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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Three posts in one day.
Not a thing I'd usually do, so I'll keep this short.

Nessa (Herald) and I are in a fanfic writing competition.
A contest of strength, will, and our ability to use our imaginations in the best way possible.
Nessa and I will be posting our entries starting in the next few weeks.

Please vote and comment to choose the winner.

Jean (Vivere disce) is our judge.
Hope you like the role my college bound Brit.

Pairings and plot devices can be submitted by anyone watching.

Nessa, focus on the safe houses.

See you in the writer's circle.

A Keeper

PS: Check out my post or Amelia's ( Road to Heaven) to see a sample of my Zero/Amelia fanfic.
Nessa's scared. Time to whip out the big guns. I'll post a hand written sample. You wouldn't believe it was mine.


  1. Now, this simply isn't fair. I have exams coming up...

  2. I have midterms as well.

    Besides, it's based on a submit at any point, see who gets the most positive comments basis.

    So, its pretty fair.

    Best of luck to you Nessa (Herald).

    Besides, if I lived near you, I'd personally like to see your writing.

    Over coffee or tea perhaps?

    A Keeper

  3. I doubt you live near me, we're two hours apart if the timezone is anything to go by. Though it would be fun to see you in person. You seem pretty nice.

  4. After all of this is over, maybe I'd take you out for a movie.

    How does that sound?

    Of course, as friends.

    However, we must focus on our roles in this now.

    A Keeper

  5. As friends. I have a significant other. ;o

    Agreed. Back to business. *sharp salute*

  6. Judge! 8D

    You shouldn't give a Brit power over Americans, Jeff. Remember what happened last time? >D Mwhahaha. Mine is an evil laugh.

    I kid, I kid. :3 (Maybe). Nevertheless, sounds like fun. Fanfiction can never be a bad thing. Even My Immortal is good for lols (as long as you repeat to yourself over and over that it was the work of a troll and no human being could write something like that.)

  7. You live in America now Jean, you are one of us now!

    *insert loud and foreboding evil laugh here*

    A Keeper

  8. ONE OF US, ONE OF US *cult chant*

    I refuse to believe that My Immortal was written by anything but a troll. Otherwise, my faith in humanity would drop down to 0.

  9. Harry Potter fans be damned for liking this.

    A Keeper

  10. Nooooooooooooooooo!

    @ Nessa: Yeah, that's my reasoning too. It's the only way to keep one's brain from exploding.

  11. What, are you saying you don't like Harry Potter? I might have to stop liking YOU. :P

  12. Nessa(Herald) = I'd like to point out something

    the fact we're fighting off willing agents of evil, mind numbing horrors and possessed bodies....and yet 'My Immortal' is the thing that has you relent to crushing despair...


    I mean I've read the trope page of it, but wow...

  13. Don't worry, Zero, I was being facetious.

  14. Jeff(Keeper) Will you come to the Solstice?
    I need someone to keep a record of what happens.

    I've got a little money saved up, if you need airfare.

    I've got to have at least a few more people present.

  15. Actually I love Harry Potter.
    Don't take that the wrong way.

    I really hate My Immortal.

    Must stab whoever wrote that.

    Oh and Zero, I may have to stay here on the East Coast. Going west is bad for me right now.

    You know, family upkeep, researching and helping to keep tabs for Nessa and her safehouses.

    Someone's gotta keep up here.

    Where is the Solstice battle occurring?

    Who's going to be with you?

    Hm, just you and Amelia.

    See if you can contact Omega, He's been a chronicler longer than me.

    But, if you can get a working camera with a live satellite uplink, I can coordinate from here.

    But, I wish I could join you guys.
    Family comes first after all. I want to come, but they... they need me.

    It's just... Zero, Amelia... I know you need to do this... But... just stay alive.


    Can't do this without my favorite Sages. (I do like Maduin but I've talked to you guys longer.)

    A Keeper

    To all crack shippers, I do not have a thing for Zero. I just appreciate his character and sense of determination.

  16. Screw it.
    I'm coming.
    safe me a seat in Heaven.

    A Keeper