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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgving Graces

Hey guys.
Jeff here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

To any of the Bloggers/Runners out there.
I know the last few days have been tough.
But let's all say this personally.
We've pulled through on a large amount of victories as of late.

But, still, I am worried about you guys.
So, pulling a Will here and starting on a head count.

I have to know who to put in my graces at the table this year, you know.

Stay safe, stay strong.
Hide yo' kids, Hide yo' wife, Hide yo' husband.
They be doing some weird shit out here.

(I have no idea why I just typed that.)

-A Keeper

Everyone, try looking up your names on urbandictionary.com
You can get really odd results. I won't even start on what I found for Zero.


  1. I realize this may seems like an odd question, but I was wondering what your hair looks like, and around how tall you are. I just need a general idea because I'd like to draw you, but I really have nothing to go by. You don't have to reply if you don't want to, I understand, but if you did that would be great~


  2. Still here, prepping for a fun day with the family when they come to visit. Took down the barricades to make my house look less 'uninviting fortress' and more 'warm home'. XD

  3. Serenity checking in, got no family coming in since its not turkey day here in my wonderfully chilly country. Not that I'll be home tonight, nope got somewhere else in mind. Seems you're still safe for now, still I say it in case it makes an all-point attack tonight: get as safe as you can and good luck.

    @Fizz you going to have extra guns for your guests in case you-know-who decides to crash your party?

  4. Well, my hair is now short and dark black, straight.

    As for my height.
    Well. 5'4ish.

  5. @Serenity - I'm fairly sure at least two of them will have one on hand anyway. I'm not my family's only crazy-paranoid survivalist (though Uncle Todd is more convinced the Russians will invade...)

    But if he crashes the party, I figure, what the hell, maybe he'll be down for some turkey, butter rolls, and mashed potatos.

  6. @Keeper - Nothing on Fizzbomb yet. Who knows, maybe it'll end up being defined as "Crazy white girl"

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  8. Here. I'll be out posted the reason on my blog. peace out. Love Light Life. Stay safe.

  9. @ Jeff: I'm six inches taller than you. :3

    Have a good time, my American buddies.

  10. I'm short!
    Also, I rechecked, actually 5'5 or so. Maybe a little more.

    A Keeper

  11. Hey guys, going out for festivities.
    I'll miss you guys.

    A Keeper

  12. I'm tall, so don't worry. I spent much of my childhood trying to grow to 6 foot. Because nobody messes with tall people.

    Huh. Well, we're going to mess with some tall people, now aren't we?

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  14. Shit, he's got her again. Ness, remember yesterday, you can beat him again.

  15. Update.

    Nessa's safe. In my custody. Going to try to break her free. And I *will* defend her from ANYONE who seeks to take her back to Slim Jim. Satan himself won't be able to pry her away from me.

  16. Hey Jeff. I actually drew you already. xD You can count my head in! ^^