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Friday, November 26, 2010

Titles Gone, Robert Gone, New Beginnings

Hey guys, Jeff Here.
I just got back from the festivities of Turkey Day.
To find this. To find everything has gone so wrong.
Nessa, I'm so sorry.

Zero. My dear friend.
I'm going to be real here.
For everyone I know.
I relinquish my title.
Not like I ever needed it.

This is my last blog post.
I'll be leaving you here.
But it isn't my last farewell.
I'll be watching from the sidelines.

Knowledge was my best strength.
It has served me well.
But it's become too dangerous.
I must let go.

Last order of business.
Destruction of the Blog.
At least I'll be able to fulfill Nessa's last wish.
It's going down in three hours.
I'll say my goodbyes in that time.

To all the fighters and bloggers.
You know who you all are.
I have much to say to you all:

I give you my gratitude.
I give you my hope and strength.
And my last parting gift:

I believe in all of you.
Those who have proceeded me,
and those who will surpass me,
you will do what you must.

I wish you all safe passage.
And I know you will all come back.



Fizz, do what you do best honey. Keep Nessa and yourself safe.

Jean, my sweet Brit, keep that chin up. You've done so well.

Zeke, you know what you like to do.

M, stay safe. Nothing else to be said for you.

Nessa, my fair maiden, you'll be back to normal in no time.

Zero, you find your solace before the battle. You deserve it.

Amelia, my dear, make sure to take care yourself and Zero.

Maduin, you have so far impressed me with your recklessness. Stay safe.

Rose and Lilly, stay safe, keep each other safe.

Sandra, Lya, Matt- You have my thanks and gratitude for being some of the bravest of us through the years. I wish I could have met you.

Jack Tyler and Stephanie- Keep that chin up, Mr. Tyler, as well as you Stephanie, as you both have been so strong during this time. You'll make it.

Nothing can be said about you as good as this:
Resolve in a man towards a personal duty has never been in such high amounts as they are in you, dear friend.

The Conduit, as you call yourself. Do what you can.

The others:
You all know who you are if you have contacted me.
I wish you the best of luck. Not like any of you need it.
You are all glorious fighters and gatherers of intelligence.
You all have capable hands and hearts.
Do what is best for this world.
You know what I mean.

(Blog Burn: 10:11:45 PST)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgving Graces

Hey guys.
Jeff here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

To any of the Bloggers/Runners out there.
I know the last few days have been tough.
But let's all say this personally.
We've pulled through on a large amount of victories as of late.

But, still, I am worried about you guys.
So, pulling a Will here and starting on a head count.

I have to know who to put in my graces at the table this year, you know.

Stay safe, stay strong.
Hide yo' kids, Hide yo' wife, Hide yo' husband.
They be doing some weird shit out here.

(I have no idea why I just typed that.)

-A Keeper

Everyone, try looking up your names on urbandictionary.com
You can get really odd results. I won't even start on what I found for Zero.

Another Day In Paradise

Blogging Time.
Jeff here on your go to information channel for Slender Bloggers.

Rika, our infamous hollowed friend who
had just about recently attacked Zero has
just made a blog.

Greenlight has been captured.

Nessa got pulled from the brink but was trapped in a labyrinth.
Fear not, dear friends, she is alive and kicking.
As for Zero, Amelia and Maduin-
Zero is now screwing (around) with Rika.
Poor choice of words, I know, but that's how I say it.
Amelia is safe and on her way.
Maduin is Maduin as usual. Doing his awesome stuff.

Fizzbomb is kicking ass as usual.
I'd ask her out if I wasn't afraid that she'd kick my ass if I messed up .
Or if she was actually into guys.

The others-
Doing their thing.

As for me-
Out of sight, out of mind.
Get the reference to that and you get virtual cookies!

A Keeper

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.
Unless you live outside of the United States.
Then its Happy Near Solstice.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fight Continues

Jeff Here.
They got Nessa.
She's still alive though.

