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Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Been a Long Time...

Hello Everyone.
Cheska Here.

I'm currently typing this on a bed next to Jeff.
He's had a hard night. So I'll be posting tonight.

Sorry for the late post, but a lot has happened on our end.
 It is about a few or so weeks after Christmas.
The holidays were fun, we managed to visit Jean and Fizzy.
It was a short little meeting in a coffee shop.
I managed to apologize for everything I said to her.

It was what happened after we left that caused us some trouble.

After Fizz left, we were sure that Jean could protect herself.

Then, all of this began to happen.

Fizz is in danger. Jean's gone to do something crazy.

We managed to lose B a while back.

Rose ran right after him. We haven't heard from her.

We've had a few troubles of our own.

Our last hotel room was ransacked, luckily we didn't leave anything there.

We've been increasingly stalked by Hallowed lately, 
including a few of my old "friends" from my agent days.
Jeff managed to fight them off. I guess I taught him pretty well. 
We managed to steal a few cc's of blood from them.
(To Vivi and Chester, this is what Jeff was apologizing about.)
(Sorry guys, I kind of made you drink proxy blood- Jeff)

We've been on the run ever since.
So far, we managed to stay at a house nearby.
The family who lived here wasn't home.
We stayed here tonight due to Jeff's condition.

I worry about him now.
He seems... different.
He's become paler now.
He's eating and sleeping less. 
But he's told me not to worry.
Not unlike him, caring more for others than himself.

All these new developments.
It's all so much to take in.
Razputine went through a situation similar to Jeff's.
Vivi and Chester encountering Hallowed during their vacation.
Jean and Fizz becoming lost in that bastard's keep. 
Kaylee is back here in the U.S. where she belongs.
Nessa, the dear girl has been recaptured and wiped by Redlight.
Thage, the newest blogger out there. She seems to be very intuitive.
A Chessmaster after my own heart if there wasn't one who already had it.

But I digress. We have been doing our part.
We've been making the cure non-stop for the past week.
Our stores have almost been destroyed,
Jeff has managed to defend and hide them quite well now.

It's thanks to him we can make the cure in the first place.
And it's thanks to me that we can distribute it.

You know how you received those packages lately?
That was a few of my contacts helping us.
A few former Hallowed and Runners campaign helping 
to spread the cure to areas we can't reach yet.

And the weapons, well we took a note from
Fizzy's book and went to a private place.
The good news is, now that we're mobile again,
We can start traveling at a faster rate.
We'll find Rose first, put B somewhere safe,
And then continue with our travels.

Vivi and Chester are safe and back at home.

We'll be visiting them next.

So, as I sit here getting ready to post this, 
I was checking up on the comments and 
Was thoroughly  surprised to have
read a comment from Reach.

He's alive and well, thank the deities.
And he regrets being unable to help Jeff.
Don't fret, dear Reach. Jeff is fine now.

As for me, I'm going to sleep.
I'll fill you in about the rest  in the morning.

Goodnight, and stay safe.
My friends and fellow fighters
-Cheska <3


  1. You have no idea how good it is to hear from you guys.
    Everything has gone to hell and farther in a matter of days and I'm glad to hear you're all still pulling through.

    We can't fall to pieces now, it's what he/it wants.

    Just...stay safe.

    Eyes open.


  2. I don't know if you've heard but the faceless freak managed to sneak his influence onto the radio I'll link you to the broadcast http://snapjudgment.org/abducted. Do you guys know anything at all about this?

  3. Okay, that's a tad gross. Don't worry, I forgive you. I survived for two years on my own cooking, I have eaten worse.

    Let us know when your flight arrives so we can have dinner or something. We have work that day from 8.30 until 5 but otherwise there's nothing else on our menu.

    God, I hope B's okay. He seemed like a decent fellow. Rose too.


  4. Nice to see a live one! I really hope Rose is okay, B just sorta lost it, he doesn't have a right hand for goodness sake. Let the boy go, if he comes back, than we rejoice.

  5. And here I was beginning to worry the Knight and his Damsel had fallen, if you'll pardon the unintentional pun.

  6. ...You had them drink proxy blood? Uh...why? o.o (Also, good to see that you're doing okay.)


  7. The cure.

    It's part of it.

    Kind of regret revealing that part.


  8. Maybe I overreacted, admittedly. It's just...what happened to me, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Glad to hear everything is going well.

  9. Dearest Cheska, dealing from the bottom of the deck after claiming to fold is generally frowned upon.

  10. Oh great. I could follow the chess metaphors well enough but poker means nothing to me.