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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Surprise Surprise...

for me that is.

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

Remember when Fallen said she might try
and breast feed me yesterday?
Yeah, that kind of happened.

Well, not in the way you think.

-Earlier this morning-

I was just getting up from bed, wiping the
sleep from my eyes when I realize that
I was sitting up in Fallen's chest.

But not where I was the night before.
Fallen was awake and had me pressed to her right breast.
Apparently when she woke up, she thought she would try.

I happen to suckle in my sleep...
As far as she's told me.
I'll admit, it was very sweet.

( Though she told me it didn't happen.)

I feel strangely full though.

Jeffy, lunch time!
*shakes breasts in his face*

Oh Fallen, you're such a sweetheart.
*kisses her on the lips*

Well guys, time for me to go.
I'll see you later.
But first, I have to talk to B.



  1. JEFF!

    :D Guess why I have a stupid grin plastered all over my face?


  2. Yep.it's offcial.does anybody know roberts new blog.i need a few words with redlight.

  3. I'm hoping for one of his mindwipes.
    Hopefully he'll help.
    Cuz' i wanna forget this
    as fast as possible.

  4. I think, J, you can leave a comment on his old blog and Redlight will see it eventually.

  5. Splendido Gene.here's the deal.if you ever see a little midget kid walking around with a dude in a hood,that means i've been tricked.if i make a new blog,that means i don't remember anything.