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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Nice Day So Far...

Is what we've been going through.

Hey Guys.
Jeff and Cheska here.

So, good news,  dinner went smoothly.

Cheska and I downed a few plates of food.
Of course, having a few vegemite sandwiches beforehand.
We like to gratify the hospitality given to us.

I love vegemite now.

Agreed. It's something new we can use for foreplay.

Ixnay on the escapades bay, Cheska.

Aren't you cute when you're embarrassed?

That may be, but down to business.
After dinner, we compared notes with Vivi and Chester.
Right now, we're talking about who could have
vandalized their bathroom.

As far as we know, proxies are smart.
It had to be someone who knew where Vivi lived.

From what Cheska has told me, it may be someone
close to Vivi who's been doing this.
Slender Bitch usually chooses people who
know the terrain.

When I was working under him, he had me stalk 
relatives and look for the weakest ones.
They had the most potential as use spies.

It might even be some newbie assigned to the task.
I'm not taking that risk though.

As I sit here and type this, they're talking.
Cheska is talking about motive with Vivi
as I go through the finer points of guns with Chester.
I'm making sure that he teaches Vivi as well.

I'm going to teach him to strip
and disassemble his weapon
in record time with precision.

It's hard enough these days to have
a gun on your person and go unnoticed.
So, he's learning how to put it together
with his eyes closed.

Hopefully nothing happens to would require that training.
Not seeing Slendy for about two days is kind of unnerving. 

So, for current news.
Stormecho seems to be in a pickle.
I feel horrible, did I cause this?
All the distorted speech and chaos involvement.
Is this the new binary code classifying Slendy captives?

Kiki's, or should I call her Sammie is distressed.
Poor girl. I wish I could do something for her.

Thage has been up to date with her posts.
A great person she is.

Stephanie from Scared has been taken.
Jack, I promise you we'll get her back.

Nothing else really going on.
So I'm going back to the conversation.
Anything you want to add to this, Cheska?

We can still beat this thing, guys.
Right Jeffy? :3


As far as I know, everything will be smooth sailing.
And Vivi and Chester.

I hope our little "ahem" didn't keep you awake last night.

Cheska! D:

Bye everyone!

-Jeff and Cheska
The Keeper and The Chessmistress


  1. I told you vegemite is amazing!

    ...Oh, so that's what that was. I did consider going into the living room with a cricket bat to see what the hell was up. I'm glad I didn't walk in and embarrass you. Don't worry, you didn't keep us up.

    Teaching him to disassemble and reassemble a firearms with his eyes closed is probably a good idea, since I do wonder how he would do in a fight without his glasses because he is extremely shortsighted.

    As I said to Cheska, people who know where I live are not exactly in short supply, so we've narrowed it down to people who know we're living together, which brings it down to about 30 or so people. *facepalm*


  2. Also, if Cassy using everyone like a human climbing frame is bothering you, I can shut her in the bedroom. We're just used to it.


  3. Thanks for the concern, guys. I always feel bad about renting when I remember how much worse off everyone else has it. And it helps just knowing you guys actually care :3

    Good luck, Everyone. Stay safe.