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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Solstice is Here

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

The main event is here.
The Solstice is here.

And tonight we all kick major ass.
I wish all of you well.
Because tonight is the night we beat him.
Or at least take him down a notch.

It has been an honor knowing you all.
If I don't come back.
I want you guys to know...

I'm going to fulfill the promise I made
on the first post of my blog a month ago.

I'm doing everything I can to save them.
I'm saving as many Hallowed as  I can.
And If I die trying. At least they're free.

Goodbye, and farewell
Old friends.


Fallen: My dear Fallen. I love you with all my heart. And I will not rest until you are free from this bastard's control. I'm happy I met you, regardless of your original intentions, and well, I wish we could have spent more time together.

Nessa: My dear, dear Nessa. I'm happy you survived this. I happy that you'll never remember any of this horrible tragedy. But know that to this day you'll always be in my heart.

Zero: You are one smug little bastard, but one of the bravest young men I have ever met.

Jean: My little Brit. Keep yourself safe and strong, and take care of Fizzy for me. You two would make a really cute couple.

Fizzy: Fizz, words cannot describe how awesome you are, So I'll say this much, stay safe, keep strong, and protect Jean. I know you two have a thing going there.

Rose: Thanks for being there when we needed you the most. During my breakdown, losing Lost and from the beginning of my journey as a blogger. Thank you so much.

Vivi and Chester: You two make a wacky couple and some of the most sane people that I've met so far. Chester, keep her safe. And Vivi, keep his ass in line. Stay alive, we need guys like you to lead future generations.

Hosozukuri: Our minstrel and mistress of the song. Stay safe, young lady.

Sabrina: Our scribe, the artist of this generation. Thank you for the picture.

Will and Statistician: I leave it up to you two to help the next generation beat that bastard. Be the next line of defense against that Slender bitch, you hear me?

Mali and Holly: Stay safe, stay sound, this is the part where it all must end.

J: Crazy bastard, stay safe.

To all the others I've met and commented to:
You know who you are.

I love all of you guys, and I'll do everything in my
power to keep every last one of you safe.

That's a promise.


  1. Vivi and I are going to try and get some sleep tonight, since a proxy climbed in my window last night and scared the bajeesus out of me and I didn't get back to sleep for two hours, so we're going to take turns keeping watch and try and rest as much as possible. Not sure how well that's going to work.

    Vivi, judging from the delicious kitchen smells, is also an excellent cook as well as being badass.

  2. Hey Jeff.

    "O Lord, be between us and harm, and protect us from the pain of the world. "

    It's an Irish blessing to be said during a thunderstorm. I think this counts as a storm.

    If I don't hear from you again... it's been great, sir. Be safe, be well. In this life and the next.

  3. Thank for letting me sleep with you last night. (I was in my pajammas, Fallen.) ~Rose

  4. Catch you on the flip side, Jeff and Fallen.

  5. Roger that, Jeff. Hope to see you again, sometime soon.


  6. Also, Jeff?

    Fuck you.

    Now that that's out of the way, you two be safe tonight. If I catch word you two bit it I'll go find a phoenix down and kick your asses myself.

  7. I'm with Fizz on that one. You and Fallen stay alive, otherwise I will find a way to bring you back just so I can chew you out.

  8. Godspeed Jeff. Kick ass for all of us.