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Monday, April 18, 2011

Truth in, Truth Out.

So, some people have noticed that I type like Jeff.
Well, there's a simple explanation to that.

Well...how do I say this?

Well, I can say that I am Jeff.
Or, at least, my real name is Jeff.

That's right.

I'm Jeff.

Always have been.

The guy you met?


That brave sensitive guy who ended up dead?

That was Ritchie.

He took my name, my title, and my face.
He did it to protect me. The fucker.

He was my best friend and he goes on this huge adventure.

He really did have someone to protect.

He was protecting me.

I'd take his name and look like the villain.
I'd be safe. I'd be there to protect Cheska after he died.

But it's all gone now.
The plan failed.
I'm... I'm one of them now.

I guess...
Well, I have nothing better to do than pull a Jeff.

Wish me luck,
Jeff (Just Jeff)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Okay, So I lied...

I'm all alone on this one.

Fizzy's dead, Jeff's dead.
I captured Cheska in the heat of the moment.
Jeff's easy to imitate. Be nice, sound stupid.

It was kind of sad, seeing her sitting in her own little world.
She misses them so much, her friends.

I have her, she's been sedated.
She can't fight back as it is.

The drug isn't going to wear off anytime soon.
And apparently it doesn't keep her from hitting me.

But enough small talk.
I'll cut right to the chase.

You try to find me and save her?

She dies.

You let me do what I want?

 She lives.

Simple as that.

I could have killed her from the beginning.
Serves her right. Her little boyfriend killed my two best friends.

They were guarding the cell the day we captured them.

But I need her alive.

I need to know what the hell this thing is.

I need to learn everything about Slender Man.
And she is the key to all of it.

She knows who Jeff was.
She has all the information.

And one way or another...
I'm going to damn well get it.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you know how hard it is to set a broken nose?

....Really, do you?

I mean... I deserved that one.

Yeah, if you guys haven't guessed it yet, Fizzy's my partner.

I respect her like hell, and she gets the job done.

But why did she choose to save Cheska?

The ma... I mean, boss man wants her dead anyway.

But she's going high and mighty over this chick.

Not that she isn't attractive, but Fizzy can have her.

That and she hates me.

I come over to talk to Fizz about her next mission,
and the minute I see her, she takes one look
and smacks me right in the nose.


A bag of frozen peas later and we were talking.

I'll post the transcript later.

But for now...

I'm looking for something...


Friday, April 1, 2011

What's Going on So Far...Crazy Partners.

Hey kids, Cheska's sleepy right now, so you get a guest host tonight!

I've got good news, and bad news.
Good news first: Cheska's no longer in danger of being killed by Big Blue or a proxy.
Bad news: It's because she's my new right-hand girl. Well, actually, that's just bad news for you guys, I think. It's excellent news for me.

Cheska woke up tied down to a chair, with an IV plugged into her right forearm via needle. I made sure to wipe up any blood and I numbed that spot so she only felt minimal pain. I also made sure the first thing she saw was me.
“... Isabel?” she asked, groggy from whatever had knocked her out when some dude in a mask dumped her in the chair earlier that first day. Yes, first. She held out for two days. “What... where am I?” I tipped my hat to her,
“Glad to see a friendly face, kitten?" I asked, lounging back on the chair opposite her. Cheska just gave me a cold stare.
“What the hell is going on here, Fizzy?" A fair question. I decided she deserved to hear my take on things. Well, okay, I'll give her a choice. The way this drug works, it'll get harder for her to think the more brain activity goes on. From what the science types told me about it, it moves through the brain faster that way. I don't know, I'm not a fucking biologist.
"Well, do you want the answer that'll let you feel relieved, or do you want the answer that'll make you realize you're bound into a chair in the middle of nowhere with a powerful hypnotic drug dripping into your bloodstream?" I swept my hand around, and I could tell she was only then coming to realize we were in an abandoned airplane hangar.
“I'd prefer knowing why one of my old friends isn't dead, if you please."
"Alright, another choice, though pretty soon your poor head's gonna start feeling really foggy. Do you want the long version, or do you want the short one?”

She asked for the long version. I obliged. I told her everything about how I ended up like this. Something like pity dawned in her eyes. I told her about how I'd been ordered to kill her. That pity crumbled. I held up a finger, and started in on the real meat of the plan. I leaned against the back of her chair and hugged her from behind, telling her how I felt. I considered, and continue to consider her, a dear friend, and how if she stayed with me, she'll be safe. You know, from Big Blue, and his other merry henchmen. I explained why I stopped caring about most people—hell, look at the people who are being haunted these days. People who want to meth lab a cure, people who want to treat this like the sequel to The Expendables... Well, you get the gist of it. The people making the same mistakes I did, only, they're not learning from them.
“He loved you, you know. You were family to him. His cool big sister.” How do I explain what went on in that hangar to you all? Big Blue was there, you know. If I didn't get her to see things my way, I had to kill her. If I didn't do either, he'd kill her, then kill me. And I'm still not ready to die, and I can't stand to let Cheska get hurt if I can prevent it. And that's what I told her. I made sure the computer was still recording, and I spent hours talking to her in a soft, soothing voice. Reassuring her, as the drug kicked in full-force and Cheska started having trouble telling my words apart from her thoughts, that I was going to keep her safe from everything that would hurt her, I stood behind her and lightly massaged her temples.

