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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Miss Jeff...

and I've been preparing.

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

It's been 18 hours since Jeff left to the Other Side.
I've been here preparing everything for a possible attack.

I've been cleaning the guns and knives we have.
Jeff left his behind. He said it was too bulky.

I think he was still feeling guilty from his attack on the proxies earlier this week.

I've been around town for supplies as well.
A few bottles of Scotch for some molotov cocktails.
Some nails, a can of WD-40 and some compressed air.

The last three items are a little surprise for anyone who tries to sneak into our hideout.

All our supplies of cure are secured, and everyone who needs some, just ask.

Speaking of the cure, I found it odd that it was so effective.
I found out why on Wednesday. Jeff's been putting his own blood into it.

Revenant blood is especially strong.
I guess it boosts the cures'  regenerative properties.

He's been doing so much lately.

But now it's my turn.

Anyone who needs information on proxies, contact TheKeeperKnows@gmail.com

I'll be waiting.

And to my friends, specifically Vivi &Chester, Ava & Reach.

Keep each other safe.

You both love each other.
Like I love Jeff.
And I love you.

The Chessmistress


  1. Hello, Cheska. You sure have been busy, eh? You guys are smarter than I could be. I'm sure... I'm sure Jeff'll be ok. Be careful. I'm always rooting for you from my little slice of the South. If you ever need to just... talk... you can email me at x.insane.artist.x@gmail.com.

  2. We miss him too. Vivi's quite worried, since he's gone over to the Other Side with no backup, and he's practically a little brother to her.

    He put his OWN blood into it? Well. He really is giving this his all, isn't he?

    I'll keep Vivi safe. I promise. No matter what, I will keep her safe.


  3. Glad to hear it. About Jeff, your preparedness, and the cure.

    If you need anything, contact me at Kaijucarpenter@gmail.com

    Stay safe.


  4. Oh god. Jeff...please be okay.

    And you Cheska.

    As to you, I also hope for your continued survival. If I was religious, I'd pray for you.


  5. Jeff is stronger than he realizes I'm sure he'll be able to survive. We'll find away to help him just as he has helped us.

  6. Cheska, in case Jeff... does not get back, could you please do a favor for me and send me his research? I know he has been doing stuff, but no one, besides perhaps you, knows what it is. My email is scotthowardphillips@gmail.com . Thanks...

    Good luck, and stay alive.

  7. Uh... hi... my name is Drake.

    My sister is being hollowed... I think it's almost complete... Shelby Willingham told me to contact you or Jeff and ask about a cure... I uh didn't see an email address so here's mine. rahn74003@hotmail.com If you could send me the info on how to make the cure I'd be forever in your debt... thanks...

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  8. Cheska, I've just started a group dedicated to the pursuit of proxies. And we're going to need a lot of cure.

  9. Jeff said he'd be back by Sunday...it's Tuesday where you are, isn't it? Is he back? Is he okay?


  10. I concur with Vivi. Are you guys still alive? Let us know, even if it's just a comment; we all need to hear you're okay...

  11. I maintain radio silence for a day or so and things get out of hand, again.

  12. ...Jeff? Cheska?

    Please, say something. Anything. Please...just let us know you're alive.


  13. Guys? Come on, come on, come on..... Please come back.... Its been four days....