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Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Memoriam...

of Isabel "Fizzbomb" Dorter.

One of the bravest women I've ever known.
The girl who chose to dive head first into Slendy Territory.
The girl crazy enough to run at Slim Jim with a crowbar.

Fizz, you'd better fight with every last breath.
Or Jean and I 'll never forgive you.

I'll admit, I loved Fizzy. She was like a big sister to me.
She was a great help and a fun person to talk to.
She knew what she was getting into when she did this.
She knew she might not get out of this one alive.

Which is why I ask and plead with the bloggers, runners, and fighters.
Shall we not follow in the example of our dear friend and fight on?
Fight harder than we've ever fought before. Fight until our last breath.

Fight for the girl who did so much for all of us.
Shared our laughs, tears, and shouts for joy.
The athletic blond who warmed our hearts.
And often cast a wink at some of our female friends.

I call this new plan, this new plan of attack: The Isabel Initiative.
Named in the honor of this fine young woman who went down fighting.
For the girl who knew we had to fight. Fight in any way we could.

I ask you now, Bloggers, Runners, and Fighters.
All brothers and sisters in our fight against Slender Man.
I ask you, will you join me?

Because, we will not let the efforts of Fizzy be in vain.
She did this to keep us going. She wanted to give us hope.
And damn well we got it. So we're giving you the chance to join.

Make a post at any point after you read this.
Add it to the tag of your blog if you see fit.
We're members of the Isabel Initiative.
And We do not go down without a fight.

The Keeper
Member of The Isabel Intiative


  1. I'll post.

    if you're wondering where Vivi is, Jeff, she's in the kitchen using up all our tissues. I think she wants to be left alone right now.


  2. Jeff, I can't...

    I can't write anything right now. I just can't.


  3. It's okay Jean.
    You're going through a lot.
    I understand that, my little Brit.

    I miss her too.
    But she called me a fuckwad.

    So I'm surviving this one for her.

    I'm going to keep going.
    And nothing is going to stop me.

    But on another note. you asked me what we were to do last post?

    We do the one thing Fizzy's been doing for years. We fight back and don't stop fighting.

    The Keeper

  4. I suppose all I can say is you all have my sympathies. The Wayward Knight seemed to have loved all of you, and her bravado, true or false, will be missed on the board.

  5. Jeff, I will definitely be posting.

    No one will forget her. Not her.

    This....I don't know. I need time.


  6. A bluff isn't quite as impressive or credible when your chips are dwindling so.

  7. I haven't seen It yet, but I promise you that once I do, I'll join the Initiative.

    Also, Shayde, please go die in a fire. Your poker metaphors aren't scary. Just like balloons.

  8. Keep your eyes on the dealer's hands, Scott. You don't want to be cheated.

  9. A little late, I'm sure. I've had plenty of blogs that I needed to catch up on. But you have my word, Jeff. I will gladly bear the title of a Member of the Isabel Initiative. If you need assistance in anything, you may call upon me. If you must contact me, I shall provide you with my home address, e-mail address, phone number, anything. If you ever find yourself in New Jersey, you can count on me to be a guide and helper.

    -Lucien Drage
    Member of the Isabel Initiative

  10. Count me in, Jeff. Slenderbitch is going down, even if I fall in the process. He can't win. Not now.