Yes, yes, I know, some or all of you are gasping right now, pointing at me and calling me a bounder, a cad, a villain for brainwashing her. Here's the thing: I didn't use anything but that drug, and techniques you learn in a first-year psychology course. I kept appealing to the part of her that wanted to be protected and loved, and touched her in relaxing, reassuring ways. If she wanted, she could have fought it off long enough to pull the IV out of her arm, especially since I unbound her and re-bound only her wrists and ankles once she went limp, and her denials turned into soft, curious questions, and finally, acceptance. I held her there like that, for... I don't know how long. I'd long since pulled the IV out. She fell asleep smiling and snuggling up against me. I used the computer to edit the recording, replace all her denials early on with acceptance, cut out the extraneous parts, and put it on an endless loop after donning some earplugs. I wasn't tired, so I stayed up all night, hugging her close, listening to her start to whisper along with my played-back voice.

It was around noon when she woke up, so I stopped the recording and pulled the earplugs out. Big Blue wasn't near anymore. I didn't feel that tug in my head. Cheska just fixed her soft blue eyes on me and asked,  in a heartbreakingly innocent tone, “What now?” I sighed. Now to see if she was going to be saved, or if I'd have to bury that last bit of me that's still sane and decent.
“Well... we're going to have to do some very bad things to some good people, Chessie,” I began. She knew exactly what I meant. I wasn't surprised, she's always been bright.
“Why can't we help them?”
“We... are, in a way. They won't be scared, they won't be hurt, they'll be free, Chessie. I promise, we'll make sure it doesn't hurt when we catch up to one and they'll be given a proper burial.” I looked at her, eye-to-eye, and cradled her cheek in my hand, “Trust me.” Cheska waged a short inner war, then nodded, resting against me, and before she fell asleep (putting us in our current situation), she managed to slurr out,
“I trust you.”

So, before anyone thinks about playing the hero, I need you to stop and really think. I can keep her safe from Big Blue, and the other proxies. I can make sure she's never hurt, that she's safe, protected, and loved. I can give her a *life.* Would you rather tear her away from that, leave her alone and terrified in a hostile world with an otherworldly creature hunting her down, leaving her dead in a ditch somewhere after spending the last days of her life terrified, lonely, hurting, and with her sanity in shreds?

It's funny how you think you're only a one time guy...

and they just drag you back in.

Greetings bloggers and the like.

As you can guess from my last post, I'm a little new here.
But not that new. You may have known me as Recessed.

Cut that bullshit.

You can call me Ritchie.

And well, this is my blog now.

You'll see me around once in a while, but I'll mostly be on the quiet side.

I'll let my partner speak for me. You may have met her already.

But I think that's enough for now.

We'll see how this goes.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm stopping here.

Cheska, I love you.


Run, now.

I'm taking him on.

I'm sorry everyone.

I'm so sorry...


The Keeper

Security Breach

They're gone.

They somehow escaped from the cell.

The two guards are dead.


The Master is here.



Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

I'm sorry, everyone.

I'm so sorry.

We.. We're getting out of this one.



They captured us.

It doesn't look good for us at all.

We're in a 10 by 12 cell, electrified bars, and guards.

By the looks of it, Revenants.

But they were kind enough to leave us
with a toilet, shower, sink, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Cheska's sleeping on the bed as I type this.
They're watching my every move.

And what's funny is...

They can't stop me from saving Cheska.

As for saving myself...

I'll let God decide.

The Lost Keeper

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They Are Ours.

Jeff and Cheska.

We've captured them.
Burying your friend, Fizzy.

They traveled via Other World to Maryland.

We caught them there.

They're going to die.

And there is nothing you can do to stop us.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To All of Those Who Think I Am Jeff.

I have never been so insulted in my entire life.

Do not compare me to that scum of a man.

You people. All of you.

Why do you run from the master?

He is truly the savior of us all.

And you wish to defy him?

Like Jeff and his betraying whore, Cheska.

She was one of us.

He took her away.

And now, they will both die by the master's hands.

And I will be there to witness it.


They're Coming.

And we can't stop them.

Jeff and Cheska.

They're going to die.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

Sorry about the four day delay in this post.
I'm fine, Cheska's great, but we're kind of on the run.

Heh, not really the smartest move to go to the Other Side.
Especially when Slender Man has been so pissed off lately.

But yeah. Enough small talk.

I...I found Fizzy's body.
She was lying there, like she was asleep.
Her crowbar was next to her and her ear phones were still in.
A small line of blood ran from her mouth.
A bloody hole that perforated her chest showed me how she died.

But she was smiling.
I think she was finally at peace.
Kicking major ass was the way she wanted to go.

Her I-Pod was still playing...
That's how I found her.

I heard a faint sound coming from a few yards away.
The first time I'm glad I have Revenant super senses.

It was the chorus from "We'll Meet Again".

I guess we did meet again, Fizz.
I guess we did. Welcome home, my dear.

So, I picked her up.
I brought her back to our world.

And ran into a clusterfuck of trouble.

While I was gone, Cheska was being attacked by proxies.
Thank God I played a lot of Half Life 2 as a kid.

Fizzy's crowbar was a godsend.

A lot of them were already down when got back though.
Cheska was great. She had two proxies by the backs of their shirts.

She just smacked them together and brushed her hands off.

I got a huge bonecrushing hug from her and several kisses.
She hit me first, thanks to Ava.

I see she and Reach are kicking off their relationship well.
Hehe, she's become a bit like Cheska now.

 But yeah, I'm back.
And Rose is here with us now.
We're going to travel back with her to the states.
I'm taking Fizzy back to Maryland.

We've abandoned our current haunt.
We packed the essentials and are headed off.
Maybe we'll stop by New Zealand on the way back.
But good luck to everyone.

But on current news:

Sammie's been hallowed?
Kaiju's started a proxy research organization?
Now this is getting somewhere.

RIP Darby.
Stormie, stay safe.
Ava and Reach, welcome to our neck of the woods.
Jean, you stay safe now, you hear?

Vivi and Chester, you two stop looking for trouble, you hear?

That's all I have for now.

