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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello Runners and Bloggers...

And Welcome.

You might be wondering why Jeff's blog started up again?

Well, our newest member did want to keep in contact with his friends.

So, as the motherly type that I am. I shall allow it.

And yes, my given gender is female.

As many of you know, we managed to capture your precious Keeper.
He succumbed to our little Husk treatment.
Of course, the only one suitable was that of your friend's body, The Herald.

What you don't know is, that he, unlike the Herald,
was too important to us to become like his friend.

I daresay that he has become something similar of the traitor Reach.

The master is pleased.

So, I shall be seeing you all again.

But for now, Jeff will post.

He does love his time with all of you.

How precious.

-The Fallen

Oh, what's this?

taptaptaptap. taptaptaptap.

taptaptaptap. taptaptaptap.

The Sound of the Drums?

Oh, that must be for Jean again.


  1. Welcome back. There is no shame in being a Husk. Nessa has her own important purpose.

    The Keeper's secrets are ours now. HAHAHAHA!

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  4. What a brave front he puts on for us. Think of how well that worked out for Fizzy.

    Ooh, we see that got a response. Nessa's waking up. Time to pay you a visit, Zero.

  5. you keep saying that, and yet...I don't see anyone at my front door. Tomorrow's going to be a big day.

  6. Goddamnit, Zero.

    What the fuck do you keep around your house, some kind of attack dog?

    These don't come cheap, you know. Fuck you, fuck you!