what do you think about our situation so far?

Fizzy: Well, everything  that's happened so far has really had me mind fucked.
But at least I know that the rest of my friends made it.

J: Oh Fizzy, Nessa's death hit us all very hard.
At least she's living some sense of normalcy again.

Fizzy : *silent*

F: So, Fizz, I heard that you were one of the better fighters among your group.

Fizzy: Yeah, I'm not that impressive, though.
(Ten minutes worth of questions and answers later ) 

(Fallen is staring out the window as Fizz and I air guitar out to a song)

J: So, what else do you like to do, Fizz?

(Two hours talking about our respective interests and looking out the window later)

 F: Time to go, Jeff.
It's your bed time.

J: Okay Fallen.

(We start on our way outside as Fizzy pays the bill, and receives a slip of paper from the waitress.)

(We stop outside the entrance and stand on the curb to say our goodbyes.)

J: By the way, here, hopefully this will help.

(I hand Fizz an envelope)

Fizzy: What's in it?

J: I'll tell you later. We have to head off now.

( I walk up and give Fizzy a hug)

 J: Stay safe Fizz.

(Fizzy hugs back and breaks off to say goodbye to Fallen)

F: It was nice meeting you, Fizz.

(Fallen wraps her arms around Fizzy. The thing about it is, Fallen is very tall, so Fizzy's face is basically in her chest at this point.)

Fizzy: Aw, it was nice to meet you too, and I have to say, your chest is very comfy.

(We separate and walk our separate ways to go home)

End Transcript.

So, yeah, that's what happened.
If was fun to finally see Fizzy.
She's really cute.
Too bad I have someone else on my mind right now.

Later guys.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

You Know How You Called...

Fallen a Chessmaster, Vivi?

Yeah, She's living up to that title.

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

Fallen is currently beating me five to one in chess.
The irony being the title and subsequent continuation of the statement.

She's really good at it.
She beat me in three moves.

And she's so cute when she laughs.
With that warm smile and soft skin...

Um... back to the matter at hand.

She's also upped the ante on me.
We're playing Strip Chess.

Every five pieces we lose, we lose an article of clothing.
All she's missing is her shirt.

I'm down to my shirt and underwe...

Nope, just lost my fifth piece...
 I needed that rook...
Just my underwear now.

And she's really mean because she's distracting me.
If you guys remember a few posts ago, you'll know what I mean.

But yeah, totally swamped.

The good news is, for my good sportsmanship
, she's sleeping in her underwear tonight.
We share a bed. It's awesome.

Fizz, do not fantasize about Fallen.

Lol, just had to make sure.

But yeah, and I lost.

Damn, now I have to forgo my last piece of clothing.

Well, you know what that means.

Sexy sleeping time!

Apparently when Fallen says underwear,
she means naked. God I love her.
She's so sweet, and beautiful, and hot...

The Happiest Moment of My New Life...

is here, with Jeff, lying in my arms.

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

Dinner was magical.
Candlelit with a bottle of wine.

Jeff told so many jokes.
He made me smile.

Its' been a while since I felt like a woman.
All I was for nine years was a servant of the master.

Tonight, I was another girl on the town. 
With the man I loved leading me to the dance floor.

Our bodies touched, the lights revolving around us.
The music blaring in our ears.

We took a moonlight stroll through the park.
He put his coat around me was we walked through the cold night.

And, he asked me out.
And I accepted.

We shared our first kiss under the streetlamps.
It was as though a shower of fireworks burst between our lips.

I began to cry, and he held me.
Just like I held him, all those months ago.

And now, as I sit here, watching him sleep.
He is now the only thing in my life that matters.
The boy who opened up to a Hallowed.
And filled her spirit again.

I realize, that I truly love Jeff.
And he...he loves me.

-The Fallen

Friday, December 17, 2010

Plans Tonight

Hey guys.
Jeff Here.

Uhm, yeah, the title of the post...
I'm inviting Fallen out to dinner tonight.

Thank you Fizz and Jean.

Wish me luck.

PS: I just read her last post.
She really feels that way about me?
Maybe I feel the same about her.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

Hello Bloggers
Fallen Here.

I admit.
That I do have feelings for Jeff.
He's such a sweet young man.
And caring for him has given me nothing but absolute pleasure.

But, I am worried.
Does he have feelings for me?

After our encounter with Fizzbomb at the coffee shop yesterday,
I realize that he was jealous. But does it mean something?

And after my initial quarrels with Jean.
Jean, I apologize for my callous behavior.
I realize that I was jealous of anyone close to Jeff.

I... I think I may love my little charge.
I think I love Jeff.

I need to talk to him.

-The Fallen

Talking to him now.
He's so cute when he's nervous.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess Who's Back.

Hey guys.
Jeff Here.

How long was I out for?

All I remember is making my deal with Lost, and then collapsing.
The next thing I do is wake up, Fallen laying next to me,
Lost gone, and Rose hugging me like a maniac.

So, Fallen has filled me in.
Bless her soul and her sweet nature.
With all the information, and the hot soup I've been drinking lately.
Apparently a few things have happened since I've been gone.