So yeah, keeping this short.
And everyone who worried about me.
I'm not done yet.

Stay strong and safe, you guys.

The Keeper

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Miss Jeff...

and I've been preparing.

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

It's been 18 hours since Jeff left to the Other Side.
I've been here preparing everything for a possible attack.

I've been cleaning the guns and knives we have.
Jeff left his behind. He said it was too bulky.

I think he was still feeling guilty from his attack on the proxies earlier this week.

I've been around town for supplies as well.
A few bottles of Scotch for some molotov cocktails.
Some nails, a can of WD-40 and some compressed air.

The last three items are a little surprise for anyone who tries to sneak into our hideout.

All our supplies of cure are secured, and everyone who needs some, just ask.

Speaking of the cure, I found it odd that it was so effective.
I found out why on Wednesday. Jeff's been putting his own blood into it.

Revenant blood is especially strong.
I guess it boosts the cures'  regenerative properties.

He's been doing so much lately.

But now it's my turn.

Anyone who needs information on proxies, contact TheKeeperKnows@gmail.com

I'll be waiting.

And to my friends, specifically Vivi &Chester, Ava & Reach.

Keep each other safe.

You both love each other.
Like I love Jeff.
And I love you.

The Chessmistress

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'll Be Taking...

 A Little Trip.

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

I've been feeling a little ill as of late.

I think I know why.

Reach said that Revenant's needed to
go to the other side to gather Slender energy.

I guess I have to find a way back.

Charge back up to full strength.

Cheska's laying next to me while I type this.
She understood the minute we escaped from the compound.

She's known this entire time.
I guess she was waiting for me to say it.

I've been taking a vial of cure each week since the beginning.
She caught me on the fifth week.  She wasn't mad.

She was infuriated.
But she understood why.

And we've been on the run ever since.

But back to the matter at hand.
I'm going to the Other Side.

I'm charging up on Slendy Power.
And I'm bringing Fizzy back.

I know...
It's a slim chance she survived.
Even if she's gone.

I want her to be back where she belongs.
I want her to finally be at peace.

And nothing is going to stop me.
Cheska has control of the blog for the next day or two.

I'll be back by Sunday.

Cheska, I love you.
And always will love you.

Thanks for staying with me.

Stay Safe and Keep Strong, my friends.

The Keeper

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm not giving up.

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

I'll keep this brief.

I'm sorry I kept this a secret for so long.

But I did it to protect you guys.

And keep Cheska safe.

But yeah.

I'm not giving up.

Thanks for believing in me guys.

I have things to do first.

The Keeper

What Happened...

and what shouldn't have happened.

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

Jeff's taking a nap at the moment.
Of course, he's right next to me as I type this.

He can't stand being away from me.
I think it's because he wants to protect me.

And, I think it's because of what he's done.
Something bad happened.

Something really bad.

Yesterday, in the woods.
After Babcia* blessed us, we walked right in.

It wasn't called the Black Forest for nothing.
It was cold, dark, and oddly serene.

Which was the worst part.
All we saw was darkness.

Not an animal in sight.

Like everything was afraid to be seen.
Or maybe, nothing was there at all.

So we hoofed it through the woods.
Trying to find a sign of anything.

But, nothing.

And then...
It started to happen.

Everything was repeating itself.

The trees began to close in around us.
Our footprints repeated in the snow.

We tried to walk out for what seemed like hours.
Nothing was working. We couldn't get 
And... Jeff started to act strange.

He started to mutter unintelligently.
Pacing in circles. Going completely mad.

And... everything just went to hell.

Proxies sprang up out of nowhere.
There were three of them.

They were laughing.
Taunting us.  Pointing at us.

And then, one of them held something up.
It was a doll. A porcelain doll shaped like a little girl.
And snapped it in half. Right at the waist.

And that's when Jeff snapped.

He rushed the first two, knocking the one holding the doll to the ground.
Pulled out a gun he had kept hidden in his waistband.
And shot the proxy in the head.

He was splattered in blood. 
He smiled menacingly.
A red glow in his eyes.

It frightened me.
But not as much as what he did next.
He calmly put the weapon away.

And punched the next proxy in the face.
I watched him stumble. Watched blood erupt from his face.

And Jeff punched him again.
And again. And again.

Until I heard ribs crack.
I heard him screaming.
Jeff and the proxy.

The other ran as his partner fell.
And Jeff ran as well.

I didn't see what happened.
But I knew that he died.

I heard bones crack.
A swift snap of the neck ended his life.

And I watched as Jeff dragged his body back.
He was laughing. Like a maniac.

His face and clothes were bloody.

The proxy's face was in full view.
His head snapped to the side.
His glassy eyes staring right at me.
Fear permanently scarring him in death.

And never in my life have I been more afraid.

I was afraid of him.

Of Jeff. Of the man who saved me from my prison.

After all of this. 
He took one look at the bodies.
And he began to cry.

His face softened back to its normal look.
He looked at his bloody hands and wiped them on the snow.

And buried the three he had killed under a tree.
He pulled out a knife and marked it with a cross.

And he stood there.
Almost like he was waiting.
And he fell. 

He fell to the ground, convulsing like he was possessed.
He vomited. His bile tinged black within the brown.

And then it turned black.
Wholly black. 

It continued for a few minutes, and then it stopped.
Almost as suddenly as it came.

I...I burned it.
It just looked so similar to what I had seen before.

It looked like Slender Essence.

I picked him up.
Wiped him off and ran back to our hideout.

I managed to get him clean.
Changed his clothes and put him to bed.

He woke up a little earlier.

He didn't remember a thing.

But I knew what I saw.
And I'm sorry I've lied to you all for so long.

Reach, my dear.
You were right.

Jeff isn't entirely human.

He's still Hallowed.

