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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Underground Operations and Modus Operandi

From what I've seen from the most recent posts,
there are a great number of us who wish to help
our brothers and sisters in arms- The Runners.

Runners are plagued everyday with attacks by Mr. Stick and his minions, they must keep under harsh conditions, steal and break in to places to survive.

Nessa (Herald) is planning something extraordinary:

A network of safe houses for the runners that provide a temporary relief.

Food, water, a warm bed, and protection to strengthen them for the journey.

Imagine M and Shaun bunking together.
(Not like that, Zero would get jealous)

Of course, the problems faced would include the large amount of marked concentrated in one area, the chances of a proxy attack, or even the intervention of Nightcrawler and his runner kill squads.

Though as arduous as it seems, our Herald is willing to defy the gods to do so.

Nessa (Herald)
I wish you the best of luck.

A Keeper

PS: Visit Nessa's blog for more details and comment about your ideas.
Which reminds me. I have something to add to this.


  1. Hahahaha! Points for the crack slash reference.

    Aww, thank you. Maybe getting the word around will increase the number of people who can help me set up other safehouses.

    Another very important thing--Nightcrawler has been ordered by his boss to stop killing runners and help them instead! This is new today. He shouldn't be a problem anymore unless he gets hallowed out himself and stops obeying orders.

    Go and read it, I urge you. http://nightcrawler-observeandterminate.blogspot.com/2010/11/misunderstandings-and-driving-point.html

  2. Already done Nessa.

    Though I do find the idea of a laser carbine fun.

    I really want one now.

    But the point stands,we need to get in contact with Nightcrawler and Basroil Squad.

    Protection is a huge basis here.

    I think we need a code system for the safe houses, to minimize the chance of unauthorized entrances.

    NC and his guys are ex-Military, so maybe they can help with that too.

    Best of luck, Nessa (Herald)

    Godspeed in your journey to aid the Runners.

    A Keeper

  3. Do you remember the huge Slendy-repelling magnet they had at their base? If we could replicate that, that would be a huge boon to our safehouses' security.

  4. True, but the only problem is that it isn't portable and costs a lot to power.

    Portability and energy saving is the key.

    I wonder, solar powered generator and satellite dish array?

    I'll get back to you on that.

    Counting on you Nessa (Herald).

    A Keeper


    Don't feed the slash fic writers any more fuel, Jeff!

    I needed a good laugh!

  6. Says the Sage who would have liked company from the Guide in dare I say it, more ways than one?

    Note: I will not be the one writing this fanfic.

    Humor during dire situations.

    My department.

    To more pressing matters:

    I was waiting for you Zero.
    Knew you'd see this.

    So, how do you propose we help our dear Herald with her runner aid campaign? Well besides anything in the comments of the aforementioned blog post.

    But I digress.

    The Anti-Abomination Magnet.
    How can we use it to its full effect?

    A Keeper

  7. *chuckles* You're killing me, man.

    The magnet is still a mystery. We should get someone to inspect it.

    Meanwhile, I'm working on a good communal location.

  8. hahahaha, good to see crack slash is a universal constant. Man, I needed a laugh maybe, link Jean to here if she hasn't found this blog yet, she sounds like she needs some fun to. Safe-houses sound like a plan, there does seem to be an increasing 'safe' number of people, I'll hop over to Nessa(Herald)'s blog in a moment.

    As for the magnet, I'd love to get my hands on that if I could figure out how the magnet blinded it, tied it to the rules we're familiar with there is a chance it could be changed into something a little more 'unpleasant' for our enemy.

  9. @Jeff - I really don't know. I mean geocaching type stuff might be useful, don't you think?

    @Crack/Slash writers - if you're going to write about me, Amelia just offered to provide solace, at least have me with a girl next time!


    just kidding Amelia



  10. They'd rather see you with Shaun or M than any woman.

    Still, I'd like to see the Sages get some quality time together.

    We all need a little comfort in dire times.

    A Keeper

    PS: Thanks for the mention in Amelia (Sage) blog Nessa. I need a way to spread humor through our community!

  11. Zeke/M is my OTP XD

    Community is the key here. We all know what life was like before we had this network of support and information. People were being taken left and right, sometimes in the space of a mere 2 weeks.

    Lol, you may see a short fanfic on my blog in a week or so. I'm tickled.

  12. Dear God Nessa.

    Just imagine what they'd drink after a moment together?

    Some, dare I say it good "fucking" coffee?


    Oh well, nice to hear that you agree with me. And aren't mad at my little insensitivity earlier.

    (If I'm not busy in the next week, the holiday's coming up after all, then maybe I'll help with the fanfic.)

    Still, I wonder how Zeke or M would react to that little piece of harrowing literature if someone posted it in the comments of their blogs? Since its on the front page of yours, well maybe Zero and I will be watching.

    Oh well.

    Stay on the defense for now Mother Bear.

    Keep the cubs safe.

    Stay strong, Nessa(Herald).

    A Keeper

  13. ROFL. Coffee... yes, yes, I will definitely have to put that in.

    ^^; Aaaww. I'll do my best. Right now my mother-bear instincts are aimed directly at this Oracle character. Let's hope this gets resolved soon. I don't particularly like fighting. And growling gets so tiresome after a while...

  14. How about this, and I can't believe I'm going to write it...


    "So, want a drink?" asked M, standing by the counter as Zeke leaned back in his chair.

    "How about some coffee?" replied Zeke,his arms crossed, face stretched with a stern look.

    "Coffee sounds great."

    "But you know what sounds better?"-

    ...Ah, I am not going to write where the rest of that is going.

    Please Zeke and M, where ever you are, please don't kill me... :'(

    Hope that tickled your funny bone Nessa(Herald).

    Stay Strong

    A Keeper

  15. Oh man... I just can't wait to outdo you. XD

    I've got some awesome ideas. Also, check on my blog in a couple of days, I'm going to be making character paintings. :D