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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Day, Another Listing

In the days past,
Slender Man has been appearing to the runners more frequently and harshly than before.
  • Rose is being chased by //It//.
  • Sandra is still being followed by Slender Man.
  • Jack's encounter with //It// has him angered at Robert's(Guardian) plans to kill Slender Man.
  • The Hybrids are on their way as well.
  • Robert (Guardian), or Greenlight's plans have progressed.
  • The sages are in play, and the game continues.
Killing that thing is what we all want.
Stay Strong Guys.
We're counting on you.

The Keeper


  1. J(Insect) Jeff(Blind) Jeff(Keeper) Jeff(Fool)


    A hint of serendipity, indeed!

    Elizabeth(Victim), Liz(Victim).

    Who will move first, the gate or the madness?


  2. Great, a Hallowed.
    Guess I joined the party.
    Oh well, time to contact a few friends.

  3. did someone say my name? Feels like my blog is burning.

    Ahh SS. yes I'm afraid the once helpful Serenity, has...lapsed.