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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Happened...

and what shouldn't have happened.

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

Jeff's taking a nap at the moment.
Of course, he's right next to me as I type this.

He can't stand being away from me.
I think it's because he wants to protect me.

And, I think it's because of what he's done.
Something bad happened.

Something really bad.

Yesterday, in the woods.
After Babcia* blessed us, we walked right in.

It wasn't called the Black Forest for nothing.
It was cold, dark, and oddly serene.

Which was the worst part.
All we saw was darkness.

Not an animal in sight.

Like everything was afraid to be seen.
Or maybe, nothing was there at all.

So we hoofed it through the woods.
Trying to find a sign of anything.

But, nothing.

And then...
It started to happen.

Everything was repeating itself.

The trees began to close in around us.
Our footprints repeated in the snow.

We tried to walk out for what seemed like hours.
Nothing was working. We couldn't get 
And... Jeff started to act strange.

He started to mutter unintelligently.
Pacing in circles. Going completely mad.

And... everything just went to hell.

Proxies sprang up out of nowhere.
There were three of them.

They were laughing.
Taunting us.  Pointing at us.

And then, one of them held something up.
It was a doll. A porcelain doll shaped like a little girl.
And snapped it in half. Right at the waist.

And that's when Jeff snapped.

He rushed the first two, knocking the one holding the doll to the ground.
Pulled out a gun he had kept hidden in his waistband.
And shot the proxy in the head.

He was splattered in blood. 
He smiled menacingly.
A red glow in his eyes.

It frightened me.
But not as much as what he did next.
He calmly put the weapon away.

And punched the next proxy in the face.
I watched him stumble. Watched blood erupt from his face.

And Jeff punched him again.
And again. And again.

Until I heard ribs crack.
I heard him screaming.
Jeff and the proxy.

The other ran as his partner fell.
And Jeff ran as well.

I didn't see what happened.
But I knew that he died.

I heard bones crack.
A swift snap of the neck ended his life.

And I watched as Jeff dragged his body back.
He was laughing. Like a maniac.

His face and clothes were bloody.

The proxy's face was in full view.
His head snapped to the side.
His glassy eyes staring right at me.
Fear permanently scarring him in death.

And never in my life have I been more afraid.

I was afraid of him.

Of Jeff. Of the man who saved me from my prison.

After all of this. 
He took one look at the bodies.
And he began to cry.

His face softened back to its normal look.
He looked at his bloody hands and wiped them on the snow.

And buried the three he had killed under a tree.
He pulled out a knife and marked it with a cross.

And he stood there.
Almost like he was waiting.
And he fell. 

He fell to the ground, convulsing like he was possessed.
He vomited. His bile tinged black within the brown.

And then it turned black.
Wholly black. 

It continued for a few minutes, and then it stopped.
Almost as suddenly as it came.

I...I burned it.
It just looked so similar to what I had seen before.

It looked like Slender Essence.

I picked him up.
Wiped him off and ran back to our hideout.

I managed to get him clean.
Changed his clothes and put him to bed.

He woke up a little earlier.

He didn't remember a thing.

But I knew what I saw.
And I'm sorry I've lied to you all for so long.

Reach, my dear.
You were right.

Jeff isn't entirely human.

He's still Hallowed.

The Chessmistress

*Babcia: Polish for Grandmother



    Goddamnit I knew it.

    Jeff, why didn't you take the damn cure? You don't need anything he gives! What the fuck? He could be tracking you! He'd happily kill you!

    Jeff, you lied. You bloody lied. I care about you Jeff. What possible reason could you have for lying to us? We trusted Reach, didn't we? We trust Andrew! Why couldn't you tell us?

    Fuck, how could I be so blind? Of course. Of course of course of course. Jeff, for fucks sakes. You could die! Jesus Christ. God I don't even know a comprehensible way to get my pure anger across through simple words.

    I can't believe this. Fuck.

