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Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're Here...

Hey Guys.
Jeff and Cheska Here.

We made it safe and sound to New Zealand.
The airport is nice, clean and free of Slendy.

However, it is as hot as hell outside.
I can see people sweating...

We'll be waiting by Gate 4A, Vivi and Chester.

It'll be nice seeing you two, and maybe some New Zealand romantic spots?
The Keeper


PS: Cheska is making sure I don't eat until we get to your place.
But they're selling Vegemite Sandwichs...

No spoiling your dinner, young man.

-Cheska <3

I can wait for dinner.

Hopefully, because I'm for dessert.



  1. Already there.

    Look for the petite red-headed in the [MADE IN NEW ZEALAND] t-shirt and the half-Maori guy trying to keep up with her.

    ...We see you! Bwahaha!

  2. Oh, we see you guys!
    Wow, Vivi.
    Chester was right.
    You're so cute!
    Damn Chester is tall.


  3. Chester was right, Vivi is stronger and heavier than she looks.@_@

    She can glomp really well...