The Chessmistress

*Babcia: Polish for Grandmother

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Shit...

Sorry to keep this so brief.
Our usual intro doesn't have much time today.

 We've been gone for a few days.
Sorry about that, but a lot has happened.
Here's a synopsis of the past two days.

This was yesterday:

We were at the library, and we managed to find Jean's book.

That's the good news.
Jean, we'll send it in the mail as soon as we can.

The bad news...

Let's just say I can't trust Librarians anymore.
With Ava being the only exception.

The librarian tried to stab us on our way out.
Funny thing, she looked around Cheska's age.

She looked completely normal.
But she just kept staring at us.
Even after we checked out our book.

She just disappeared after that.

On our way out, she rushes me with a knife in the parking lot.
I manage to dodge the thrust and kicked the knife out of her hand.

Cheska took care of her after that.
Knocked her out and dragged her back into the building.
We left her with another employee.

Thank God the ground was so icy.
We just said she slipped and fell.

Slendy must really not want us here.

So, we hoofed it back and holed up for the night.

Well it's hard to sum up in one post.
I'll post what I remember.
Cheska will do hers tomorrow.

Today, we went to see the old woman near the Black Forest.
Cheska's family friend. Who told her stories about Slendy.

From what we heard from the townspeople, she lived in the sticks.
We had to hitchhike and literally hike our way near the edge of the Black Forest.

It was then we saw her house.
It looked like something out of a horror movie.

Cheska ran up and rang the bell.
I just stood there in shock as an oddly sweet old woman came out.

Cheska spoke to her in Polish, which I can't for the life of me
understand at all. And she invited us inside.

We talked for a a good few hours.
Had some hot tea and cookies.

But, she got so angry when we told her what we were planning.

She helped us out though.
She blessed us with some ritual .
Some sort of strong smelling tree extract.

And then...
We walked into the woods.


I can't remember what happened.

The Keeper

Saturday, February 5, 2011

In Germany We Stand...


Hey Guys.
Jeff and Cheska here.

Scenic Germany.

Cold as balls...
Especially for me.

I'm from the Southeastern U.S.
This is like frozen hell to me.

We're currently in populated area.
The cafes here are really nice.

Cheska is ordering drinks while I type this.
We managed to trade in our dollars for Euros.
Sweet caffeine...

So, new on details.
I'm out of my relative shlump about my parents.
I managed to take a week off to clear my head.
Cheska sure helped to keep me distracted.
We managed to go out a few times as well.

It's just... well... thank you everyone.
Thanks for keeping the Keepers alive while I was gone.

But down to business.

Everyone knows the story of Der Ritter.
Thanks to Robert. Best of luck bud.
Drop me a line if you want any information.

So, we've come to Germany.
The start of all the myths and legends.

We're headed for the Legendary Black Forest.
We need info on how this all began.

I'll hand this off to Cheska.
She just came back with the coffee.
She knows the story better than me.

Hello Everyone. Cheska Here.

So, Jeff and I are going to visit an old neighbor of mine.
She used to tell me the old Der Ritter myths when I was a child.

She's the mother of my best friend from America.
They're of French origin, but always like to vacation here.

So, that's where we're going. The Black Forest.
Slender Man's origins as the creature who existed in nightmares.

During my time as a Hollow, I studied as much as I could on him.

The other Hallowed used to tell me stories about how glorious he was.

His form as that of an old god that roamed the forests.
Stealing the children of the wicked and converting them.
Making them pure as the day and killing the sinners.

That son of a bitch.
Hopefully we'll get the answers we're looking for.

I'll hand it back to Jeff now.

Thanks, Cheska.

So on to Keeper News.

Vivi and Chester have had a run in with a few proxies.
Apparently we have another Revenant on our hands.
Good luck, you two. Stay safe.

Ava and Reach's assault on the quarry.
Ava's safe, thank god.  But Reach...
You brave son of a bitch...

If you survived I'll kill you myself.

Robert's getting back to clarity and organizing information.
Seems like you screwed up again , Redlight.
And this time, it's going to cost you.

NOOC seemed to have had a run in with something.
He's undergone the same ordeal as me... I'm sorry.

Darby left the blogs.
You do what you want Darbs.
You will be missed.

Thage has been attacked by a Revenant?
And she managed to kill him with hot water.
Dear God, that's just awesome.

Kaiju's in a bit of trouble.
Don't worry pal, help's on the way.

Kate, the cure is headed your way.
Oh, and look forward runner on your way.
He's a dark haired little wisp of a thing.
But he's guaranteed to help in any way possible.

Observe and Terminate is reporting Solo Slendy action.
What in the hell prompted that?

Will's been taken by a cured Conduit?
Well, fuck me. I guess we have another member.
The PTC is headed for them now. Keep them safe, you guys.
And Bianca, keep running. Stay to the shadows.
It's going to be alright.

But yeah.
That's all I can dig up.
I'm still looking into everything.

Stay safe everyone.
We need all that we can get.

-Jeff and Cheska
The Keeper and The Chessmistress

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It feels good...

to know that the woman you love is willing to feed you.

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

I'm somewhat back to normalcy.
About 17 hours of sleep and two large meals later.
I feel a little awkward that Cheska had to spoon feed me.

But my hands were shaking uncontrollably, so it was okay.
Maybe she just wanted an excuse to baby me.

But I digress.
You guys were right.
I'll give up some time from the job to mourn.

I'm only human, after all.

I'll be back on the job soon enough.

And Cheska's right behind me.

Time for bed, young man.
Mama's got a little surprise for you.
Don't keep me waiting, Jeffy. <3
Well, time to snuggle with Cheska.
She's waiting for me.
She's been up all night taking care of me.

Maybe I should return the favor?

I did miss our "bed time" antics.