I met B today.
Nice guy. But I feel bad for his missing hand.

Fizz is back!
Which I appreciate.
God we need a bad ass like her around.
Especially now.

I...Thank you, Redlight.
She finally has the peace she deserves.

Jean and Vivi have encountered more Hallowed activity.
And Viv, you saw him?
Stay safe, My precious Brit and Kiwi.

Zero, you lazy bastard.
Keep yourself safe.

Sabrina drew a picture of me?
Thank you, sweetheart.
Must see it now.

Man I missed a lot.

So, J's freaky beasties didn't exist, huh?
Guess that was another part of Fallen's plan.

Rose, thank you for staying by me.
Lily, I'm so sorry that Lost is gone.

I vaguely remember a  conversation we had before he was overtaken.

The  last thing he said to me was: "Take care of Lily."

God I miss Lost.
For a Hallowed persona put in my head
to make me turn to the dark side,
He wasn't that much of a bad guy.
It was actually kind of comforting knowing he had my back.

But enough of the small talk.

It's nice to hear from you guys again.
I really missed all of you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
It's time to rock and roll.


Fizz, please don't hit on Fallen.
And I know this wouldn't deter you anyway.
But I kind of like her.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Current News

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

If the last few posts have been hard to understand.
I apologize. This has all been hard to deal with.

We were never attacked.
We never encountered J's creatures.

This has all been a test for Jeff.
He was losing the fight to Lost.
Their connection drove him mad.
The master had overridden Lost's persona.

And when he woke up was when these nightmares ended.
That's the only real truth in this.

I apologize to you Rose.
I asked Lily to help me.
I'm sorry she wrote those posts in your name.

But I digress.
Jeff is conscious.
But he's different.

Lost is completely expunged from his mind.
The second day after he woke up, 
he was back to normal.

He even hugged me.

He's smiling and laughing.
And I'm grateful.

Maybe we'll have a little fun first.
Before the solstice.

One can only hope we survive.
So I plan to do everything I can now.

-The Fallen

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He's Ready.

Hello Bloggers
Fallen Here.

I'm sorry if you were confused by the previous series of events.
But what you have witnessed in these past days was a test of the wills.

Jeff was breaking under his own accord.

Lost was winning.

So I put him inside of his own mind, where they engaged in battle.

He never faced J's "monsters".
The only monsters that existed were within his mind.
I find that amusing.  Monsters. 
As if any but the Master 
could create such things,
let alone turn them to his own cause.  
J, you amuse me.  
But I have one to thank for her role.
Dear Rose and Lily.
Thank you for helping me in my plan.
All those posts. The false attacks.

I knew you would help me.
If my plan was to help Jeff.

And B.
Dear B.
He is the only true piece of the puzzle,
but even his part is a fraction of what is needed.

And the best news.
Jeff is winning.

-The Fallen

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Story

It seems that someone else wants to know about me.
When it was Jeff, it was nice to explain it to someone.

Thank you, Fizzbomb, for asking.

My name is Francheska Allen.
I was born on May 17th, 1976.

My country of origin is the Poland.

I emigrated to the United States in 1978,
at the age of 2.

That is when I first saw the master.

He was standing there, by a tree.
At first, I thought it was a man in a suit.
I grew scared when I saw him come close to me.
And I ran back to my parents.

At the age of 18, I met my husband, 
Nicholas. And fell in love.

At the age of 21, I had two beautiful children.
Erin and Claus. We lived in a sunny home in California.

The children smiling, and Nicholas laughing and telling jokes.

Three years of bliss.

But then, at age 24, I came home to a horrific sight.
My husband, torn and bloody, his body impaled to a tree.

The master had returned for me, and had taken my children.
I fought back, screaming their names.
The master taunted me.
He broke me with their memories.

And, he said he would give them back.
If I joined him.

He lied.
I never saw my children again.

And for nine long years, I have served him.

I grew used to watching the faces of those I had taken for naught.

Until I had met Jeff.
He, Fizz, is the reason I became the way I am.

He gave me hope.
He understood and cared for me.
He showed me how to care for people again.
And he showed Lost the same.

He and Lost had become my salvation.
That is why I help.
He brought me back from the brink.
And now I wish to do the same for him.

-The Fallen

As for the Public Relations attitudes,
all of his servants act this way.
And we are no different. All we have done is create
the blogs to spread the good word of the master.
But now, with Jeff here.
It is now different.

Latest Endeavors

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

And yes, what B said is true.
I have captured him.
But fear not.
He will remain alive.

Oh, what is that?

Rose has found him.
I asked her not to look for him.

She shall be dealt with.
Mind you, not with violence.

And B, my dear.

If you think your charming wit or
connection with Rika has saved you.
You are sadly mistaken.
You have something that I require.

Something I need to save Jeff.

-The Fallen

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So, Who Were You?

Is a question I should be asking Jeff.

In our short time together, Jeff asked so many questions about me.

My name, where I was from, and how I got to where I was.

And I never asked any about him.

So, as I sit next to him and watch him sleep,
I looked into the old entries of his blog.

Jeff was a remarkable young man.

He is funny, intelligent, and caring.

He truly did have a great love for his friends.

