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Monday, January 24, 2011

We Need Something Else...

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

We just got on the flight from New Zealand to our new location.
We had a tearful goodbye with Vivi and Chester.
They gave us vegemite for the flight and  a big hug full of luck.
I wish them the best of luck, and everything we left with them
the proxies trying to get to them will be contending with a hell of a duo.

It was nice, you know, having that little moment of normalcy
in this huge sea of fighting Slender Bitch and his cronies.
After losing Robert, Nessa, Zero, and now Fizzy, it's been tough.

The minute we heard, Cheska and I were bawling our eyes out.
It was so hard to type that memorial speech to Fizzy without
having to dab my eyes every ten seconds.

But enough of my heavy emotions for now.
It's time to focus on the task at hand.
I saw the last comment on Jean's blog.
She mentioned that the Initiative needed an index.
A list of those who have fought Slendy and when they did.

So, I propose to you, my dear bloggers, fighters, and runners.
As the Keeper, I wish to start a collective of those like myself.
Those who procure, store, and keep knowledge of how to
defeat our mutual enemy in their minds and blogs,
and give the knowledge to those who need it.

I propose the Keeper Alliance.
A group of highly involved keepers of knowledge and researchers
who have gathered knowledge from across the globe to fight our common enemy.
I have begun to choose a list of members for this group.
Any available researcher who has faced Slender Man will be welcome.
I have already contacted some of you for your spots to be filled.

May our time not be wasted, dear friends.
As we look to the skies and ready ourselves
to fight the Slender Man, and do what others
before us have prepared us for. To finally defeat the creature.

Shall you join us, fellow Keepers?

The Keeper
Member of the Isabel Initiative


  1. I'll do what I can with what I have, but I'm not much for recording. That stuff is better left to others, not me.


  2. I'd like to volunteer for the Keeper Alliance...like I said, I'm no fighter, but when it comes to random knowledge and making theories, I'm your girl.


  3. Keeper Alliance. I like it.

    The bloggers need to band together, start really co-operating. Some of us may not get along but we all have a common enemy, one that needs to be gone before it takes any more victims.

    I took some notes about the looped apartment while I was in it. If you could call them "notes". I might scan them and put them up if I can borrow Mariko's scanner.

    Thanks for all the help you've given us over the past few days. Especially with the whole looped apartment thing.

    Enjoy the vegemite.


  4. You already have my answer.

    I could never refuse.


  5. Ugh....fine, I'll record what I got. You guys are right.

    Count on me, I'm in.

    The Destroyer

  6. Jeff, I- I'll do what I can to help, but I'm not sure I can do anything as part of a proper Alliance. I'm-- I'll contribute, but I'm not sure how

    Oh bloody hell. I think I'd be more a liability than an asset, Jeff. Kim is a total wild card, and I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me. Call me an aid, or a researcher, but I'm not adding another name to myself, nor am I quite in the right frame of mind to be a keeper. I'm just Jean. Just scared.

    Sorry, mate.

  7. By "24 Hours" I'm going to hope that you mean ASAP because she just woke up and she's hella vicious.

    Little fecker bit me.

    I'm willing to talk at any point I am awake or not otherwise occupied, so talk whenever.

    I suppose we all choose a role to add after our names, hmm? I think I'll take to using my full first name again, it's nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

    The Scientist

    Yes, I think "Scientist" fits. It was my ambition after Uni after all...

  8. Ava, good news.
    The package should be there early in the morning.

    Bad News. What you need to do is sedate her.

    I'm sorry, but that's needed to administer the cure properly.

    And well, you need to know a few things.

    Read up on Exilis Veritas.
    When Vivi gave the cure to Kaylee.

    That's what you need to watch out for.

    The Keeper

  9. http://exilisveritas.blogspot.com/2011/01/this-poses-more-questions-than-it.html and the post after it are the posts containing Kaylee's reaction to the cure. I don't know how she's faring at the moment, but she doesn't seem to be becoming re-hallowed if her tumblr is any indicator.


  10. Im all for this alliance.

    don't know what i can do for the cause, besides be a reckless dipshit when i need to be.

    (also im liking Ava's idea of taking on names for our roles)

  11. Shit, Jeff. There's only so much chloroform a ten-year-old can take you know. Even a dilute. Urgh. Time to force-feed the cough medicine.

    Thanks, I'm certainly curious as to how you know my address though. Is there a gap in my security I should know about?

    Vivi, thank you. I'll read up on it so I know what to expect.

    OC, t'wasn't really my idea per say, it's just that everyone else has some kind of cool moniker after their name and I wanted one too. XD

    The Scientist

  12. @Ava: the statement still stands. you were the one that vocalized it, and im behind it fully (mostly because i want a sweet name as well.)


  13. Well Ava, it's more like I have a friend over there in jolly old England.

    Also, try talking to her.
    I wouldn't recommend your current method of action.

    Give her a toy. Talk in a sweet and calming matter. Hand her something to draw or write on.

    But keep her restrained.
    Proxies are dangerous as hell.

    I should know.


  14. Hey, Jeff. I sort of have a situation involving another runner...nothing huge, but she was commenting on another blog saying that she thinks she might be Hallowed/becoming Hallowed. I'm trying to help her out, but I don't know that much about the process. I figured you might be able to help. Think you could check out the symptom list? http://thescarecrowexperiment.blogspot.com/2011/01/assistance-required.html



  15. Dearest Jeff;

    Please do not do anything stupid.

    Don't think I can't tell something is wrong.

    Love, Jean.

  16. Sorry if I missed something major at some point, but when did you become a "former" Revenant?

  17. Oh, and since I didn't say so earlier, if we have any information we can give, we'll share it, Keeper Alliance or not, especially if it might potentially save someone from death or becomignan Indoctrinated/Hallowed/whatever they're getting called later.

  18. Black Rook, I believe he's using it in the same context you are, in that you've both defected. Granted, I'm not here to pass judgement either way.

    Now then, as for this keepers push. I'll help where I can, but obviously, I can't join because that would break the arrangement. Expect emails, though, Lost Knight.

  19. Reach, I think it's what happened when Jeff and Francheska took the Proxie cure: http://theycalluskeepers.blogspot.com/2010/12/still-alive-and-kicking.html

  20. so you're restarting the (Sages) then, you mean?