The Keeper

He's Doing Better...

it's a relief.

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

I managed to calm Jeff down.
He's been sleeping for about 4 hours now.

He's curled up against my chest.
I can hear his breathing.
He's sad and angry.

My dear Jeff.
I love you with all my heart.

Please, do not feel guilty.
The others have given their condolences.

But you must remain strong.
You're only human.

You can't force yourself to keep working like this.
The others can handle the task.
They understand you need time to rest.
To those who talked to him, thank you.
Jeffy, you need to rest.

I'll do the keeper duties while you build your strength up.

Speaking of that, I managed to find an important lead.
An old woman from my home country.
She lives in Germany now, after having spent time in America.

She used to tell me stories of the creature that lived in the woods.
Der Ritter. The monster that takes naughty children.
She told us about Slender Man.

She was the mother of my friend and neighbor.
We used to spend time together in America.

At the time, she lived in Louisiana. 
I miss her dearly, as she was a very kind young woman.
She would have been in her 30's by now.

But I digress. Jeff is going to rest for a while.
He needs to build up his strength again.

After that, we'll be paying a visit to Germany for some info.

Wish us luck.

-Cheska <3
The Chessmistress

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm worried about Jeff...

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

It's been a few days since Fizzy's passing.
A few days since Jeff started the Alliance and Initiative.
Jeff's been working so hard for this long.

He doesn't sleep, eat, or leave the laptop as much.
He's so dedicated to this. But he's only human.

It's worse now, since I found out what happened.

I worry about him, and he's assured me he's fine.
But...he's so worn down now it scares me.

He cries in his sleep. I can hear it and try to comfort him.
So far, he's only calmed down after I started to sing.

An old song his mother used to sing to him.

He found out that his family was killed earlier this week.
Right as he was researching with me.

He...lost it.

He cried, punched the wall, 
sat in a fetal position and tried not 
to let me see him because he knew I'd worry.

I've lost my entire family to that skinny bastard myself.
I know how it feels. Watching them be taken away.

And now, he's killing himself with research
to prevent it all from happening to the bloggers.

I love Jeff. He's been the light in my life.

But he's going off the deep end.

I'll talk him down and get him some supper.
Can anyone talk to him as well?
Get him back to a stable mindset?
You're his friends, so he trusts you.

I'm doing as much as I can here.
Hopefully it's enough. 

-Cheska <3
The Chessmistress

They're gone...

God damn it.

My family...
The people I tried so hard to protect.

My mom, dad, and my sister.

All dead.
A house fire killed them all in their sleep.
I couldn't save them.

He did this.
Slender Man did this.

They're gone and it's my fault.

I disappeared...
I erased myself from their lives.
I asked Redlight to do it for me.

I wanted them safe.

In their minds, they...
They never had a son.
They didn't know why they were targeted.

He killed them all to get to me.
He'll never get me.
He won't get the others.

I have to keep working...
I have to keep them safe.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Account is Open Now

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

I'll keep this short because of where we are.

I've opened my account to the public.
Might as well, considering I'm now the leader
of two of the greatest organizations of Bloggers.

The Isabel Initiative and The Keeper Alliance.

If you have any questions, want to join,
or have any information vital to our cause,
contact me at TheKeeperKnows@gmail.com.

Knowledge is power, dear friends.
And we'll need all we can get to fight Slendy.

The Keeper
Leader of the Isabel Initiative
Head of the Keeper Alliance.

Monday, January 24, 2011

We Need Something Else...

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

We just got on the flight from New Zealand to our new location.
We had a tearful goodbye with Vivi and Chester.
They gave us vegemite for the flight and  a big hug full of luck.
I wish them the best of luck, and everything we left with them
the proxies trying to get to them will be contending with a hell of a duo.

It was nice, you know, having that little moment of normalcy
in this huge sea of fighting Slender Bitch and his cronies.
After losing Robert, Nessa, Zero, and now Fizzy, it's been tough.

The minute we heard, Cheska and I were bawling our eyes out.
It was so hard to type that memorial speech to Fizzy without
having to dab my eyes every ten seconds.

But enough of my heavy emotions for now.
It's time to focus on the task at hand.
I saw the last comment on Jean's blog.
She mentioned that the Initiative needed an index.
A list of those who have fought Slendy and when they did.

So, I propose to you, my dear bloggers, fighters, and runners.
As the Keeper, I wish to start a collective of those like myself.
Those who procure, store, and keep knowledge of how to
defeat our mutual enemy in their minds and blogs,
and give the knowledge to those who need it.

I propose the Keeper Alliance.
A group of highly involved keepers of knowledge and researchers
who have gathered knowledge from across the globe to fight our common enemy.
I have begun to choose a list of members for this group.
Any available researcher who has faced Slender Man will be welcome.
I have already contacted some of you for your spots to be filled.

May our time not be wasted, dear friends.
As we look to the skies and ready ourselves
to fight the Slender Man, and do what others
before us have prepared us for. To finally defeat the creature.

Shall you join us, fellow Keepers?

The Keeper
Member of the Isabel Initiative

Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Memoriam...

of Isabel "Fizzbomb" Dorter.

One of the bravest women I've ever known.
The girl who chose to dive head first into Slendy Territory.
The girl crazy enough to run at Slim Jim with a crowbar.

Fizz, you'd better fight with every last breath.
Or Jean and I 'll never forgive you.

I'll admit, I loved Fizzy. She was like a big sister to me.
She was a great help and a fun person to talk to.
She knew what she was getting into when she did this.
She knew she might not get out of this one alive.

Which is why I ask and plead with the bloggers, runners, and fighters.
Shall we not follow in the example of our dear friend and fight on?
Fight harder than we've ever fought before. Fight until our last breath.

