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Friday, November 26, 2010

Titles Gone, Robert Gone, New Beginnings

Hey guys, Jeff Here.
I just got back from the festivities of Turkey Day.
To find this. To find everything has gone so wrong.
Nessa, I'm so sorry.

Zero. My dear friend.
I'm going to be real here.
For everyone I know.
I relinquish my title.
Not like I ever needed it.

This is my last blog post.
I'll be leaving you here.
But it isn't my last farewell.
I'll be watching from the sidelines.

Knowledge was my best strength.
It has served me well.
But it's become too dangerous.
I must let go.

Last order of business.
Destruction of the Blog.
At least I'll be able to fulfill Nessa's last wish.
It's going down in three hours.
I'll say my goodbyes in that time.

To all the fighters and bloggers.
You know who you all are.
I have much to say to you all:

I give you my gratitude.
I give you my hope and strength.
And my last parting gift:

I believe in all of you.
Those who have proceeded me,
and those who will surpass me,
you will do what you must.

I wish you all safe passage.
And I know you will all come back.



Fizz, do what you do best honey. Keep Nessa and yourself safe.

Jean, my sweet Brit, keep that chin up. You've done so well.

Zeke, you know what you like to do.

M, stay safe. Nothing else to be said for you.

Nessa, my fair maiden, you'll be back to normal in no time.

Zero, you find your solace before the battle. You deserve it.

Amelia, my dear, make sure to take care yourself and Zero.

Maduin, you have so far impressed me with your recklessness. Stay safe.

Rose and Lilly, stay safe, keep each other safe.

Sandra, Lya, Matt- You have my thanks and gratitude for being some of the bravest of us through the years. I wish I could have met you.

Jack Tyler and Stephanie- Keep that chin up, Mr. Tyler, as well as you Stephanie, as you both have been so strong during this time. You'll make it.

Nothing can be said about you as good as this:
Resolve in a man towards a personal duty has never been in such high amounts as they are in you, dear friend.

The Conduit, as you call yourself. Do what you can.

The others:
You all know who you are if you have contacted me.
I wish you the best of luck. Not like any of you need it.
You are all glorious fighters and gatherers of intelligence.
You all have capable hands and hearts.
Do what is best for this world.
You know what I mean.

(Blog Burn: 10:11:45 PST)


  1. Jeff, I'm sorry that this is ending... But stay safe, friend. My chin's up. Hope yours stays up too. Love and blessings be with you.

  2. Nothing ends, Jeff. There's only new beginnings.

    I'll guard her with my life and soul, brother.
    And, in the words of Ozzy Osbourne:
    "I'll ssee you, see you on the other side."
    See you after the Solstice, Jeff, and so will Nessa.

    For the second first time,
    Stay sharp, stay smart, stay safe
    Isabel "Fizzbomb" Dorter

  3. your journey isn't over, but maybe this chapter is, thanks for everything so far Jeff. I'll expect to see you keeping watch still!

    my capture is oxiduck...wtf?

  4. Billy Mays had a love child with the Aflac duck?

  5. Whoever said two guys can't have babies?

    (Cough http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MisterSeahorse cough)

  6. When both men are from completely different species.

  7. You don't read much fanfiction, do you?

  8. There are some things that I don't want to relive, Fizz.
    Some fanfiction too horrible for words...

    How can someone write Ash/Pikachu pregnancies?

  9. Excuse me?

    Well that and some really sick fetishes.

    Pokeality (Pokemon Bestiality) is becoming really popular these days.


  10. Sorry, just quoting something I heard on TV once (not Chappelle's Show, a different one) where a character was asked, "What the hell?" and replied, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug."

    Also, well, as long as it remains purely in the realm of one's own mind, and is never acted out, I say whatever gets your rocks off.

  11. Oh, Fizz, I am going to miss our little chats.

  12. I'm just glad you stuck around today, even if only for a little. I'm still wired on adrenaline from earlier tonight.

  13. I keep my word, dear Fighter and Lady of BadAssery.

    Besides, this isn't the last time you'll hear from me, I promise.

    It's like Zero said.
    This isn't the end of my journey.
    Just the chapter I was in.

  14. I'm going to miss reading these conversations. A bit of lightness.

  15. And I'll miss you.
    My little Brit.
    Who also happens to be American but won't admit it.

  16. @Jeff - If nothing else, you're always welcome on Para. I know Nessa will like reading your posts and replying to them when she's ready.

    @Jean - Would you like me to carry the madcap discussions to your blog? ;)

  17. I posted my last entry on Zero's blog in a comment.

    In case anyone wants to see it.

    I'm really going to miss you guys.

  18. -smiles- Before you destroy this blog for good, listen to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY

  19. Yeah, we will meet again Fizz.
    Maybe for a movie or some coffee, with everyone there.

  20. That would be nice. All of us going out to grab lunch, and just enjoy life. You, me, Nessa, Zero, Jean, Genevieve, Maduin, Drew and Ron, Kim, Rose/Lily, all of us. Even Reach and Nightcrawler and the boys.

    We'll all have a beer, I'll vouch for the ones who can't have one yet, and we'll laugh about having stared death in the face and told it to take a hike.

  21. It's funny.
    We say this now.
    But, we all know the outcome.
    I bet Amelia and Zero get wasted first.

  22. What will be, will be. Until then, we're free to make plans about what we'll do after this. Like I said, Jeff, you're always welcome at Para to talk to me or send a message to Nessa until she's better.

    But, I won't travel down that train of thought. Not yet. Maybe when the Solstice is actually here, I'll steel myself to lose friends. Until then, I plan to treasure their company.

  23. Hey, we can dream. Nothing wrong with that.

    Grab lunch one day at least.

    @ Fizz: If you want to.

  24. Have fun trying to get a 17 year old into a bar and grill at 9 at night.

  25. Who says it has to be a bar and grill? I was thinking a Hard Rock or Johnny Rocket's myself.

    @Jean - I just might. It's enjoyable, having someone to talk to so I can wind down from having enough adrenaline to let me fire a minigun in my veins.

  26. Ah well. Off to bed. Take care of yourself, Jeff. It's been a pleasure and an honor, and I eagerly await talking to you again.

  27. Maybe just a coffee shop then. I think we all owe each other that much-- to meet in real life someday.

  28. Oh, A Hard Rock!
    Someone's thinking fancy.
    But I digress. Fizz, Jean, you two are some of the coolest girls I have met. A zombie apocalypse nut with a Glock and British college student learning Latin.

    Man, this blog has brought a lot of great memories to light.

    And, when Nessa fully realizes she's staying with you.

    Fanfiction Moment!

    But, it sucks to know that I'm leaving you guys here.But you'll be fine without dear old Jeff around won't you?

    Of course, I will come to visit.
    You just won't know it's me.

  29. Goodnight, Jeff.

    We'll miss ya.

  30. I'm always thinking fancy. If I have to, I'll cover the bill, too.

    When Nessa wakes up... REALLY wakes up, I'll let her know you're keeping an eye on her condition, that you were concerned for her right up until she got better.

    None of us might be the (Hero) of Robert's take, Jeff, but we're all heroes in our won way. You and Nessa are mine.

  31. And you and the others are mine, Fizz.