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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Solstice

From what I've read, It's the one time of the year that our little Eldritch Abomination is at its weakest.

December 21st, 2010.

The day Robert (Greenlight) foretold of.

The day the hero would arise and save us all.

Damn it you lazy bastard. Why aren't you here yet?

At least the Warrior. Stop him in his tracks. Kick his servants asses!

Zero and Amelia, our Sages.
They're... planning something.

Zero doesn't plan on them surviving.

They plan on saving some of the Hallowed.
Amelia was assigned to work on a cure.

They have to survive.
We need the Sages.
I can't let them die.

They're my friends.

Anyone, please contact Zero. Fight with them.
Keep them alive. Be there for them.
This goes to you Nightcrawler. Especially You.

I... can't be there...
Even if I was... To  possibly write of their heroic deeds at a terrible cost...their deaths at the hands of the creature...

No... I must help them live... The story will let them live...
I am a chronicler... I have to fight...
My victory is keeping them alive.
And I shall obtain this by conquering the unconquerable.
By writing a story. A story that has us kill it. A story that has us win.

Because I'll be there.
Every step of the damn way.
Save me a seat Zero.
I'm hitching a ride.

A Keeper


  1. If you're planning on writing a story like this, I'd like to help. Seeing as I'm in charge of propaganda and all.

    Another thing. You might have seen this, but someone did make a story where we killed It. I think Robert(Guardian) wrote it, but I can't remember now.

    "It came from another place, it was a predator, a devourer of sapient life. Its world was dark and ever-changing, its work was cryptic and dangerous. It found its way from one world to another. How, one could only speculate, whether it be a returning to a place inhabited long ago, or the mass awakening of a collective beckoned it. It appeared, and adapted to the world around it to stalk and feed.

    Humans, it found, were susceptible to its wiles and charms, most were lured by empathy, other were consumed only after slowly peeling away their sanity a layer at a time, and those few that held strong were chased out into the night with fire, then stalked.

    It had entered a city park one night, intent on another meal, when light came down upon it. Search lights, beacons, and... people. Some of them held marks that were thought to ward him, others made circles of salt or wrought iron shavings, working together to ensare it before it could comprehend the trap.

    Noone spoke, noone needed to, for the world rejected him now, its survivors forsworn to eliminate him. Emotions rolled into the foul creature, the anger of a policeman driven to destroy, the cold intellect of those wishing to analyze for weakness, the cry of vengeance to those lost, and the steadfastness of those who where doggedly pursued for months. Its power slipped as it stood paralyzed, incomprehension filling it, when suddenly it was gone, shattered into the ether.

    Unmade by those who had wrought it.

  2. Thank you Nessa.
    I...I needed that.
    I'll gladly accept your help.

    I want to keep those two alive.
    Zero and Amelia, our brave sages.

    And perfect love birds to capitalize on with fanfiction.


    Even my usual brand of humor isn't working to make me smile right now.


    I need to get people to believe that what I... No, that WE write is true.

    I want to watch him wither where he stands. Our belief focused on his death.

    I want to kill him to save my friends.

    A Keeper

  3. @Nessa(Herald) - That was me, Nessa! I believe I called the post Defictionalization. I have to know, how did you have that word for word copied, and forget who wrote it? Did you have it saved to your comp or something?

    @Both of you - Careful with your words, guys. I'll explain in email if you'll let me. Can't let the agents see it


    god I wish everyone here had a PM system.

  4. Tell that to the creators of Blogger.

  5. The Solstice is going to happen, and no matter what happens on that day, Jeff, we're going to be okay. And Zero and Amelia will find a way. They're Sages. They'll probably kick TDF's arse from here to Timbuktu.

    (Dear spellcheck, arse is totally a word. D<)

    Slendy's gonna die, mate. I believe it, you believe it, and the world'll believe it. Don't give up hope.

  6. Thanks Jean.
    I'm just really worried and on the edge right now.

    Also, I love the British accent, Jean. Arse is totally a word in my dictionary.

    By the way, where do you hail from in our lovely neighbor across the pond?

  7. I'm originally from Norfolk (sheep. That's about it), but my family moved around a lot back when I lived in the UK. I even lived in Wales when I was really wee, and Scotland too. (And yet, my Scotch accent is terrible. :P) But my family is mostly from the Norfolk/Suffolk/Essex/Countryside that nobody in America ever hears about because it's boring as hell area. In the US, I moved to Ohio for a High School transfer programme, and then to Wisconsin because I was stalking Kim.

    And it's totally fine to be on edge. I think everyone is. (You just have to look at the flame wars that have been happening on other blogs to see it). But stressing and freaking out won't help. In any case, we have to support each other, eh? *Pets* It's gonna be okay. There's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

    (A greenlight *is bricked for terrible pun*)

  8. You are the 4th person to pet me today.

    But, thanks for the support.

    Oh, and the flame wars.

    I was one of the people trying to calm things down.

    Didn't work so well.

    A Keeper

  9. ah-hah, Nessa has contact info, great!

  10. Ah yes, "Defictionalization." Truly the words of a Sage, Zero... I actually memorized it.

    *hugs* for Jeff(Keeper). I understand completely.

    And my email is exitnight10110@hotmail.com. I tend to be on Messenger practically every evening, excepting mealtimes of course.

  11. But you already knew that, heh. Good work, Zero.

  12. Yay.
    *hugs Nessa(Herald) back*

    I'm ready if you are.

  13. O.o Nessa, you memorized my story? That's.....wow, that's an honor. I really didn't think it was too noteworthy myself.

  14. Last words of the day:
    I think it's inspirational. I repeat it to myself when I'm feeling pessimistic. It's like a prayer to me now.

    Now, to bed!

  15. Sorry for double post, but I thought I would mention that I made a few grammatical errors and typos in writing it down from memory.

    I'm going to make a post on my blog with the corrected version. Because I'm a secret grammar nazi. And OCPD.