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Friday, November 19, 2010

Puzzle Pieces and Nerdy Speculation!

Good News Followers.
I managed to gain contact with Zero (Sage).
Now let's see if I can get into contact with Maduin and Amelia.
But, on to more pressing matters.

In writing this blog, I have found a consistent line with several of the runners and fellow Slenderbloggers. Anyone who has managed to evade capture or attack the Stick Man has been contacted and acknowledged by Robert (Greenlight).

It's a puzzle.
All the pieces must be put into place to finish the puzzle.
The puzzle is the story of Slender Man.
The pieces are the Slender Bloggers.
The Warrior is a missing piece.
The Hero is the last piece.

The Nerdy Speculation:
First, a reference:
Does anyone remember the movie:
Bionicle: Mask of Light?

Well, if not the general plot of the movie is the quest to find a Hero, with a Champion(Jaller), supposedly meant to become the hero, Takanuva, the Toa of Light, and a chronicler (Takua), meant to write of their epic journeys to find said Hero with the movie named mask.

The M. Night Shymalan twist?

The Chronicler (Takua) wasn't meant to write about the hero.
He was meant to become the Hero.
Regardless of the film, the canon has Jaller become a Toa Inika.
Though that isn't the point.

The one truth behind all of the Slender Bloggers, is that each one of them was previously a chronicler.

The Sages, Robert, M, Zeke, Sandra, The Hybrids, and the entirety of the Slender Man fighting community have all been chroniclers. Robert (Guardian) has selected the pieces of the puzzle.

He has chosen chroniclers.

And by default, our missing Warrior and Hero are both chroniclers.

If anyone is contacted by Robert (Greenlight) and reads this post.

You now know your purpose.

We await you before the Winter Solstice.

A Keeper

PS: Maybe I could get a cool name from Robert (Greenlight), but I do like being a Keeper.


  1. well if you name yourself it sort of takes away the chance. However if that's who you are, there's no sense denying it. Maduin named himself too you know.

    So... my question is, do you say this in hopes of your own glory? I mean, remember, I'll say it again, The Hero dies at the end. Are you alluding that you want to be him? I can't say you're not, but I do know its the toughest role to fill.

    Well, we'll see, won't we?

    I'll be watching your blog, share your hopes, your thoughts, and any encounters. You're already doing good work, simply by doing chronicling work, reminds me of Stephen King's It. the Lighthouse as he called himself.

  2. I can't be the hero.
    The hero is a chronicler who has been predestined to face the Slender Man. I just tell their stories as another piece of the puzzle. I'm a fan of staying on the sidelines anyway.

    Besides, the Hero dying at the end of a story isn't always literal you know. Sometimes dying is just a metaphor for losing your status.

    Another nerdy reference:
    Doctor Who Season 4:
    Donna Noble, the companion of the Tenth Doctor, is predestined to die as a result of her role as a companion.

    She doesn't die. Her life as a companion dies, and she loses her role as such.

    The Hero may just lose their role as a Hero. After the death of this nation's Slender Man, we lose our Hero. Gone but not forgotten.

    But, I agree.

    Hopefully I see what role I truly play.

    A Keeper
    The Lighthouse has nothing on me.
    Nah, just messing around.

  3. that's good to hear, I don't want anyone to become an unnecessary martyr just for glory. Good...good.

    Would you like a task, it's not too indepth. See what you can find about K-OS Survival. A person on the site that floats about and says cryptic things in different languages that links to youtube videos.

    She's a puzzle for you, if you want to chase her. I *think* K-OS is a her.

  4. So, I checked my history, or rather her history and ran across this blog and...wow, either her sense of humor is weirder than I thought or I screwed up. Big. To explain her message...well its pretty straightforward really by sheer chance you(Keeper), and myself(Fool) share the same first name and the first word of our handle A hint of serendipity-one of the blogs I had her watching not coincidentally-indeed. Also Jeff from Hybrids who's 'Blind', and J from Marble Hornets...and I sure hope that 'Insect' is referring to the name of the series.

    As for myself still no direct contact with it...well it may be showing up to watch me sleep or something, but I'm focusing on being optimistic so unless I see it, its not after me...yet. Don't know if she's a Husk will keep my eyes on her and out for it. Good luck Keeper, and maybe you can dig up something on K-OS as they seem to have something to do with Pete's(The World that never was) situation.

  5. I wonder what title Robert would have given me?

  6. I just realised i never Archive Binged this particular blog...

    BIONICLE. Gawd I loved those things so much.