Fight for the girl who did so much for all of us.
Shared our laughs, tears, and shouts for joy.
The athletic blond who warmed our hearts.
And often cast a wink at some of our female friends.

I call this new plan, this new plan of attack: The Isabel Initiative.
Named in the honor of this fine young woman who went down fighting.
For the girl who knew we had to fight. Fight in any way we could.

I ask you now, Bloggers, Runners, and Fighters.
All brothers and sisters in our fight against Slender Man.
I ask you, will you join me?

Because, we will not let the efforts of Fizzy be in vain.
She did this to keep us going. She wanted to give us hope.
And damn well we got it. So we're giving you the chance to join.

Make a post at any point after you read this.
Add it to the tag of your blog if you see fit.
We're members of the Isabel Initiative.
And We do not go down without a fight.

The Keeper
Member of The Isabel Intiative

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank God, Vivi's Safe.

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here

Sorry about the late post.
It was touch and go with Vivi.

We managed to find her in that cupboard.
Dear God, it was Cheska's idea to call out to her.

She's safe and that's all that matters.
Oh, and we're out of the apartment.

Admittedly it's nice here in this house.
Very comfortable, and we get our own room.

But enough of that.
I owe you guys pictures.

The first one.



And the second one.

God, I took these in the kitchen.
Chester and Vivi were asleep.

I don't know who sent these.
The best guess is Becca.
The former White Queen strikes.
After talking to Thage, I've come to this
conclusion after seeing the notes.

We're being targetted.
We're putting Vivi and Chester in danger.
We're leaving on Monday.

The last two days here will be full of
making procedures to keep them safe.
And hunting down the proxy that Vivi saw.

Wish us luck.

The Keeper

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Research and Poached Eggs on Toast

Hey Guys
Jeff and Cheska Here.

Vivi and Chester told us about how they saved a sample
from their bathroom graffiti. Thanks for the sample guys.
As far as we know, it's Slendy goop all right.

It smells just like a swamp.
It's disgusting to know I had this stuff in me.
All of us, my friends, had this stuff in us.
The essence of him.

Cassy hissed at the test tube when
she came near us. She's laying and purring
deep in Cheska's lap at the moment.

What's weird was, it seemed sort of alive.
It seemed like it was moving on its own in the tube.
If I didn't know any better, I swore it tried to rise
higher into the tube when it was near Cheska.

This poses a bad sign.
Maybe it recognizes my former nature.
That old bastard had me tight in his grip.
He was supposed to have you too, Jeff.

I mean, I remember seeing it before
after Cheska and I were cured.
But after we took the cure, it just seemed dead.
It laid there on the floor, like plain old water.

It was the best feeling in the world knowing we broke his control.

Oh well. Enough of this science junk.
Time to burn this stuff and clean the test tube.

Speaking of the title.
We just had that for lunch.
With Vegemite!

Vivi, do you think customs would let us bring a jar home?
Dear God, it's like heaven in a jar.
Cheska loves it too, and it's great for a snack!

It might even replace my love for peanut butter!
Only slightly though. It still makes a good fun time food.


*chuu* <3

Oh, look, Cassy hopped back on my lap again.
What's that girl, you want to say something to the nice people?


It appears Cassy approves of this message.
Thanks Cassy. Such a cute kitty. :3

Stay safe guys.
Love you all
-Jeff and Cheska
The Keeper and The Chessmistress

I happen to like cats...

and watching Cassy claw her way up Vivi was cute.
She started doing it to Cheska and I after they left for work.

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

We're having lunch right now.
Cheska is cooking and it smells awesome.

Cassy is sitting on my lap now.
She's purring and nuzzling against my stomach.
She's so cute and fluffy and adorable!

We were going to go out and get a bite at
Vivi and Chester's work place.
But we decided to stay and see if any proxies attacked.

Not going to let out friends home get defaced again.
The weird part is, there has been zero activity here lately.
Well, proxy wise any way, no weird sightings.
But speaking of really weird activity, get this.

We got another note today.
It was posted on Vivi and Chester's door.
This one had a skinny figure and two people on it.
The first was a girl with long hair near the skinny figure.
It had her falling down a pit. I think it was Cheska.
The other figure, who I can assume was me was
reaching up and picking her up out of the pit.

The note read, YOU MADE A MISTAKE.
The O in You was written with the Operator Symbol.

Whoever's doing this, you'd better think it's worth it.
Because the minute I find you, it's the last thing you'll ever do.

But enough of idle threats.
Down to Keeper business.

Observe and Terminate is getting all codey.
What in the hell does that mean?

Jean, dear God. She found Kim.
They're safe and together now.
But, I don't think the same can be said for Fizzy.
Damn it all to hell. Fizzy, you'd better be safe.

Scott started a new blog.
He's holding all his Thage decoded text there.
Go  to: http://truthinchess.blogspot.com/

C.A. managed to kill eight proxies.
Darby the Destroyer indeed.

Sammie and Holly are okay on the Slendy Front.

Stormecho has me worried though.
Can someone check up on her?

But oh well, that's all I have for now.

Stay safe you guys.
The Keeper

Jeffy is so cute when he blushes.
I hope he realizes that I made the entire meal only 
wearing my underwear and an apron.
Oh, and to the proxy that sent us that note.
We're gonna find you. 
The Chessmistress

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Nice Day So Far...

Is what we've been going through.

Hey Guys.
Jeff and Cheska here.

So, good news,  dinner went smoothly.

Cheska and I downed a few plates of food.
Of course, having a few vegemite sandwiches beforehand.
We like to gratify the hospitality given to us.

I love vegemite now.

Agreed. It's something new we can use for foreplay.

Ixnay on the escapades bay, Cheska.

Aren't you cute when you're embarrassed?