And maybe, he has some for me.

He reminds me of my husband.
The same smile, the same jokes.
The same warmth we shared.

And he reminds of my children.
Their innocence, and their love.

Maybe that is why I am so attached to him.

And why I wish to cure what ails him.
So I can hear him speak again.

-The Fallen

Jeff's Awake

And, yes, it is true.

Jeff is finally awake.

But he isn't speaking much.
Rose is busy hugging him.
He seems somewhat unresponsive.

He was screaming in his sleep earlier.
His body shook and he began to cry.
But now, he is peaceful.

As a mother, I feel relieved.
And as his friend, I am very worried.

Where is Lost?

What went on in Jeff's mind? 

-The Fallen

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Tough Night

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

Jeff is in a catatonic state at the moment.
He is too weak to fight and too unstable to speak.

Rose is caring for him, and I am keeping watch as best I can.

But I am worried for him.

What Zero said was startling.
And I would kill him for driving Jeff into his current condition.
But that would only drive Jeff into further mental decay.

Unlike what many of you believe, I was once human.

And that part of me cares for the well being of Jeff.

But back to the reason for my late update.

I have heard a rustling noise in the woods.
It was another one of those monstrosities.
From what I gathered from Lost and Lily,
They were created by J.

I managed to subdue it and drive it into the lake.
It screeched and died.
If any more are coming, I shall be ready to protect him.

The boy has become more than my charge.
He has become my reason to live.

-The Fallen


WhoamI? WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?
WhoamI? WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?
WhoamI? WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?
WhoamI? WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?
WhoamI? WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?WhoamI?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just the Two of Us

Hello Guys.
Jeff here.

If you read the last post and this one,
well you know I've done the impossible.

I've managed to barter a truce between Lost and myself.

Isn't that nice?

Apparently Fallen is pleased to see us get along.

It must be her motherly traits.

But yeah, Lost now has full control of my body when I let him.

He's mostly been using that time to speak with Lily.
Apparently the two have sparked quite the friendship.
After reading Rose's blog, apparently there could be something more to it.

And I thought he was a bad guy.
All he needed was a friend.
And a little guidance from yours truly.

Good thing too, our first mission is tonight.

We've agreed to work together on this one.

And I made him to promise not to kill anyone unless totally necessary.

It's just a simple reconnaissance mission.

Odd, considering our Revenant status.

But nonetheless, all we're doing is going out to patrol the grounds around the base.

Going to try and take down J's little monstrosity if I encounter it.

Sorry buddy, but that thing can't be allowed to exist.

But first, I have to take Rose back to a hotel.
She's still asleep, but I have the room booked for another two days.
She's going to need it.

I've already spoken to Lily.
She agrees that its for the best.

Well, time to head out.
Wish me luck guys.



A man in a gas mask and a fighter pilot.
J, what the fuck did you bring into this world?

Avoiding getting stabbed.

Lost, you're cleared to kill here, pal.


Current Predicaments

Hello Bloggers,
Fallen here.

Apparently, something has developed at our newest base.

Lily, our ally within the mind of Rose came to us today.

She was bleeding from the abdomen.

It looked like a stab wound.

She offered us information for some assistance.

At Lost, or perhaps Jeff's insistence, we allowed her to enter.

I would have let Rose die and Lily live on.

But the master would have been disappointed to lose her.

But the matter at hand.

There is an entity roaming the land around our base with a gasmask on.

It was wielding a knife and had attempted to and succeeded in attacking them.

Without the mask, it had bloodshot eyes and no mouth.

Is this another servant of the abomination?

I must speak with the master about this.

-The Fallen

To the bloggers.
Rose is safe.
We managed to clean and dress the wound in time.
Jeff is watching over her now.
Lost has retreated temporarily into his mind.
They have agreed to share the space.
This is an odd scenario.
I must report this to the master.

Thursday, December 9, 2010







And the Award Goes To...

For his Crowning Moment of Awesome against another Revenant.

The good news is  that they can be killed.
The bad news is that you need certain circumstances to accomplish it.
And the worse news, yours truly can die!
Nah, just kidding.

Lost happens to be pissed about this.

Fallen is as stoic as usual.
She has been eating a lot of peanut butter lately though.

She must have heard my constant rant against Lost.

I guess I'll be free a little sooner than planned.

That or I'll lose to Lost.

Fat chance of that.

Well off to bed I suppose.
Fighting yourself can leave you really tired.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010




What, you don't like the Spice Girls?


-Playing "If You Wanna Be My Lover"-

Feel the heat, Lost.

But there is a get out of jail free card.


Get the hell out of my head.


Then get ready for a Pokemon 4Kids Dub Intro marathon.


Remember the 1980's TMNT theme songs?


Like that, but ten times worse.

And they're all earworms.

You'll be hearing them for months.


Have you looked in a mirror lately?

My body, my choices.

Hi guys, I'm having fun.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stress and Lost

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

And yes, Jeff is correct.
I was looking for a jar of peanut butter.

And I have procured it!
Thank the master.

The switching personality scenario for Lost
has left me uncharacteristically stressed.

