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Sunday, January 16, 2011

So Bored...

Is how we're feeling.

Hey Guys
Jeff and Cheska Here

This flight is taking so long!
Everyone keeps asking how I'm feeling.
Especially Cheska, so sweet of her.

Everyone on our flight is convinced that
Cheska is my older sister.

I'm not sure how I feel about it.
She's taken to the joke quite well.
She even calls me her cute little brother
and smothers me in her chest for effect.

Not complaining there guys.

So, during the flight, I decided to talk to Thage.

Here's what I got:
(In Transcript Mode)

J: So Thage, what can you tell me about the previous battles with the Black King?
T:  They were many, though before the board that birthed Zalgo saw evidence arising under the context of creepypasta, they were small and vicious, largely unknown.
J:  But, how do we play into this?
What did Shayde mean when she told Cheska that she couldn't deal from the bottom of the deck?
 T:  Subtlety is a virtue when fighting the Black King. By stealing his pawns from under his nose, and making it known who the culprit was, the referee has called foul.

J If I'm a Knight, how many others have we lost in battle to put me into play? 
T:  Let's just say this isn't particularly a regulation match, there need not strictly be two of every piece.

J:  Has anyone ever beaten the creature at its game?
I mean, at least to the extent we've done so far?
T That would be telling.
J Ever the secretive one.
My Cheska would love you.

T: Obviously, the Spectator is constrained as to what she can and can't outright say, but the Three of Spades has been placed on the table and the two of you may not be willing to play the stakes.

J: How high are the stakes here , Thage?
I'd be willing to put it all down if we could stop this thing.
T High enough that one of you won't walk away.
J:  Hopefully It's me
It would kill me to lose her
T:  She may well be the third spade's target.
J:  She may have sent us the note?
T:  That's beyond the Spectator's ken.
J:  Damn.
But why her?
She helped me?
T:  You and she tasted the Black King's nectar and denied his rule. Regardless of whether or not he understands the human psyche enough to be offended, his pawns certainly do and find your disregard for his gift offensive.
 J:  He's a monster
He can damn well be offended
I saved Cheska, and she saved me

 T:  Now you're walking on the right path.
I believe you've answered your own question, there.
J:  The fact that I saved Cheska means that he's going to kill us?
I don't know why I couldn't resist him?
And I have no idea how I got Cheska out.
She was just more human around me.
T:  Regardless, you did, she was, and the piper wants his pay, so to speak.
J:  So, one of us has to die?
T:  Think of it like a game with multiple endings. Which ending you get depends on the choices you make.
J:  Thage, your cryptic nature does nothing but amaze me.
But I thank you for your time.
 T There's only so far the Spectator is allowed to venture off the stands.
J:  And I thank you for going there to answer my questions
 T:  What unfolds from here relies on the pieces on the board.
 J:  And we are the ones leading the charge.
(End Transcript) 

So, this is how it happened.
Anything you want to put in Cheska?

No one touches my Jeffy.
Because anyone who tries will die.
Die a horrible and painful death.

<3 You Jeffy.

Love you too, Cheska.

And now she's asleep against my chest.

Well, back to the flight waiting.
Night everyone.

The Keeper



  1. Well, this was....helpful? I'm not sure, I'm kind of amazed.

    I'll post to you if anything weird...well, weirder happens.

    The Destroyer

  2. It figures that there may not necessarily be only two Knights. There are more bloggers, runners, fighters than there are pieces on a chessboard so the numbers would have to increase proportionally.

    See you in two hours-ish. :3


  3. I'm immensely curious about Jeff's oddities as a Revenant. Getting all the compulsions out of my head would be helpful but I'm far more fascinated by how he doesn't seem to be drained by a lack of the Slender Man's presence as I am.

    Unless, of course, he is not suffering from a lack of the Slender Man's presence.

  4. @Reach: That's a rather alarming thought. Extremely alarming really. It's probably a tad dangerous having four bloggers (Jeff, Cheska, Chester and myself) in one place but then again there is strength in numbers...At least where proxies are concerned. Not sure about Where's-his-face himself. :/


  5. Admittedly, I have no idea how to answer that one Reach.

    I think it may be due to the fact that I never really received any steady flow of Otherworldy energy, so I may not be dependent on it like you are. I managed to escape pretty early in the cycle.

    I have also never used the full scope of my abilities yet.

    So, who knows.

    And Vivi, Cheska and I will keep you and Chester safe.

    We'll also help cook dinner.


  6. We're doing pretty well at keeping ourselves safe so far. Chester threw me halfway across the room in sparring yesterday. he was very apologetic. It was funny.

    You'll help cook? That's damn nice of you, since I've been cooking all day since I got to work apart from my lunch break.