That may be, but down to business.
After dinner, we compared notes with Vivi and Chester.
Right now, we're talking about who could have
vandalized their bathroom.

As far as we know, proxies are smart.
It had to be someone who knew where Vivi lived.

From what Cheska has told me, it may be someone
close to Vivi who's been doing this.
Slender Bitch usually chooses people who
know the terrain.

When I was working under him, he had me stalk 
relatives and look for the weakest ones.
They had the most potential as use spies.

It might even be some newbie assigned to the task.
I'm not taking that risk though.

As I sit here and type this, they're talking.
Cheska is talking about motive with Vivi
as I go through the finer points of guns with Chester.
I'm making sure that he teaches Vivi as well.

I'm going to teach him to strip
and disassemble his weapon
in record time with precision.

It's hard enough these days to have
a gun on your person and go unnoticed.
So, he's learning how to put it together
with his eyes closed.

Hopefully nothing happens to would require that training.
Not seeing Slendy for about two days is kind of unnerving. 

So, for current news.
Stormecho seems to be in a pickle.
I feel horrible, did I cause this?
All the distorted speech and chaos involvement.
Is this the new binary code classifying Slendy captives?

Kiki's, or should I call her Sammie is distressed.
Poor girl. I wish I could do something for her.

Thage has been up to date with her posts.
A great person she is.

Stephanie from Scared has been taken.
Jack, I promise you we'll get her back.

Nothing else really going on.
So I'm going back to the conversation.
Anything you want to add to this, Cheska?

We can still beat this thing, guys.
Right Jeffy? :3


As far as I know, everything will be smooth sailing.
And Vivi and Chester.

I hope our little "ahem" didn't keep you awake last night.

Cheska! D:

Bye everyone!

-Jeff and Cheska
The Keeper and The Chessmistress

So much hugging...

Hey Guys.

We met up with Vivi and Chester.

Note to self, if Vivi ever glomps me again, wear a helmet.

And full body armor...

That girl is strong as hell.

She looks heavier than she does too.

I think my ribs are bruised from the hugging and glomping.

It's nice meeting them.

Cheska just melted over Vivi though.
Picked her right up and just squeezed her.

Chester too.
I think he went tomato red for a second.

Oh well, time to get our bags and head out for dinner.

Bye and see you later!

The Keeper


Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're Here...

Hey Guys.
Jeff and Cheska Here.

We made it safe and sound to New Zealand.
The airport is nice, clean and free of Slendy.

However, it is as hot as hell outside.
I can see people sweating...

We'll be waiting by Gate 4A, Vivi and Chester.

It'll be nice seeing you two, and maybe some New Zealand romantic spots?
The Keeper


PS: Cheska is making sure I don't eat until we get to your place.
But they're selling Vegemite Sandwichs...

No spoiling your dinner, young man.

-Cheska <3

I can wait for dinner.

Hopefully, because I'm for dessert.


So Bored...

Is how we're feeling.

Hey Guys
Jeff and Cheska Here

This flight is taking so long!
Everyone keeps asking how I'm feeling.
Especially Cheska, so sweet of her.

Everyone on our flight is convinced that
Cheska is my older sister.

I'm not sure how I feel about it.
She's taken to the joke quite well.
She even calls me her cute little brother
and smothers me in her chest for effect.

Not complaining there guys.

So, during the flight, I decided to talk to Thage.

Here's what I got:
(In Transcript Mode)

J: So Thage, what can you tell me about the previous battles with the Black King?
T:  They were many, though before the board that birthed Zalgo saw evidence arising under the context of creepypasta, they were small and vicious, largely unknown.
J:  But, how do we play into this?
What did Shayde mean when she told Cheska that she couldn't deal from the bottom of the deck?
 T:  Subtlety is a virtue when fighting the Black King. By stealing his pawns from under his nose, and making it known who the culprit was, the referee has called foul.

J If I'm a Knight, how many others have we lost in battle to put me into play? 
T:  Let's just say this isn't particularly a regulation match, there need not strictly be two of every piece.

J:  Has anyone ever beaten the creature at its game?
I mean, at least to the extent we've done so far?
T That would be telling.
J Ever the secretive one.
My Cheska would love you.

T: Obviously, the Spectator is constrained as to what she can and can't outright say, but the Three of Spades has been placed on the table and the two of you may not be willing to play the stakes.

J: How high are the stakes here , Thage?
I'd be willing to put it all down if we could stop this thing.
T High enough that one of you won't walk away.
J:  Hopefully It's me
It would kill me to lose her
T:  She may well be the third spade's target.
J:  She may have sent us the note?
T:  That's beyond the Spectator's ken.
J:  Damn.
But why her?
She helped me?
T:  You and she tasted the Black King's nectar and denied his rule. Regardless of whether or not he understands the human psyche enough to be offended, his pawns certainly do and find your disregard for his gift offensive.
 J:  He's a monster
He can damn well be offended
I saved Cheska, and she saved me

 T:  Now you're walking on the right path.
I believe you've answered your own question, there.
J:  The fact that I saved Cheska means that he's going to kill us?
I don't know why I couldn't resist him?
And I have no idea how I got Cheska out.
She was just more human around me.
T:  Regardless, you did, she was, and the piper wants his pay, so to speak.
J:  So, one of us has to die?
T:  Think of it like a game with multiple endings. Which ending you get depends on the choices you make.
J:  Thage, your cryptic nature does nothing but amaze me.
But I thank you for your time.
 T There's only so far the Spectator is allowed to venture off the stands.
J:  And I thank you for going there to answer my questions
 T:  What unfolds from here relies on the pieces on the board.
 J:  And we are the ones leading the charge.
(End Transcript) 

So, this is how it happened.
Anything you want to put in Cheska?