Nothing we can do right now.
All up to Greenlight now.

Bring her back to us Robert.
Bring her back to us.

The Solstice approaches.
We are all under possible attack.
The time is nigh, the creature frightened.

That fucker is going to pay.
We must rally and fight.

I'm sorry.
I can't be there.
It's too much now.
I'll watch you from here.

A Keeper

She told me she loved me.
Stay strong Nessa.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For the Lolz!

Jeff here.

I just checked the comments on Zero's most recent post.
A shipping war has erupted.
Why was I not informed?

Fizzbomb just paired Slendy and Zero.


And Omega, you lucky bastard.
I should have done that follow up.

But I digress.

Now that Nessa has let out a vital bit of information.
I'm writing mushy fanfics about her with her significant other
along with my usual Zero/Amelia fanfics.

Bring it on Shippers.

It's time for some fun.

A Keeper

Monday, November 22, 2010

Forget the Story, Here I Come Solstice.

 That's right, the title says it all.

Jeff here.

Screw my last post.

I can't sit here and just wish Zero and Amelia good luck.
I'm joining the stand against Mr. Stick.
Someone needs to tell the epic tale of the Solstice Battle.

And I'm the Keeper aren't I?

I need to be there, I need to chronicle this.

My priority is to record their fight and keep it for those who need it in the future.

Besides, they asked. And well, can't deny a request from a Sage.

And so what, I don't come back?

I'll be among friends if that happens.

A Keeper

PS: I'll be joining  Nessa (Herald) as well.
She agreed before I did. Such a brave young woman.
May God bless all of us with safety in our travels.

Contact Zero at zer0mbr@yahoo.com if you want to join up.

The Solstice

From what I've read, It's the one time of the year that our little Eldritch Abomination is at its weakest.

December 21st, 2010.

The day Robert (Greenlight) foretold of.

The day the hero would arise and save us all.

Damn it you lazy bastard. Why aren't you here yet?

At least the Warrior. Stop him in his tracks. Kick his servants asses!

Zero and Amelia, our Sages.
They're... planning something.

Zero doesn't plan on them surviving.

They plan on saving some of the Hallowed.
Amelia was assigned to work on a cure.

They have to survive.
We need the Sages.
I can't let them die.

They're my friends.

Anyone, please contact Zero. Fight with them.
Keep them alive. Be there for them.
This goes to you Nightcrawler. Especially You.

I... can't be there...
Even if I was... To  possibly write of their heroic deeds at a terrible cost...their deaths at the hands of the creature...

No... I must help them live... The story will let them live...
I am a chronicler... I have to fight...
My victory is keeping them alive.
And I shall obtain this by conquering the unconquerable.
By writing a story. A story that has us kill it. A story that has us win.

Because I'll be there.
Every step of the damn way.
Save me a seat Zero.
I'm hitching a ride.

A Keeper

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Three posts in one day.
Not a thing I'd usually do, so I'll keep this short.

Nessa (Herald) and I are in a fanfic writing competition.
A contest of strength, will, and our ability to use our imaginations in the best way possible.
Nessa and I will be posting our entries starting in the next few weeks.

Please vote and comment to choose the winner.

Jean (Vivere disce) is our judge.
Hope you like the role my college bound Brit.

Pairings and plot devices can be submitted by anyone watching.

Nessa, focus on the safe houses.

See you in the writer's circle.

A Keeper

PS: Check out my post or Amelia's ( Road to Heaven) to see a sample of my Zero/Amelia fanfic.
Nessa's scared. Time to whip out the big guns. I'll post a hand written sample. You wouldn't believe it was mine.

More Science and Fanfiction

Hello fellow Slenderbloggers.

I've been reading up on the Slender Mythos lately and something came up.

The Scientific Part:

I had a conversation with Jean from Vivere disce and she mentioned a theory about Slender and his relation to the destruction or distortion of video cameras. She mentioned the theory of an electromagnetic field.

That would explain his invulnerability to gun shots and actual physical hits.