Yet somewhat relieved.
Jeff is still intact inside that body.
But this proves that the master has failed.

And I am now officially worried.
Maybe the answers to these questions will be found
at the bottom of this peanut butter jar?

Hopefully, as I plan to eat the contents to the plastic.

I enjoyed peanut butter when I was still human.
Jeff was kind enough to get some for me before he became Lost.
And well, with Lost and Jeff in their current predicament...

I really needed some comfort food.
And Vivi, what is vegemite?

Oh, wait.
Thank you, Jeff.

No thank you, Vivi.
The answer to all my problems is in my hands right now.

So, Farewell Bloggers.
As I continue to watch Jeff give Lost the beating of a lifetime.

-The Fallen

Jeff has now put on a Queen album.
And Lost particularly dislikes We are the Champions.

Strange Occurrences

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

Everything is well at our little home.
The master has instructed me to construct something here.
Dear Rose, thank you for spoiling this little plan for me.

My job is to oversee the structure.
And take care of Lost.
So far, it has gone smoothly.

But recently, there have been some strange occurrences.

I have caught Lost talking to himself.
Yesterday, he was typing his post, and apparently his left hand slipped and spelled out something on his keyboard.

Today, he was punching himself in the face.
I could swear I heard two voices.
One sounded like Jeff.

Now that is impossible.
Lost must be losing his mind.
It must be a result of the process used to implant him into Jeff.
I am not worried.
About him.

-The Fallen

Mental Battles

Guys, Jeff here.

But I don't know for how long.

I can still feel Lost's presence.

Guess you guys thought I was actually gone for good huh?

Shame on you, guys.

Especially you, Vivi.

Lol, Just Kidding.

Well, Lost is being persistent.

Back to the good fight, ladies and gentlemen.

I'll see you when I can.


And guys, especially Zero, Jean, Vivi, Rose and the others.
I missed you guys.

Oh crap.
LOst's gettiNg His ContrOl BaCk.
I'll BE BaCk YoU BasTaRD!


Monday, December 6, 2010

The Solstice Approaches











Updates and Thoughts.

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen here.

I have heard from Lost.
He has taken care of Rose.
Apparently after he knocked me unconscious.
I do not appreciate this.

His host was much nicer.
But I digress.
She is still alive.

I have spoken to the personality she calls Lily.
She has told me that her sister is determined to save Jeff.
Or what remains of him.
It is odd, as it seems that Jeff is all but Lost.

Hm. I seem to have made a pun.

As far as news goes, the master plans for the Solstice.
Your bloggers, runners, and fighters have no chance.
With Lost containing all that is and ever was of Jeff.

You cannot stop us.
You cannot hide from us.
You cannot win against us.

He thought he could resist the master.
Do not make the same mistake he did.

But, otherwise, have fun with your lives.
And to now have fun with mine, I must now continue my duties.

Training Lost is going to be a hassle.
But I must say that it is a mother's duty to do well by her child.

Farewell, Bloggers.

-The Fallen

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Victory, Rose.























Drastic Measures

Rose is outside our doors.

Jeff is conscious.

He has requested to be sent outside to deal with Rose.

I am against this plan.

But I am curious to see what he would do against her.

Maybe this is a good idea to test his abilities.

I shall agree to tkakmcmuonjlllmk





And You Shall Never Find Us.

Oh Rose.

Do you think those clues can help you find us?

Do you really think you can save Jeff?

Not to be one for the downcast and dreary.

But you are wrong.

Jeff is now in a secure location.

He is now guarded by some of the master's top servants.

If you wish to proceed, then I welcome you with open arms.

However, all you will come to find is your own demise.

-The Fallen

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moving Out of Our Current Location...

As Jeff is still recovering from his encounter with the master.

But, I must be quick with this.

The multiple personality entity Rose is coming.

She is determined to save what remains of the Keeper.

She is a threat to our plans.

The master requires his services as a Revenant.

And she will not take Jeff from me now.

But, if only to encourage you, child.

When you find our current location, Rose.
You shall not find anything but emptiness.

We are determined to keep Jeff,
regardless of your efforts.

You will find him again on the Solstice.
And he will be under our control.

He shall truly become LOST.

-The Fallen

He Sees You. And I See Him.

I have fallen into the Abyss.

And I see the light at the bottom.

HIs words will lead me to the promised land.

You will all perisap0ghjklpasdnl;ajocova; vo





Why do you continue to resist?


And they shall be lead to the light.


And they will be saved.

The will of the masfaofnasiofnvadmvnadovnadoinfipafhjaihfihgad]ster asbnfiopasdnpfasufbnuoasncasm is forever.






uaosbhfauo0nfiopasnfcuasncunaoivnoaofhjaiopvoaidncionaoncoabnvoabovbadosuvn oanocoascnasonvoasnoanfon[asofoafh

He can see you Jeff. He will always watch. And he will get you.















It is for you.
And I shall keep well on my promise, My dear Jeff.

You shall see them again.
But only as you look into their dead eyes.

Welcome to our side.

The master is pleased.





Friday, December 3, 2010

The Master Awaits...

 You, my dear Keeper.

The time has come for you, Jeff.