No one touches my Jeffy.
Because anyone who tries will die.
Die a horrible and painful death.

<3 You Jeffy.

Love you too, Cheska.

And now she's asleep against my chest.

Well, back to the flight waiting.
Night everyone.

The Keeper


What the Hell?...

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

Good news, on a flight to New Zealand.
Cheska is napping against my shoulder.
I'm typing on this post here.
Thank God this flight has wi-fi...
We'll be there around 6:00 tonight.
We'll hug Vivi and Chester hi for you guys.

Bad News...
You know that house we were staying at?
A runner was staying there.
He found us this morning.
He was going nuts and almost beat us to death.
Cheska managed to knock him out.
It turns out he was being Hallowed.

We managed to get him the cure in time.
When he woke up, he thanked us and we went off.
His name was James.  I'll admit he was pretty cute.

He was such a nice kid.
Shame what happened to get him into this.
He lost his entire family to that thing.
He was an avid Marble Hornets fan.
So we managed to hook him up with
some cure and a contact number.

In return, he managed to get us a ride to the airport, 
Where we boarded a flight to Auckland.
And I am now here typing this post.

It's nice knowing we're somewhere
Slendy can't get to us. Even for a little while.
So, we'll be there by six at Auckland Airport.

But before I get into the happy sunshine...
I found something on the door of the last place we stayed.
It was a piece of paper, burned at the edges.
It had an Operator Symbol drawn on it in black marker.
It had "WE CAN SEE YOU" written on the back.
I'll take a picture and post it later.

It made Cheska and I nervous.
I've always been worried that some Hallowed had to have
been sore about her defecting. And then, I check the blog
and see this comment from Shayde.

Dearest Cheska, dealing from the bottom of the deck after claiming to fold is generally frowned upon.

What in the hell?

So, we're being a little more cautious for a while.
I think I may have to contact Thage for a few answers.

But before that, I just remembered.
My old job calls back to me.

I am and always was the Keeper.

So, Kiki and Stormecho are having their troubles.
Best of luck to you ladies.

Holly Ven has been getting all artsy. I'm very impressed, dear.

Reach is still in hiding, but at least he's safe.

No sign of Zero or Amelia.
I'll personally be on the look out for them.

Fizzy hasn't posted for a while.
It has me worried, she's so headstrong.

Jean's become a runner.
See if you can find your way to us, my dear Brit.

Scott's been decoding Thage's chess related wisdom.
Thank God for that.

Citizen Anonymous, one of our more active fighters
has had a fair share of his battles. Do try and stay safe.
We need someone like you alive.

Zeke Strahm, the badass incarnate himself.
He's still alive and kicking. And he killed a proxy.

And well, that's my report.
See you guys after our little excursion in Auckland.

Stay Safe, you guys.
The Keeper

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Been a Long Time...

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

I'm currently typing this on a bed next to Jeff.
He's had a hard night. So I'll be posting tonight.

Sorry for the late post, but a lot has happened on our end.
 It is about a few or so weeks after Christmas.
The holidays were fun, we managed to visit Jean and Fizzy.
It was a short little meeting in a coffee shop.
I managed to apologize for everything I said to her.

It was what happened after we left that caused us some trouble.

After Fizz left, we were sure that Jean could protect herself.

Then, all of this began to happen.

Fizz is in danger. Jean's gone to do something crazy.

We managed to lose B a while back.

Rose ran right after him. We haven't heard from her.

We've had a few troubles of our own.

Our last hotel room was ransacked, luckily we didn't leave anything there.

We've been increasingly stalked by Hallowed lately, 
including a few of my old "friends" from my agent days.
Jeff managed to fight them off. I guess I taught him pretty well. 
We managed to steal a few cc's of blood from them.
(To Vivi and Chester, this is what Jeff was apologizing about.)
(Sorry guys, I kind of made you drink proxy blood- Jeff)

We've been on the run ever since.
So far, we managed to stay at a house nearby.
The family who lived here wasn't home.
We stayed here tonight due to Jeff's condition.

I worry about him now.
He seems... different.
He's become paler now.
He's eating and sleeping less. 
But he's told me not to worry.
Not unlike him, caring more for others than himself.

All these new developments.
It's all so much to take in.
Razputine went through a situation similar to Jeff's.
Vivi and Chester encountering Hallowed during their vacation.
Jean and Fizz becoming lost in that bastard's keep. 
Kaylee is back here in the U.S. where she belongs.
Nessa, the dear girl has been recaptured and wiped by Redlight.
Thage, the newest blogger out there. She seems to be very intuitive.
A Chessmaster after my own heart if there wasn't one who already had it.

But I digress. We have been doing our part.
We've been making the cure non-stop for the past week.
Our stores have almost been destroyed,
Jeff has managed to defend and hide them quite well now.

It's thanks to him we can make the cure in the first place.
And it's thanks to me that we can distribute it.

You know how you received those packages lately?
That was a few of my contacts helping us.
A few former Hallowed and Runners campaign helping 
to spread the cure to areas we can't reach yet.

And the weapons, well we took a note from
Fizzy's book and went to a private place.
The good news is, now that we're mobile again,
We can start traveling at a faster rate.
We'll find Rose first, put B somewhere safe,
And then continue with our travels.

Vivi and Chester are safe and back at home.

We'll be visiting them next.

So, as I sit here getting ready to post this, 
I was checking up on the comments and 
Was thoroughly  surprised to have
read a comment from Reach.

He's alive and well, thank the deities.
And he regrets being unable to help Jeff.
Don't fret, dear Reach. Jeff is fine now.

As for me, I'm going to sleep.
I'll fill you in about the rest  in the morning.

Goodnight, and stay safe.
My friends and fellow fighters
-Cheska <3