(In reference to the Absolute Terror Fields or ATFs of Angels from Evangelion- FTW!)

The only thing that could penetrate his field would be something that impacted him when he was unaware or was preordained by substance:
  • The Swiss Army Knife 
  • Sandra (She managed to kick him! Punching Cthulu much?)
Nightcrawler and Basroil have managed to obtain laser carbines. That should dissipate the field.
Hopefully. I propose a high caliber bullet, .50 or higher. Sabot. Or if possible a high density rail gun? Come on Specter and his scientists!

The Fanfiction Part:

With the okay from Amelia (Sage), I have decided to write the Zero/ Amelia Fanfic.

Here is a sample-

Here's the ending line for the Zero/Amelia fic:

And as she held his head in her arms, he sighed, listening to the heartbeat rebounding against her chest.

He smiled, looking into her bright eyes as their gazes locked in one of true bliss.

"It's over." she said, with tears of joy in her eyes.

"No." he replied, cupping her face with his hand.

"It's just the beginning."

And with that, they locked lips, their love released in one swift act.

And all was well.

(Mushy isn't it.)

A Keeper

PS: There you go Zero. I hope that keeps you happy.
A message to the crack/slash writers: Jeff 1, You 0.

Pita Chips and Science

Snack time is fun time.

It also helps to think with a full stomach.

*munches on another pita chip*

The matter at hand:

Nightcrawler and his team have a magnet. A giant electromagnetic device that shields them from whatever sensory detection that Mr. Skinny uses.

It's a damn shame that it has two problems.

It's f-ing huge!
The thing isn't exactly portable, and no one really knows how it works.

It's a vampire. (Energy Vampire.)
The thing apparently costs an arm and leg to keep running, and considering what Nessa is planning, we need it to run 24/7 at a disclosed location.

However, if Specter let's some of the more scientific runners and bloggers get a hold of it, maybe we can replicate the technology.

I say that solar power would be a good alternative.

That or attaching it to several spinning cycles and having a group of five or more running constantly, a la zombie apocalypse tactics.

But, in all efforts of fair play, we need to realize that if we can make its range larger, we can effectively coat an entire county or state in a barrier. However, to keep the same level of power of a greater area would prove difficult.

So much science!

Delicious science!

Wait, that's just the pita chips.


I vote on pocket sized devices for runners. Rechargeable through hand cranks, and each safehouse has a large one hidden away.

Where the fuck is Einstein when you need him?

A Keeper

*munch munch munch*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Underground Operations and Modus Operandi

From what I've seen from the most recent posts,
there are a great number of us who wish to help
our brothers and sisters in arms- The Runners.

Runners are plagued everyday with attacks by Mr. Stick and his minions, they must keep under harsh conditions, steal and break in to places to survive.

Nessa (Herald) is planning something extraordinary:

A network of safe houses for the runners that provide a temporary relief.

Food, water, a warm bed, and protection to strengthen them for the journey.

Imagine M and Shaun bunking together.
(Not like that, Zero would get jealous)

Of course, the problems faced would include the large amount of marked concentrated in one area, the chances of a proxy attack, or even the intervention of Nightcrawler and his runner kill squads.

Though as arduous as it seems, our Herald is willing to defy the gods to do so.

Nessa (Herald)
I wish you the best of luck.

A Keeper

PS: Visit Nessa's blog for more details and comment about your ideas.
Which reminds me. I have something to add to this.

Something's Wrong

Anyone check out H(a)unting lately?
A runner tried to take out Sandra.
She fended him off.
That's the good news.
The bad news is the way she did it.
She spoke in song lyrics, her eye staring deep at him.
Deep into his soul, and scared the shit out of him.
Slender came through the window and gutted the guy.
She's humming something after that.
The song Dark Woods Circus.
She can't control him.
He can't control her.
What in the hell do we do?

Oh shit, Zero's been attacked.

