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Sunday, January 30, 2011

He's Doing Better...

it's a relief.

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

I managed to calm Jeff down.
He's been sleeping for about 4 hours now.

He's curled up against my chest.
I can hear his breathing.
He's sad and angry.

My dear Jeff.
I love you with all my heart.

Please, do not feel guilty.
The others have given their condolences.

But you must remain strong.
You're only human.

You can't force yourself to keep working like this.
The others can handle the task.
They understand you need time to rest.
To those who talked to him, thank you.
Jeffy, you need to rest.

I'll do the keeper duties while you build your strength up.

Speaking of that, I managed to find an important lead.
An old woman from my home country.
She lives in Germany now, after having spent time in America.

She used to tell me stories of the creature that lived in the woods.
Der Ritter. The monster that takes naughty children.
She told us about Slender Man.

She was the mother of my friend and neighbor.
We used to spend time together in America.

At the time, she lived in Louisiana. 
I miss her dearly, as she was a very kind young woman.
She would have been in her 30's by now.

But I digress. Jeff is going to rest for a while.
He needs to build up his strength again.

After that, we'll be paying a visit to Germany for some info.

Wish us luck.

-Cheska <3
The Chessmistress


  1. Thank god Jeff's okay, thank god...




    Chester's missing.

  2. Vivi.
    Dear God.

    Stay calm.
    It's Chester.

    Hopefully he'll be fine.

    He is a strapping young lad, after all.


  3. ...Yes, but...he's not answering phone calls... and the only weapon he took with him was one of the cricket bats. And he's still not very good at sparring, nowhere near good enough

    I'm just barely stopping myself from flipping out, here.

  4. Calm down, Vivi.


    We need to stay strong.

    Chester's a strong young man.

    He'll pull through.

    He'd never try anything stupid.


  5. Never try anything stupid? Chester? I can't guarantee that...he has his spectacularly stupid moments. Did I tell you about the time he climbed up onto the roof of the technology building at my school and couldn't get back down?

    God, I hope he's okay...

  6. Cheska...are you sure Jeff is only human?