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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where Am I?

Hey guys.
It's Jeff.

Well ,I'll admit I don't believe it myself.

I woke up to a woman with dark hair and pale skin in my face.
Lying on a bed that feels so ungodly soft, by the way.
Apparently I blacked out and she was taking care of me.
When I woke up, she said she had to leave.
She left me here with a laptop and some crackers.

I'm alive. Which is weird.
The last thing I remember seeing was Nessa.
But, it wasn't really her.
That bastard is using her body as a medium.

To say the least, I don't know where I am.
What I do know is that I'm cold, hungry, and really itchy.
Something about me feels really off.
I'll worry about that later.

Zero, Jean, Vivi.
I'm sorry I had to do this to you guys.
I went willingly and fought back.
But, I have a plan.

Can't tell you now.
That woman's coming back.

I'll be here guys.
If you need me.

Don't worry about ol' Jeff here.
 I'm still me.

Still strong, still fighting


  1. Jeff, don't take this personally, but I can't afford to trust a damn word you're saying. You're a good person, and a good friend, but there's no way that this won't just jump right back into binary and cackling madness.

    I'm sure if you're really you, you'll understand.

    Either way, whether a Hallowed joke or the truth

    Take care of yourself

  2. Yeah, I do.
    She's gone again.
    Apparently she likes to team up with the False Nessa.

    God, everything hurts man.
    Hallowing fucking hurts.

    I think I'm a revenant.


  3. Oh Jeff...


    Sorry. I'm so sorry.

  4. No worries, my sweet Brit.
    Still me.
    The voices in my head haven't started up yet though.


    I'll see what's going on.
    What did I miss?


  5. well, Melody is dead, and B is corrupted.

    that's the news of the day, I'm sure it'll get worse

  6. Things have pretty much gone to pot and I don't really have a response anymore.

    Except apologies. So many apologies, so little I can actually do...

  7. Thanks for trusting me, you two.

    Never thought I'd see you guys again.

    Oh, and Jean.

    Can't wait for the Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special!


  8. .. Yeah, it ought to be a good one...

    The solstice is a time where you can get free, right? You and Reach.

  9. Yeah.
    Hopefully we can watch it together.
    And I'll be wearing a fez.

    Because fez's are cool.


  10. So are bow ties. I got one of those. We'll see, Jeff. You be strong.

  11. JEFF! If you're there...! HELP ME. HELP