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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

Sorry about the four day delay in this post.
I'm fine, Cheska's great, but we're kind of on the run.

Heh, not really the smartest move to go to the Other Side.
Especially when Slender Man has been so pissed off lately.

But yeah. Enough small talk.

I...I found Fizzy's body.
She was lying there, like she was asleep.
Her crowbar was next to her and her ear phones were still in.
A small line of blood ran from her mouth.
A bloody hole that perforated her chest showed me how she died.

But she was smiling.
I think she was finally at peace.
Kicking major ass was the way she wanted to go.

Her I-Pod was still playing...
That's how I found her.

I heard a faint sound coming from a few yards away.
The first time I'm glad I have Revenant super senses.

It was the chorus from "We'll Meet Again".

I guess we did meet again, Fizz.
I guess we did. Welcome home, my dear.

So, I picked her up.
I brought her back to our world.

And ran into a clusterfuck of trouble.

While I was gone, Cheska was being attacked by proxies.
Thank God I played a lot of Half Life 2 as a kid.

Fizzy's crowbar was a godsend.

A lot of them were already down when got back though.
Cheska was great. She had two proxies by the backs of their shirts.

She just smacked them together and brushed her hands off.

I got a huge bonecrushing hug from her and several kisses.
She hit me first, thanks to Ava.

I see she and Reach are kicking off their relationship well.
Hehe, she's become a bit like Cheska now.

 But yeah, I'm back.
And Rose is here with us now.
We're going to travel back with her to the states.
I'm taking Fizzy back to Maryland.

We've abandoned our current haunt.
We packed the essentials and are headed off.
Maybe we'll stop by New Zealand on the way back.
But good luck to everyone.

But on current news:

Sammie's been hallowed?
Kaiju's started a proxy research organization?
Now this is getting somewhere.

RIP Darby.
Stormie, stay safe.
Ava and Reach, welcome to our neck of the woods.
Jean, you stay safe now, you hear?

Vivi and Chester, you two stop looking for trouble, you hear?

That's all I have for now.

So yeah, keeping this short.
And everyone who worried about me.
I'm not done yet.

Stay strong and safe, you guys.

The Keeper


  1. If you do stop by NZ again, we'll be glad to have you, definitely.

    Thank god you're back. Shit has really gone down on my end. It would have been...hard to lose you as well.


  2. Thank God you're okay. I...I'm glad you recovered Fizzy. It doesn't change the fact that she's gone, but I feel better knowing she'll be taken care of properly, you know? I dunno...I'm just glad you made it out okay.

    Stay safe.


  3. Holy fucking hell. Glad to see you're alive and getting out of Germany.

    Sammie's okay, she tricked them into thinking she was Hollowed. I've been getting stuff on my end; a code had been posted on my blog, which, when translated, shows that someone has been following me since October 24th, 2010. Specter's been having B2 problems, Robert is going to get lobotomized on Sunday, Ali is planning on triggering repressed memories, Genevieve got out of the Labyrinth, but now Chester's trapped in there. More stuff happened, but friggin' English teachers just don't know when to quit with assignments, so I'm going to bed and getting well-earned rest. Stay safe, and good luck.


  4. Oh Fizz...

    Jeff, can- can we talk at some point? I need to hear a familiar voice...

  5. Jeff, got a few updates. Sammie didn't get Hollowed. She was actually captured by another proxy, and this proxy (who called herself Nebula) was trying to help our tall enemy turn her. Darby is dead, yet, he isn't. Apparently, his body is alive, but somebody else is inhabiting it. That's the best I can describe it. I am keeping in contact with Stormy, trying to help her conquer her fear as best as I can. And myself, I'm working on investigating missing persons' cases from my area, see if I can find any links to Slendy. It might lead me to proxies, it may lead me to new information, it may lead me to my death. But I need to start somewhere.


  6. Oh god, Fizz...

    Well, you needed a slap for doing something so SPECTACULARLY stupid.

    >>;; No comment.

    Glad to see the two of you are alive and okay, thanks for the welcome, friend.


  7. Now the only question on my mind is...

    Why hadn't that I-pod died by then?


  8. @Rebecca Other Side time works differently?

    @Jeff Glad to have you back buddy.

  9. Forget time, the entire physics of the Other Side are different. There's a reason that Robert was hospitalised after going there. If you can't process the energy, you get royally fucked.

  10. So it's literally a living labyrinth?

    Sounds wonderful.

  11. did Yule owl.

    ace PeterSen hiss.

    Sac the sure toy.

  12. I'm...
    Very sorry to hear that. I will never forget Fizz. Never. Rest in Peace, Fizz. At least she's better off than we are now.

  13. Maryland? well i'll be darned.that's where i grew up..