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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They Are Ours.

Jeff and Cheska.

We've captured them.
Burying your friend, Fizzy.

They traveled via Other World to Maryland.

We caught them there.

They're going to die.

And there is nothing you can do to stop us.



  1. They're not going to die, Recessed, you ass.

    Goddamnit, guys, WHY did you have to travel via the Other World? It was a STUPID idea, no wonder you got caught...

    Please be okay. You know those bracelets I made as a way to remember those who died? I'm making them for everyone now. And when this is over, if we've survived, we will hop on a plane, travel around, and give the ones that have survived their bracelets. Jeff, Cheska, someday I want to give you yours. I don't want to have to wear them on my wrist in your memory.

    Please survive.


  2. No.

    Screw you, you asshole. No. Not going to happen. They're going to live.

    Jeff and Cheska are going to live and you are going to eat your words.


  3. Again fuck you. Jeff and Cheska are gonna get out of there, and when they do they're gonna wipe the floor with your face.

  4. So be it. I hope you're prepared for the consequences.

  5. "And there is nothing you can do to stop us."

    That's the worst possible thing you could have said right now. Because when villains say that, their plans almost immediately fail. Way to jynx yourself Recessed.

    So, again, fuck you, and if for some reason you actually succeed, you've got one hell of a firestorm coming right towards you.


    P.S. Jeff and Cheska, why did you travel through the Other World? It's called that for a reason--it's not ours. Please, never do that again, unless it's an extreme emergency, and even then only with heavy reinforcements.

  6. No, we absolutely refuse to give them up to you.

  7. How could they have been so stupid? They're the smart ones. Uh bluh.

    You won't win this. We just won't let you. Please go light yourself on fire, ok? ^^