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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pita Chips and Science

Snack time is fun time.

It also helps to think with a full stomach.

*munches on another pita chip*

The matter at hand:

Nightcrawler and his team have a magnet. A giant electromagnetic device that shields them from whatever sensory detection that Mr. Skinny uses.

It's a damn shame that it has two problems.

It's f-ing huge!
The thing isn't exactly portable, and no one really knows how it works.

It's a vampire. (Energy Vampire.)
The thing apparently costs an arm and leg to keep running, and considering what Nessa is planning, we need it to run 24/7 at a disclosed location.

However, if Specter let's some of the more scientific runners and bloggers get a hold of it, maybe we can replicate the technology.

I say that solar power would be a good alternative.

That or attaching it to several spinning cycles and having a group of five or more running constantly, a la zombie apocalypse tactics.

But, in all efforts of fair play, we need to realize that if we can make its range larger, we can effectively coat an entire county or state in a barrier. However, to keep the same level of power of a greater area would prove difficult.

So much science!

Delicious science!

Wait, that's just the pita chips.


I vote on pocket sized devices for runners. Rechargeable through hand cranks, and each safehouse has a large one hidden away.

Where the fuck is Einstein when you need him?

A Keeper

*munch munch munch*


  1. Ooh, I like the idea of the pocket magnets.

    But we're not any closer to figuring out how to condense the magnet into a manageable size. It certainly warrants attention, though.

  2. huh...

    MoThErFuCkInG mAgNeTs....

    I wonder what is up with that, I must've missed that post. I remember seeing on mythbusters that they were testing a mind control device that used a slowly rotating magnet, didn't work of course.

    hmm maybe there's some mysticism behind magnets I haven't looked at.

  3. Einstein rocked and all but I think Nikola Tesla would be better set for this kind of thing. Have you seen the pictures he took at Colorado Springs? Man was made of win. Just saying.

    As for magnetic mysticism, I can tell you Zero that mystics were considered protective in at least England. They were a bit like iron in that regard. A lot of healing stones were magnetic, et cetera.

    Also also, there was a theory going around that Slendy wreaked havoc on cameras because he had an electromagnetic field. Or something. Just a thought.

    Now I want pita chips. >:

  4. Jean, nice to see you found my little internet home.

    And thank you for that little piece of info. If Slendy has a emf, then maybe disrupting it can let us cause some damage.

    I've been watching way too much Evangelion.

    I'm not sure about Tesla though.
    He IS a vampire.(Guess that little reference and you get a cookie.- XD)

    A Keeper

  5. My god! Another sanctuary fan? :3

    And Evangelion. You are awesome.

    And I like your little internet home. Good colour scheme. :D

  6. You definitely get the cookie.

    So, who's your in continuity pairing?

    Sanctuary does have a lot of options.

    And thanks, I am a fan of red.

    Also, have you heard of the way Slendy travels, all bunched up in his odd temporal zones.

    Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

    Now that is a reference for a Brit like yourself.

    A Keeper

    Will/ Magnus 4ever!

  7. Teehee. I caught that ICP reference, I think.


    Wonder where I can buy a strong magnet. I'll ask my science teacher.

  8. Doctor Who~! Made me squeal aloud. Definitely a timey-wimey ball. We need a timey-wimey detector that goes ding when there's stuff. XD

    Sanctuary pairings? Well in my brain I ship everyone with Tesla because I am in love with Tesla!Tesla and Sanctuary!Tesla and I don't understand why anyone wouldn't be even if he is a villain. Plus shipping=funtimes (I was reading a couple of fic's about the EverymanHYBRID crew. Good times.)

    But back on topic, I do like Will/Magus. Buuuut I kinda liked Will/Clara (don't hit me please). Mostly I run around shipping everyone with everyone because I think it's kind of hilarious. Now I have to go read your fanfic. <3

  9. That exists??? I need links. Now.

    Also, shipping is loads of fun. :P

  10. We need to keep away from hens though.

    Hard boiling eggs and what not.

    And Nessa(Herald).

    Challenge Accepted.

    Oh, can I be in one of the named paintings?

    Or is it just people who gained their titles from Robert?

    Also, Everyman Hybrid?
    Still thinking about a hopeful Jeff/Nessa.

    You known, keep the other Jeff's happy.

    A Keeper

    PS: Will/Tesla.

  11. I will resist being paired because I have a significant other. Though I suppose I can't stop you.

    Yes yes yes. I already inquired about your appearance. I have a setting in mind. Now to paint it...