A Keeper

I freaked out when I read this.
Sandra has never been nor will be a threat.
The song was just a warning.
She wanted the runner to survive.
I feel like a fucking jackass.

I'm sorry Sandra.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Puzzle Pieces and Nerdy Speculation!

Good News Followers.
I managed to gain contact with Zero (Sage).
Now let's see if I can get into contact with Maduin and Amelia.
But, on to more pressing matters.

In writing this blog, I have found a consistent line with several of the runners and fellow Slenderbloggers. Anyone who has managed to evade capture or attack the Stick Man has been contacted and acknowledged by Robert (Greenlight).

It's a puzzle.
All the pieces must be put into place to finish the puzzle.
The puzzle is the story of Slender Man.
The pieces are the Slender Bloggers.
The Warrior is a missing piece.
The Hero is the last piece.

The Nerdy Speculation:
First, a reference:
Does anyone remember the movie:
Bionicle: Mask of Light?

Well, if not the general plot of the movie is the quest to find a Hero, with a Champion(Jaller), supposedly meant to become the hero, Takanuva, the Toa of Light, and a chronicler (Takua), meant to write of their epic journeys to find said Hero with the movie named mask.

The M. Night Shymalan twist?

The Chronicler (Takua) wasn't meant to write about the hero.
He was meant to become the Hero.
Regardless of the film, the canon has Jaller become a Toa Inika.
Though that isn't the point.

The one truth behind all of the Slender Bloggers, is that each one of them was previously a chronicler.

The Sages, Robert, M, Zeke, Sandra, The Hybrids, and the entirety of the Slender Man fighting community have all been chroniclers. Robert (Guardian) has selected the pieces of the puzzle.

He has chosen chroniclers.

And by default, our missing Warrior and Hero are both chroniclers.

If anyone is contacted by Robert (Greenlight) and reads this post.

You now know your purpose.

We await you before the Winter Solstice.

A Keeper

PS: Maybe I could get a cool name from Robert (Greenlight), but I do like being a Keeper.

Well, Fuck...

I just checked my last post.
Apparently I've attracted the attention of one of Mr. Skinny's henchman.
Ignoring the fact that this just happened, I'm a noncombatant at this point.
My job here to to archive what is happening for future generations.
Similar to Omega and his blog (Which I am a huge fan of- Thank You Omega)
I also wish to see how the story ends. My hope is that if this ever starts again, well, if I survive long enough, I can help everyone put that thing back in its world.
I'm just a Keeper. Maybe I'll contact one of the Sages for advice.

The Keeper

PS- Rose, if you ever need any advice, just do me a favor and watch episode one of the 2005 season of Doctor Who. It shares your name!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Day, Another Listing

In the days past,
Slender Man has been appearing to the runners more frequently and harshly than before.
  • Rose is being chased by //It//.
  • Sandra is still being followed by Slender Man.
  • Jack's encounter with //It// has him angered at Robert's(Guardian) plans to kill Slender Man.
  • The Hybrids are on their way as well.
  • Robert (Guardian), or Greenlight's plans have progressed.
  • The sages are in play, and the game continues.
Killing that thing is what we all want.
Stay Strong Guys.
We're counting on you.

The Keeper

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just The Basics

 The name's Jeff, just Jeff.

Here's my story.

So, after my original run in with the stories of Slender Man on SomethingAwful forums and other related media, I decided to make my own blog and plot the progress of the other Slenderbloggers.  Yes, Slender Man, the stick that steals your soul and makes you his own.

Admittedly I doubt its existence,(Of course, if the rumors are true, this blog could make me his next target)but I am willing to help the others in any way to stop it.

I haven't run into it yet. But if I do, I'm not running.
There is a way to kill it. Anything that exists has a weakness.
I'm willing to find and use it, be a hero of sorts.
And if not me, somebody has to be the hero Robert (Guardian) foretold of.

My friends always called me smart. They said I had a lot of knowledge in the ol' noggin.
That's why I'm a Keeper. I keep things that people need. That's why they call us keepers.