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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank God, Vivi's Safe.

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here

Sorry about the late post.
It was touch and go with Vivi.

We managed to find her in that cupboard.
Dear God, it was Cheska's idea to call out to her.

She's safe and that's all that matters.
Oh, and we're out of the apartment.

Admittedly it's nice here in this house.
Very comfortable, and we get our own room.

But enough of that.
I owe you guys pictures.

The first one.



And the second one.

God, I took these in the kitchen.
Chester and Vivi were asleep.

I don't know who sent these.
The best guess is Becca.
The former White Queen strikes.
After talking to Thage, I've come to this
conclusion after seeing the notes.

We're being targetted.
We're putting Vivi and Chester in danger.
We're leaving on Monday.

The last two days here will be full of
making procedures to keep them safe.
And hunting down the proxy that Vivi saw.

Wish us luck.

The Keeper


  1. If you need a proxy hunter.....


  2. @Darby: You'd fly all the way over to New Zealand to hunt down ONE proxy? D: Priorities, Darby!

    @Jeff: I did wonder when I saw those photos "Wait, is that our kitchen floor?"

    It's a good thing that the previous tenants found somewhere else to stay, freeing up the house.

    They're wrong. You saved her because it was the right thing to do and now you're happy together, and if there's one thing slenderproxies can't stand is happiness because they are mindslaves living empty lives.

    Wait, why am I telling you all this when I could just invade your conversation with Chester and hug you, and Cheska as well since she was the genius who thought of calling out to me? Durr, Vivi, durr.


  3. Now that I think of it, I haven't heard from the Fallen Queen in some time. That's disconcerting. Be safe, the lot of you. Always keep someone awake on watch.

  4. Bonam fortunam, Jeff.

    Maybe you should try somewhere without trees. You've got a lot of options. Stay safe. Play safe. It's bloody dangerous, and you've caused nothing but trouble for the proxies.

    Please, please, please stay safe. It's weird; we've never met, but you've kinda become my best friend... So stay safe.

  5. Lol no, Viv, I would not, I'm just saying, if you REALLY needed it.


  6. Jeff. Fizz. Fizz is

    look for yourself. She's gone.

    Do you remember how we were talking about fanfic, you, me, Fizz, Nessa? It was fun. We were supposed to go get coffee- Zero was supposed to be there, Amelia, and B, and everyone. It was supposed to be a happy ending. Jeff. What are we going to do?