    Jeff. I care about you. Next to Elsie, you're the closest thing I have to family. Please... for fucks sakes... Trust me...

    I trusted you.

  2. I'm sorry.

    I'm so sorry.

    I couldn't tell you.

    Because I didn't want anyone to know.

    The cure...

    It didn't work on me.

    Jean... I'm sorry.

    No one should know.

    It only suppressed my symptoms.

    I asked Cheska to keep it a secret.

    I don't think anyone would have trusted a Revenant.

    I'm no Reach.

    Disown me if you want to.

    I'll understand.

    Because if you forgive me.

    I don't deserve it.


  3. What.

    what what what what what WHAT




    YOU IDIOT. Goddamnfuck it, sometimes I wish I wasn't so ATTATCHED to you people so when things like this happen it doesn't HURT so much.

    You're like my little brother, I love you like I do my family and you do THIS to me. WHY. YOU IDIOT.


  4. Jeff

    We will not disown you.

    We will help you.

    We need to find a way to make the cure work for you. Is there any way to make any changes to the cure? Try new ways of forming it/enhancing it?


  5. It isn't going to work, Lucien.

    I'm sorry.

    But it's all over for me.


  6. what the fuck, jeff.

    Don't be sorry, don't apologise, IT'S NOT OVER. IT'S NEVER OVER. YOU'RE STILL ALIVE, JEFF.

    You're still fucking *alive*.

    FIGHT, goddamnit. Don't just lie down and take it. The Jeff I know would never just give in like this!


  7. Jeff not telling us was stupid; However we won't turn our backs on you not after all thats happened. You aren't one of his servants, and you have helped out a lot of people so you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Of course that doesn't mean I'm not angry at you, but I'll still trust you. I just want you to promise one thing no more lies about stuff like that.

  8. Jeff........

    You.....you won't quit. Not....not on us.

    I know the anger, the rage. It's still inside me too. Don't you fucking quit, I haven't fucking quit.

    We have the same fucking problem and you're letting it control you? Why the FUCK.

    This is why you TELL US THINGS LIKE THIS.

    I mean......come on, if we knew this was coming. You can help everyone but yourself? Bull-fucking-shit.

    We all love you Jeff, and if you give into this, what the hell do we do? Who's next, who is fucking safe is you aren't?

    Jeff, don't you quit on us. Till your last breath and you spit in Slendy's face, don't quit.

    Easier said then done, as I haven't a clue where I am, but that post is coming shortly.

    And fuck, if you need to fucking yell and me and tell me I know nothing about this, you can find me and do just that. I will listen.


  9. Jeff...


    I can understand why you wouldn't tell us. But please, if you have any other secrets about us, please let us know! We're a family here, we can help you! Don't quit on us Jeff... because if there's one thing I'm starting to understand, even if you, or anyone else quits... It won't quit on you.

    Fight, Jeff. If there's anyone who can fight the Slender Man and live, it's you. You're a Revenant, remember? You can level the playing field. Fight, Jeff... for all of us, and for all those who have fallen to It, who have died spitting in It's face and denied surrender to It.. fight for Zero, Fizzbomb, Reach...

    Don't fucking quit on us.

    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Keep fighting onto the bitter end.

    Let Us Keep Living.


    Cheska, I need an answer to this question, because this could be vitally important:

    Did the cure work on you?


  10. I was a standard hallowed, Scott.

    I was cured similar to Kaylee.


  11. Jeff.....

    I'm putting my foot down.

    You're going to London after this. Both of you. You're going to my Mother and Jeff, you are TAKING that damned CURE.

    Contact me, because I swear to god, I will hit you Jeff.

  12. Cheskah, please, convince him to get out of there. It's not safe. It's even less safe than it is everywhere else. He'll listen to you.

    Jeff, I'm not pissed at you. I get why you wouldn't want to tell us about that. Right now, you need to focus on getting to safety, okay? Get the hell out of Germany. We can worry about the whole Renevant thing later.

    You two look after each other. Stay safe, please.