I do not wish to subject you to the master.

But, with my attempts as such failing.

You have forced my hand.

You will become one of the collective.

You will serve under his glorious name.

And I will be the one to lead you down the path.

Forgive me, Jeff.

But say goodbye to your friends.

Mother must take you on a trip.

And you will not return from this one.

When you return.

You will be one of us.

-The Fallen

Feeling Like...

a train just fucking hit me.

Hey guys, Jeff here.

Something feels off about me today.

Fallen was more attentive to me than usual.

I tried to get up from bed this morning,
almost tripped, and she came out of nowhere,
caught me, and carried me to the table.

It all started yesterday.

Last night, I was trying to sleep.
Thank god that I managed to.

I got a few good hours in, and when I woke up, Fallen was lying next to me.

I mean, not even in the cute way.
She was just laying there,  staring at me.

And  she has me wrapped up in her arms.
I thought it seemed soft and warm, and realized why.
She wears a closed robe with the hood pulled up,
so I have no idea what the rest of her body looks like.
She's...um... very developed.

But enough about my busty Hallow nanny.

I asked her why she was doing this.

She answered that she wished to comfort me.
I wondered why, and then everything went blank.

All I could feel was some deep, burning pain.
It lasted for what seemed like eternity.

I heard something.
A voice. Telling me to bend my will.
Telling me to join them.

Every time I thought .

And, the pain kept getting worse.
I thought about my friends.
I thought about my family.
They would never get me.
They would never get them.
I screamed and cried out.
I felt rage like nothing else was there.

And then, it stopped.
It was strange.

I felt like I was being cleansed by heat.
And I mean the mushy heart kind that someone gets when they're in love.

Then the cold began.
It pierced every part of my body.
I screamed again. Harder than I've ever screamed before.

It sheared and lacerated the inside of my chest.
But I didn't give in. I didn't want to.

I heard a guttural yell.
And then. Nothing.

No noises.
No pain.

I woke up and felt like shit.
After breakfast Fallen went out on patrol again.

So, I'm basically alone here.

Hey guys, who has two thumbs and  just won against a mind fuck?

This guy.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

A mother must do what she feels is right for her child.

I must tear his soul.

I must destroy his body.

I must maim and remake him in my image.

This boy is strong. I must overtake him.

My dear Jeff, I will make this as painless as possible.

It will be excruciatingly painful.
You will feel nothing and everything.

And when I am done.

You will have become mine.

 -The Fallen

Dear Jeff...

...why must you be such a pain?

Hello bloggers.
Fallen here.

I had just gotten back from my duties to check on him,
and I catch Jeff in the cutest position on the bed, holding his pillow against himself.

And yes, Jaron, a great guess , but I am not Russian.
My name, as Jeff has so revealed is Francheska.
My birth home is somewhere a little farther off.

I do admittedly care for our young friend here as a mother.
He is so sweet of course. Always wanting to help around the place I call home.

But, I digress.
The master is not pleased with my progress.
He may have another of us "push" Jeff into the right mindset.

I do not wish this for him.
He is something that I have not seen in a while.
He is stronger and braver than the others I have taken.

While I find those qualities endearing, he is truly becoming a problem.
He has taken the qualities of a Revenant without the side effects.
He speaks freely of the master without consequence.

I must break him of this.
To be a good mother, I must break and rebuild him.
I do love my dear Keeper.
But like the others, he must bend to his whims.

I am sorry to cause you so much pain, my dear Jeff.
But it must be done.

Shall I make it up to you later?

-The Fallen


I can't sleep!
I mean really, all this awesome comes with such a terrible territory.
Super strength, invulnerability, knowledge.
And all I can eat is crackers!

Reach, how in the hell did you do this for so long?
Oh, Fallen is looking into my chat again.
Hi Mom, just saying hello to some friends.

Fallen is really sweet when she isn't trying to break me into serving our mutual frenemy.

She takes care of me, changes my blankets, and well she's been a wealth of information.

And now a hug.

Okay, too tight... too tight...

Still getting used to the hypersensitivity.
Broke a table in half the other day though.

The odd part is, Reach, I can't hear the commands.
I can't hear the voices at all.
All I can hear is people talking about him.
Odd, I must have been a horrible candidate.

I should ask Fallen later.
Oh well, going to try and get some sleep.

Still Here

So, Nessa's finally free.
Thank you Zero.
She's finally at peace.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It seems that my charge has been very rude to my colleagues.

To you especially, dear Rika.

I shall handle his insolence personally.

-The Fallen

Duties and Children

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen here.

Oh, I'm sorry, I guess you were expecting Jeff.
He's a little preoccupied right now.

But, to point this out.
The last post was your little friend.

His insolence was very disappointing.
All of the information. He is a security risk.

Jeff is very resilient to the masters' control.
So we may have had to repeat our Husk treatment.

My maternal instincts are against this, of course.
I do feel for the boy.
But he must obey the master.

Oh my, look at the time.
I must join Nessa in torturing Zero.

My poor little Revenant.
I did not want this for him.
But the master comes before all personal desires.

-The Fallen

Where Am I?

Hey guys.
It's Jeff.

