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Saturday, February 5, 2011

In Germany We Stand...


Hey Guys.
Jeff and Cheska here.

Scenic Germany.

Cold as balls...
Especially for me.

I'm from the Southeastern U.S.
This is like frozen hell to me.

We're currently in populated area.
The cafes here are really nice.

Cheska is ordering drinks while I type this.
We managed to trade in our dollars for Euros.
Sweet caffeine...

So, new on details.
I'm out of my relative shlump about my parents.
I managed to take a week off to clear my head.
Cheska sure helped to keep me distracted.
We managed to go out a few times as well.

It's just... well... thank you everyone.
Thanks for keeping the Keepers alive while I was gone.

But down to business.

Everyone knows the story of Der Ritter.
Thanks to Robert. Best of luck bud.
Drop me a line if you want any information.

So, we've come to Germany.
The start of all the myths and legends.

We're headed for the Legendary Black Forest.
We need info on how this all began.

I'll hand this off to Cheska.
She just came back with the coffee.
She knows the story better than me.

Hello Everyone. Cheska Here.

So, Jeff and I are going to visit an old neighbor of mine.
She used to tell me the old Der Ritter myths when I was a child.

She's the mother of my best friend from America.
They're of French origin, but always like to vacation here.

So, that's where we're going. The Black Forest.
Slender Man's origins as the creature who existed in nightmares.

During my time as a Hollow, I studied as much as I could on him.

The other Hallowed used to tell me stories about how glorious he was.

His form as that of an old god that roamed the forests.
Stealing the children of the wicked and converting them.
Making them pure as the day and killing the sinners.

That son of a bitch.
Hopefully we'll get the answers we're looking for.

I'll hand it back to Jeff now.

Thanks, Cheska.

So on to Keeper News.

Vivi and Chester have had a run in with a few proxies.
Apparently we have another Revenant on our hands.
Good luck, you two. Stay safe.

Ava and Reach's assault on the quarry.
Ava's safe, thank god.  But Reach...
You brave son of a bitch...

If you survived I'll kill you myself.

Robert's getting back to clarity and organizing information.
Seems like you screwed up again , Redlight.
And this time, it's going to cost you.

NOOC seemed to have had a run in with something.
He's undergone the same ordeal as me... I'm sorry.

Darby left the blogs.
You do what you want Darbs.
You will be missed.

Thage has been attacked by a Revenant?
And she managed to kill him with hot water.
Dear God, that's just awesome.

Kaiju's in a bit of trouble.
Don't worry pal, help's on the way.

Kate, the cure is headed your way.
Oh, and look forward runner on your way.
He's a dark haired little wisp of a thing.
But he's guaranteed to help in any way possible.

Observe and Terminate is reporting Solo Slendy action.
What in the hell prompted that?

Will's been taken by a cured Conduit?
Well, fuck me. I guess we have another member.
The PTC is headed for them now. Keep them safe, you guys.
And Bianca, keep running. Stay to the shadows.
It's going to be alright.

But yeah.
That's all I can dig up.
I'm still looking into everything.

Stay safe everyone.
We need all that we can get.

-Jeff and Cheska
The Keeper and The Chessmistress


  1. They appear to be using a code based on a cellphone keypad. Makes a change from binary, which everyone and their five year old second cousin knows how to decode nowadays.

    You two have fun in Germany. Let us know if you find out anything interesting.


  2. Stay safe you guys. By the way... how long are you planning to stay in Germany?

  3. Be carfeul.if you goto his own home,he'll be at his advantage.that is,if he follows you.-J

  4. We'll be here for as long as we need to, Jean.

    Why do you ask?


  5. Praise the lord you guys are okay.

    And that help will be mighty appreciated.

  6. You are WHERE.




    You're a fucking TRAIN RIDE away from London.

    And no.


    If Reach is alive, I'M killing him. You'll get second dibs.

    Stay safe, please. I can't lose anyone else. Not yet and not now.

  7. Ava, honey, there's no way to stop them from doing this kind of stupid stuff. Trust me.

    And Jeff, there's a book I want. It's supposed to be in the hands of a private collector, Sebastian Merkle. It's called "The Open Arms", was written in the 40's, translated into English exactly once, and almost every copy was burned by the Nazi's before they could be exported. If you guys could, I want a copy. I mean, it wouldn't even be stealing it... Just photocopies would do. If you would. There are other books I need, but as far as I can tell, that's the only one with a copy in Europe.

  8. We'll see what we can do, Jean.

    I think I see a library up ahead though.


  9. dude, if i could jump on a plane right now and fly over there to help out, i totally would.

    but you know, being wanted by the police and slendy AND having no money makes it kinda.... difficult to travel...

    and there is no way in hell im selling this laptop.

    oh and btw, about the whole ordeal that you went through. im sorry about that, i really am. but... well... uh... my parents... didnt die in a fire... but by a knife...

    .....im sure you can guess my policy on proxies....

    ..................well good luck to you. i send you hugs and love and much support.

  10. I took information I'd gleaned from the Black Rook, applied the logical conclusion, and decided that I could incapacitate him by blinding him with a full canister of mace, deafen him with a foghorn, and that even if the water wasn't hot enough to kill him from system shock, it was deep enough--you can drown in six inches of water.

    However, it's not a performance I'm very keen on repeating, I went an entire day and a half after without sleep and I've triple-bolted my door now.

  11. Wow, lots of people involved in this, huh?

    If this is real (I kind of hope it is), then....stay safe, I guess is the term?