Welcome to the Home of the Isabel Initiative and Keeper Alliance

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Account is Open Now

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

I'll keep this short because of where we are.

I've opened my account to the public.
Might as well, considering I'm now the leader
of two of the greatest organizations of Bloggers.

The Isabel Initiative and The Keeper Alliance.

If you have any questions, want to join,
or have any information vital to our cause,
contact me at TheKeeperKnows@gmail.com.

Knowledge is power, dear friends.
And we'll need all we can get to fight Slendy.

The Keeper
Leader of the Isabel Initiative
Head of the Keeper Alliance.


  1. Contact me when/if you can. I've thought of something and since I'm going to be there, I'll test out as many Theories as you give me.

    Ireland = the home of Magic. Folklore. Tir na nog. Ectectect. I have Theories, does anyone else have them to test? Quick post. Not alot of privacy. Not alot of signal. Email me. Email on profile.

    The Scientist

  2. Jeff, I'm not a keeper. But you know where to find me. So talk already.

  3. Jeff, Jean's worried about you...we all are. Are you okay?


  4. Hahahahahaha. Wow, I haven't laughed this hard since Concrete Giraffes.

    Keep your fancy initiatives and alliances. Don't come crying to me when one of your precious members turns out to be a mole feeding you bad information. It's bound to happen eventually

    Me? I'll work alone, thank you very much. And if any of you are smart, you will too.

  5. http://cathydelmont.blogspot.com this woman is in serious need of help and quickly linking here blog here so that in case she doesn't listen to me. I don't want to look like a lone crazy man pointing fingers at no-face.

  6. I'm fine, you two.
    Just...just a little tired.

    I have to make this work.

    I want to protect you guys.

    For Nessa, Fizzy, Zero.

    For everyone.

    The Keeper

  7. Tired...I can understand that. I used to be able to sleep for twelve hours straight and now, well...getting seven hours is a lucky break.


  8. Attention fellow Keepers and members of the Isabel Initiative! A theory has been published on how to Kill the Slenderman; you can find it here: http://slendermanmustdie.blogspot.com/2011/01/electric-theorem.html Good luck to us all.

  9. and how is an initiative or alliance anything at all?

    Just a question, you see. What does it matter?

    I could say I'm the High Exalted Master of the Grand Order of Herp Derps but it doesn't mean anything.