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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Something's Wrong

Anyone check out H(a)unting lately?
A runner tried to take out Sandra.
She fended him off.
That's the good news.
The bad news is the way she did it.
She spoke in song lyrics, her eye staring deep at him.
Deep into his soul, and scared the shit out of him.
Slender came through the window and gutted the guy.
She's humming something after that.
The song Dark Woods Circus.
She can't control him.
He can't control her.
What in the hell do we do?

Oh shit, Zero's been attacked.

A Keeper

I freaked out when I read this.
Sandra has never been nor will be a threat.
The song was just a warning.
She wanted the runner to survive.
I feel like a fucking jackass.

I'm sorry Sandra.


  1. its a bad week jeff. whatever, i won, he ran, dog gets a treat. wtf is up with singing, maybe that's something nessa or amelia might be interested in...no wait, hosozukuri should see that, she writes the songs

  2. What ever it is.
    Shit just got real.
    She's starting to become something to fear now.
    A runner tried to kill her.
    One of us.

    I left a comment on Greenlight's last post. Hopefully, where ever he is, he can explain something.
    I'll leave a comment on Amelia's blog and Zuri's too.

    It has something to do with her eye.

    I already warned Matt and Lya.

    Stay Safe Zero(Sage)

    A Keeper

  3. H(a)unting is messed up, I can't even

    Okay I know my theories about Gaunt are pretty messed up from a casual reader's point of view, but I just can't relate to Sandra and..Jack is it?

    I suppose I should give it another shot, i'm supposed to be the guy to help, right now.

  4. She's had that thing on her ass for 10 years Zero.
    10 Years.

    But from what I know (which is sadly not enough at this point), I got a response to my comment from Sandra. She's just "singing her favorite song". Who knows. Maybe Slendy might find it threatening and go after me next.

    I'll just have to keep Keeping.

    A Keeper

    PS: K-OS has been posting cryptic warnings and theories in English across several blogs for a while as well. Still looking into it.

  5. Worse off for wear, things are looking up.

    Sandra is back to normal at least.

    But the runner.

    He was about to gouge her eye out.

    Why would he do that?

    The Operator's Eye?

    Let's see what research I can gather.

    Stay safe Zero(Sage)

    A Keeper

  6. I am really worried about H(a)unting now. Regardless of how crazy that Runner was, Sandra led TDF to him. She CALLED It. And let It kill him. Whose side is she on, anyway? An Oracle might have uncommon contact with the other side, but she's not supposed to be able to order It around like a guard dog!

  7. According to Sandra, all she did was set up a code for any imminent danger.

    Who knew she was into Vocaloid?

    But more to the point.

    Calm down Nessa.

    Let's see how this plays out.

    A Keeper

  8. Calm down?! You're asking me to ignore that she as good as killed a Runner? That's like asking me to ignore my own brother's death!

  9. She killed a Runner that was after her.

    He may have damn well been Hallowed by //It//.

    I know is isn't a pretty picture, but Sandra is important to the group.

    Besides, they did say that Slendy killed him before they could do anything about it. They, Sandra included, wanted him to stay alive to answer for himself.

    And I'm not asking you to ignore it. Use that emotion.

    That was another lost runner.

    Another reason for you to open the Runner aid safehouses.Another reason for you to get this out and help your brothers and sisters in arms.

    Nessa, this is the reason we need your idea. This is for all of them.

    All of the Runners.

    Herald them to your cause.

    That is your title.

    A Keeper

  10. T-T
    I just wish I could have gotten to him sooner. Why would he make such a suicidal attack on such a well-protected figure?

    Safehouse is underway. As if I needed more motivation to get it moving.