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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Current Whereabouts

Hello Everyone
Cheska Here.

Jeff, Rose, and I have destroyed the previous base.
We're on the move now, and headed west.

We have already made it into Wisconsin to see Jean and Fizzy.
At the moment, Rose and I are sitting at a coffee shop table on the laptop.
I'm also mapquesting the address that Jean emailed me.

Jeff is on his phone booking our hotel rooms.
He's wearing the Reindeer suit I bought him.

As I'm wearing the Santa costume he bought me.
We got an elf costume and a coat for Rose.

So far, we've already covered our tracks.
Nothing has happened, and no sightings of tall, dark, and skinny.

We haven't even encountered any scattered Hallowed.
I'm not sure if that is a good or bad sign.

We'll be sleeping the hotel tonight, separate rooms,
and go and hang out with Fizzy and Jean tomorrow.

For now, I'm sharing a bearclaw with Rose.
And Jeff and I are sharing a large coffee.

I'll update later when we get to the hotel.

-Cheska <3
Love you guys


  1. Aw, we love you too.

    Good to know you guys are safe and happy. Give Jean and Fizzy a hug each from me, okay?


  2. Hi Jeff. I have a question about the cure.

    Kaylee has taken the cure, but we had a breif conversation during a lucid moment (there's a transcript in my most recent post) and she appears to be unable to use pronouns and appears to be hearing orders from either Slendy or another proxy (she keeps telling them to shut up). Also, she keeps throwing up and it looks like she's been eating charcoal. Any advice?


  3. there is no cure, don't be fooled

  4. Looks like I'm gonna be heading back to Jean's for the foreseeable future.

  5. The Damsel and the White Knight have plunged into the Black King's darkness.

    The Black King must have an opposite. The White Army must have a King and Queen.

    Perhaps those who have tasted the Black King's nectar and refused him will step up and rebuild what the last White Queen and White King strove so hard for, at the Bishop's urging?

  6. Fuck. How did I let all this slip under my radar? Gonna read back through, then continue writing.

    Okay, that's done.

    Jeff, I'm sorry I wasn't around to help you when you were first changed. I deeply apologise. I'll be here from now on if you need help and advice.

    I'm sorry this happened at all. I got lazy. I could have stopped it.

    Fuck this. Fuck me.