Well ,I'll admit I don't believe it myself.

I woke up to a woman with dark hair and pale skin in my face.
Lying on a bed that feels so ungodly soft, by the way.
Apparently I blacked out and she was taking care of me.
When I woke up, she said she had to leave.
She left me here with a laptop and some crackers.

I'm alive. Which is weird.
The last thing I remember seeing was Nessa.
But, it wasn't really her.
That bastard is using her body as a medium.

To say the least, I don't know where I am.
What I do know is that I'm cold, hungry, and really itchy.
Something about me feels really off.
I'll worry about that later.

Zero, Jean, Vivi.
I'm sorry I had to do this to you guys.
I went willingly and fought back.
But, I have a plan.

Can't tell you now.
That woman's coming back.

I'll be here guys.
If you need me.

Don't worry about ol' Jeff here.
 I'm still me.

Still strong, still fighting

Hello Runners and Bloggers...

And Welcome.

You might be wondering why Jeff's blog started up again?

Well, our newest member did want to keep in contact with his friends.

So, as the motherly type that I am. I shall allow it.

And yes, my given gender is female.

As many of you know, we managed to capture your precious Keeper.
He succumbed to our little Husk treatment.
Of course, the only one suitable was that of your friend's body, The Herald.

What you don't know is, that he, unlike the Herald,
was too important to us to become like his friend.

I daresay that he has become something similar of the traitor Reach.

The master is pleased.

So, I shall be seeing you all again.

But for now, Jeff will post.

He does love his time with all of you.

How precious.

-The Fallen

Oh, what's this?

taptaptaptap. taptaptaptap.

taptaptaptap. taptaptaptap.

The Sound of the Drums?

Oh, that must be for Jean again.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Titles Gone, Robert Gone, New Beginnings

Hey guys, Jeff Here.
I just got back from the festivities of Turkey Day.
To find this. To find everything has gone so wrong.
Nessa, I'm so sorry.

Zero. My dear friend.
I'm going to be real here.
For everyone I know.
I relinquish my title.
Not like I ever needed it.

This is my last blog post.
I'll be leaving you here.
But it isn't my last farewell.
I'll be watching from the sidelines.

Knowledge was my best strength.
It has served me well.
But it's become too dangerous.
I must let go.

Last order of business.
Destruction of the Blog.
At least I'll be able to fulfill Nessa's last wish.
It's going down in three hours.
I'll say my goodbyes in that time.

To all the fighters and bloggers.
You know who you all are.
I have much to say to you all:

I give you my gratitude.
I give you my hope and strength.
And my last parting gift:

I believe in all of you.
Those who have proceeded me,
and those who will surpass me,
you will do what you must.

I wish you all safe passage.
And I know you will all come back.



Fizz, do what you do best honey. Keep Nessa and yourself safe.

Jean, my sweet Brit, keep that chin up. You've done so well.

Zeke, you know what you like to do.

M, stay safe. Nothing else to be said for you.

Nessa, my fair maiden, you'll be back to normal in no time.

Zero, you find your solace before the battle. You deserve it.

Amelia, my dear, make sure to take care yourself and Zero.

Maduin, you have so far impressed me with your recklessness. Stay safe.

Rose and Lilly, stay safe, keep each other safe.

Sandra, Lya, Matt- You have my thanks and gratitude for being some of the bravest of us through the years. I wish I could have met you.

Jack Tyler and Stephanie- Keep that chin up, Mr. Tyler, as well as you Stephanie, as you both have been so strong during this time. You'll make it.

Nothing can be said about you as good as this:
Resolve in a man towards a personal duty has never been in such high amounts as they are in you, dear friend.

The Conduit, as you call yourself. Do what you can.

The others:
You all know who you are if you have contacted me.
I wish you the best of luck. Not like any of you need it.
You are all glorious fighters and gatherers of intelligence.
You all have capable hands and hearts.
Do what is best for this world.
You know what I mean.

(Blog Burn: 10:11:45 PST)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgving Graces

Hey guys.
Jeff here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

To any of the Bloggers/Runners out there.
I know the last few days have been tough.
But let's all say this personally.
We've pulled through on a large amount of victories as of late.

But, still, I am worried about you guys.
So, pulling a Will here and starting on a head count.

I have to know who to put in my graces at the table this year, you know.

Stay safe, stay strong.
Hide yo' kids, Hide yo' wife, Hide yo' husband.
They be doing some weird shit out here.

(I have no idea why I just typed that.)

-A Keeper

Everyone, try looking up your names on urbandictionary.com
You can get really odd results. I won't even start on what I found for Zero.

Another Day In Paradise

Blogging Time.
Jeff here on your go to information channel for Slender Bloggers.

Rika, our infamous hollowed friend who
had just about recently attacked Zero has
just made a blog.

Greenlight has been captured.

Nessa got pulled from the brink but was trapped in a labyrinth.
Fear not, dear friends, she is alive and kicking.
As for Zero, Amelia and Maduin-
Zero is now screwing (around) with Rika.
Poor choice of words, I know, but that's how I say it.
Amelia is safe and on her way.
Maduin is Maduin as usual. Doing his awesome stuff.

