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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Shit...

Sorry to keep this so brief.
Our usual intro doesn't have much time today.

 We've been gone for a few days.
Sorry about that, but a lot has happened.
Here's a synopsis of the past two days.

This was yesterday:

We were at the library, and we managed to find Jean's book.

That's the good news.
Jean, we'll send it in the mail as soon as we can.

The bad news...

Let's just say I can't trust Librarians anymore.
With Ava being the only exception.

The librarian tried to stab us on our way out.
Funny thing, she looked around Cheska's age.

She looked completely normal.
But she just kept staring at us.
Even after we checked out our book.

She just disappeared after that.

On our way out, she rushes me with a knife in the parking lot.
I manage to dodge the thrust and kicked the knife out of her hand.

Cheska took care of her after that.
Knocked her out and dragged her back into the building.
We left her with another employee.

Thank God the ground was so icy.
We just said she slipped and fell.

Slendy must really not want us here.

So, we hoofed it back and holed up for the night.

Well it's hard to sum up in one post.
I'll post what I remember.
Cheska will do hers tomorrow.

Today, we went to see the old woman near the Black Forest.
Cheska's family friend. Who told her stories about Slendy.

From what we heard from the townspeople, she lived in the sticks.
We had to hitchhike and literally hike our way near the edge of the Black Forest.

It was then we saw her house.
It looked like something out of a horror movie.

Cheska ran up and rang the bell.
I just stood there in shock as an oddly sweet old woman came out.

Cheska spoke to her in Polish, which I can't for the life of me
understand at all. And she invited us inside.

We talked for a a good few hours.
Had some hot tea and cookies.

But, she got so angry when we told her what we were planning.

She helped us out though.
She blessed us with some ritual .
Some sort of strong smelling tree extract.

And then...
We walked into the woods.


I can't remember what happened.

The Keeper


  1. ...Well, /shit/. Are you both okay?

  2. You can't fucking REMEMBER? You mean you LOST TIME? HOLY SHIT, Jeff! HOLY FUCKING SHIT.

    Shit on a stick somewhere in the vicinity of Christchurch!



  3. Oh. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

    Get the hell out of Germany, ASAP. It isn't safe for you and Cheska anymore.

  4. Sounds...huh.

    Some ingredients that people use in blessings might have a memory loss effect. I'm not sure of the specifics, or even if I'm just talking out of my ass, but...might make you feel a bit better.

  5. I second Scott. You should get out of there. Now.

    Please stay safe.


  6. Get the FUCK out of Germany.

    London. I'm sure Mother will hole you up, no problem. You can even help her with the Tracker. She'll help you with whatever too.

    Get the Eurostar.