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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He's Ready.

Hello Bloggers
Fallen Here.

I'm sorry if you were confused by the previous series of events.
But what you have witnessed in these past days was a test of the wills.

Jeff was breaking under his own accord.

Lost was winning.

So I put him inside of his own mind, where they engaged in battle.

He never faced J's "monsters".
The only monsters that existed were within his mind.
I find that amusing.  Monsters. 
As if any but the Master 
could create such things,
let alone turn them to his own cause.  
J, you amuse me.  
But I have one to thank for her role.
Dear Rose and Lily.
Thank you for helping me in my plan.
All those posts. The false attacks.

I knew you would help me.
If my plan was to help Jeff.

And B.
Dear B.
He is the only true piece of the puzzle,
but even his part is a fraction of what is needed.

And the best news.
Jeff is winning.

-The Fallen


  1. You're quite the card, Fallen. I might make you settle for a coke while me and Jeff share beers.

  2. Well, well, Fallen. It seems I underestimated you. What, exactly, I underestimated is still up in the air, but I'm pretty sure I underestimated you. Do you play chess, since you seem like a right Chessmaster to me.

  3. I figured J's "Monsters" were at best imaginary. Good to hear that Jeff is winning the battle of wills. What will you do when Jeff is in complete control over his faculties?

  4. She did it to help Jeff though so I don't think you should be to upset.

  5. You amuse me also.you amuse me that you actually believe i think your real? hah.see,i don't really believe in this very much.i already knew this wasn't real from the moment i thought about it.because,unlike you crazy "hallows",i live in reality.not in the 1800s where people thought monsters existed.i also find it funny you pick up our terms on things quite quickly.second,you just contradicted yourself because you saw a dude in a gas mask.hah.

  6. Anyway, Chessie, we should talk via emails or something. You and me and Jeff.

  7. Tsk tsk tsk, Will.

    A lady never speaks of her secrets.

    All will be known in due time.

    -The Fallen

  8. ...Definitely a Chessmaster.

    Well of course not, because if you did speak of your secrets they wouldn't be secrets anymore.

  9. @Fallen - Would a 'Good morning, beautiful' be out of line here?

  10. My, my Fizz.

    Do you find me attractive?

    I apologize, but I do not swing that way.

    I have my little man right here.

    - The Fallen

  11. Wouldn't know, I've never met you. Just always wanted an excuse to say it.

    As for little man, well, that's a piece of information about Jeff I could've done without. :P