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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fight Continues

Jeff Here.
They got Nessa.
She's still alive though.

Nothing we can do right now.
All up to Greenlight now.

Bring her back to us Robert.
Bring her back to us.

The Solstice approaches.
We are all under possible attack.
The time is nigh, the creature frightened.

That fucker is going to pay.
We must rally and fight.

I'm sorry.
I can't be there.
It's too much now.
I'll watch you from here.

A Keeper

She told me she loved me.
Stay strong Nessa.


  1. Stay with me sweetheart.
    Stay with us.

    A Keeper

  2. Jeff you there? I need help find information on something called the conduit. One of Sister-man's boy toys mentioned it after I captured him.

  3. Say this is fiction, say this is fiction