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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just The Basics

 The name's Jeff, just Jeff.

Here's my story.

So, after my original run in with the stories of Slender Man on SomethingAwful forums and other related media, I decided to make my own blog and plot the progress of the other Slenderbloggers.  Yes, Slender Man, the stick that steals your soul and makes you his own.

Admittedly I doubt its existence,(Of course, if the rumors are true, this blog could make me his next target)but I am willing to help the others in any way to stop it.

I haven't run into it yet. But if I do, I'm not running.
There is a way to kill it. Anything that exists has a weakness.
I'm willing to find and use it, be a hero of sorts.
And if not me, somebody has to be the hero Robert (Guardian) foretold of.

My friends always called me smart. They said I had a lot of knowledge in the ol' noggin.
That's why I'm a Keeper. I keep things that people need. That's why they call us keepers.


  1. It's nice to have allies, that's for certain. Welcome to the asylum! XD -Rose