Fizzbomb is kicking ass as usual.
I'd ask her out if I wasn't afraid that she'd kick my ass if I messed up .
Or if she was actually into guys.

The others-
Doing their thing.

As for me-
Out of sight, out of mind.
Get the reference to that and you get virtual cookies!

A Keeper

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.
Unless you live outside of the United States.
Then its Happy Near Solstice.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fight Continues

Jeff Here.
They got Nessa.
She's still alive though.

Nothing we can do right now.
All up to Greenlight now.

Bring her back to us Robert.
Bring her back to us.

The Solstice approaches.
We are all under possible attack.
The time is nigh, the creature frightened.

That fucker is going to pay.
We must rally and fight.

I'm sorry.
I can't be there.
It's too much now.
I'll watch you from here.

A Keeper

She told me she loved me.
Stay strong Nessa.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For the Lolz!

Jeff here.

I just checked the comments on Zero's most recent post.
A shipping war has erupted.
Why was I not informed?

Fizzbomb just paired Slendy and Zero.


And Omega, you lucky bastard.
I should have done that follow up.

But I digress.

Now that Nessa has let out a vital bit of information.
I'm writing mushy fanfics about her with her significant other
along with my usual Zero/Amelia fanfics.

Bring it on Shippers.

It's time for some fun.

A Keeper

Monday, November 22, 2010

Forget the Story, Here I Come Solstice.

 That's right, the title says it all.

Jeff here.

Screw my last post.

I can't sit here and just wish Zero and Amelia good luck.
I'm joining the stand against Mr. Stick.
Someone needs to tell the epic tale of the Solstice Battle.

And I'm the Keeper aren't I?

I need to be there, I need to chronicle this.

My priority is to record their fight and keep it for those who need it in the future.

Besides, they asked. And well, can't deny a request from a Sage.

And so what, I don't come back?

I'll be among friends if that happens.

A Keeper

PS: I'll be joining  Nessa (Herald) as well.
She agreed before I did. Such a brave young woman.
May God bless all of us with safety in our travels.

Contact Zero at zer0mbr@yahoo.com if you want to join up.

The Solstice

From what I've read, It's the one time of the year that our little Eldritch Abomination is at its weakest.

December 21st, 2010.

The day Robert (Greenlight) foretold of.

The day the hero would arise and save us all.

Damn it you lazy bastard. Why aren't you here yet?

At least the Warrior. Stop him in his tracks. Kick his servants asses!

Zero and Amelia, our Sages.
They're... planning something.

Zero doesn't plan on them surviving.

They plan on saving some of the Hallowed.
Amelia was assigned to work on a cure.

They have to survive.
We need the Sages.
I can't let them die.

They're my friends.

Anyone, please contact Zero. Fight with them.
Keep them alive. Be there for them.
This goes to you Nightcrawler. Especially You.

I... can't be there...
Even if I was... To  possibly write of their heroic deeds at a terrible cost...their deaths at the hands of the creature...

No... I must help them live... The story will let them live...
I am a chronicler... I have to fight...
My victory is keeping them alive.
And I shall obtain this by conquering the unconquerable.
By writing a story. A story that has us kill it. A story that has us win.

Because I'll be there.
Every step of the damn way.
Save me a seat Zero.
I'm hitching a ride.

A Keeper

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Three posts in one day.
Not a thing I'd usually do, so I'll keep this short.

Nessa (Herald) and I are in a fanfic writing competition.
A contest of strength, will, and our ability to use our imaginations in the best way possible.
Nessa and I will be posting our entries starting in the next few weeks.

Please vote and comment to choose the winner.

Jean (Vivere disce) is our judge.
Hope you like the role my college bound Brit.

Pairings and plot devices can be submitted by anyone watching.

Nessa, focus on the safe houses.

See you in the writer's circle.

A Keeper

PS: Check out my post or Amelia's ( Road to Heaven) to see a sample of my Zero/Amelia fanfic.
Nessa's scared. Time to whip out the big guns. I'll post a hand written sample. You wouldn't believe it was mine.

More Science and Fanfiction

Hello fellow Slenderbloggers.

I've been reading up on the Slender Mythos lately and something came up.

The Scientific Part:

I had a conversation with Jean from Vivere disce and she mentioned a theory about Slender and his relation to the destruction or distortion of video cameras. She mentioned the theory of an electromagnetic field.

That would explain his invulnerability to gun shots and actual physical hits.

(In reference to the Absolute Terror Fields or ATFs of Angels from Evangelion- FTW!)

The only thing that could penetrate his field would be something that impacted him when he was unaware or was preordained by substance:
  • The Swiss Army Knife 
  • Sandra (She managed to kick him! Punching Cthulu much?)
Nightcrawler and Basroil have managed to obtain laser carbines. That should dissipate the field.
Hopefully. I propose a high caliber bullet, .50 or higher. Sabot. Or if possible a high density rail gun? Come on Specter and his scientists!

The Fanfiction Part:

With the okay from Amelia (Sage), I have decided to write the Zero/ Amelia Fanfic.

