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Monday, November 22, 2010

Forget the Story, Here I Come Solstice.

 That's right, the title says it all.

Jeff here.

Screw my last post.

I can't sit here and just wish Zero and Amelia good luck.
I'm joining the stand against Mr. Stick.
Someone needs to tell the epic tale of the Solstice Battle.

And I'm the Keeper aren't I?

I need to be there, I need to chronicle this.

My priority is to record their fight and keep it for those who need it in the future.

Besides, they asked. And well, can't deny a request from a Sage.

And so what, I don't come back?

I'll be among friends if that happens.

A Keeper

PS: I'll be joining  Nessa (Herald) as well.
She agreed before I did. Such a brave young woman.
May God bless all of us with safety in our travels.

Contact Zero at zer0mbr@yahoo.com if you want to join up.


  1. Thank you again Jeff(Keeper). I admit, I was very worried that I'd go out there and die without anyone knowing what happened to me. I just...want to leave that sense of closure if something bad does happen, you know?

    You do me a great service by this task...thank you.

  2. No, Thank you, Zero(Sage).
    You've been a damn good friend.

    I'd be honored to write the tale of your epic battle. I may even have time to write a poem about your undying love for Amelia.

    You know, before the end.

    But, I promise to leave a record of what we did.

    If that's the best I can do for you, old friend, you'll get it.

    A Keeper

  3. I had a moment of inspiration last night with my guitar. If I can finish this song to my satisfaction, I'll put it online.

    So far it has been kind of depressing... we'll see if I can put a happy, or at least hopeful, end to it.

  4. God, I wish I could join you guys. But I can't. I'm sorry...