Here is a sample-

Here's the ending line for the Zero/Amelia fic:

And as she held his head in her arms, he sighed, listening to the heartbeat rebounding against her chest.

He smiled, looking into her bright eyes as their gazes locked in one of true bliss.

"It's over." she said, with tears of joy in her eyes.

"No." he replied, cupping her face with his hand.

"It's just the beginning."

And with that, they locked lips, their love released in one swift act.

And all was well.

(Mushy isn't it.)

A Keeper

PS: There you go Zero. I hope that keeps you happy.
A message to the crack/slash writers: Jeff 1, You 0.

Pita Chips and Science

Snack time is fun time.

It also helps to think with a full stomach.

*munches on another pita chip*

The matter at hand:

Nightcrawler and his team have a magnet. A giant electromagnetic device that shields them from whatever sensory detection that Mr. Skinny uses.

It's a damn shame that it has two problems.

It's f-ing huge!
The thing isn't exactly portable, and no one really knows how it works.

It's a vampire. (Energy Vampire.)
The thing apparently costs an arm and leg to keep running, and considering what Nessa is planning, we need it to run 24/7 at a disclosed location.

However, if Specter let's some of the more scientific runners and bloggers get a hold of it, maybe we can replicate the technology.

I say that solar power would be a good alternative.

That or attaching it to several spinning cycles and having a group of five or more running constantly, a la zombie apocalypse tactics.

But, in all efforts of fair play, we need to realize that if we can make its range larger, we can effectively coat an entire county or state in a barrier. However, to keep the same level of power of a greater area would prove difficult.

So much science!

Delicious science!

Wait, that's just the pita chips.


I vote on pocket sized devices for runners. Rechargeable through hand cranks, and each safehouse has a large one hidden away.

Where the fuck is Einstein when you need him?

A Keeper

*munch munch munch*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Underground Operations and Modus Operandi

From what I've seen from the most recent posts,
there are a great number of us who wish to help
our brothers and sisters in arms- The Runners.

Runners are plagued everyday with attacks by Mr. Stick and his minions, they must keep under harsh conditions, steal and break in to places to survive.

Nessa (Herald) is planning something extraordinary:

A network of safe houses for the runners that provide a temporary relief.

Food, water, a warm bed, and protection to strengthen them for the journey.

Imagine M and Shaun bunking together.
(Not like that, Zero would get jealous)

Of course, the problems faced would include the large amount of marked concentrated in one area, the chances of a proxy attack, or even the intervention of Nightcrawler and his runner kill squads.

Though as arduous as it seems, our Herald is willing to defy the gods to do so.

Nessa (Herald)
I wish you the best of luck.

A Keeper

PS: Visit Nessa's blog for more details and comment about your ideas.
Which reminds me. I have something to add to this.

Something's Wrong

Anyone check out H(a)unting lately?
A runner tried to take out Sandra.
She fended him off.
That's the good news.
The bad news is the way she did it.
She spoke in song lyrics, her eye staring deep at him.
Deep into his soul, and scared the shit out of him.
Slender came through the window and gutted the guy.
She's humming something after that.
The song Dark Woods Circus.
She can't control him.
He can't control her.
What in the hell do we do?

Oh shit, Zero's been attacked.

A Keeper

I freaked out when I read this.
Sandra has never been nor will be a threat.
The song was just a warning.
She wanted the runner to survive.
I feel like a fucking jackass.

I'm sorry Sandra.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Puzzle Pieces and Nerdy Speculation!

Good News Followers.
I managed to gain contact with Zero (Sage).
Now let's see if I can get into contact with Maduin and Amelia.
But, on to more pressing matters.

In writing this blog, I have found a consistent line with several of the runners and fellow Slenderbloggers. Anyone who has managed to evade capture or attack the Stick Man has been contacted and acknowledged by Robert (Greenlight).

It's a puzzle.
All the pieces must be put into place to finish the puzzle.
The puzzle is the story of Slender Man.
The pieces are the Slender Bloggers.
The Warrior is a missing piece.
The Hero is the last piece.

The Nerdy Speculation:
First, a reference:
Does anyone remember the movie:
Bionicle: Mask of Light?

Well, if not the general plot of the movie is the quest to find a Hero, with a Champion(Jaller), supposedly meant to become the hero, Takanuva, the Toa of Light, and a chronicler (Takua), meant to write of their epic journeys to find said Hero with the movie named mask.

The M. Night Shymalan twist?

The Chronicler (Takua) wasn't meant to write about the hero.
He was meant to become the Hero.
Regardless of the film, the canon has Jaller become a Toa Inika.
Though that isn't the point.

The one truth behind all of the Slender Bloggers, is that each one of them was previously a chronicler.

The Sages, Robert, M, Zeke, Sandra, The Hybrids, and the entirety of the Slender Man fighting community have all been chroniclers. Robert (Guardian) has selected the pieces of the puzzle.

He has chosen chroniclers.

And by default, our missing Warrior and Hero are both chroniclers.

If anyone is contacted by Robert (Greenlight) and reads this post.

You now know your purpose.

We await you before the Winter Solstice.

A Keeper

PS: Maybe I could get a cool name from Robert (Greenlight), but I do like being a Keeper.