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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What the Hell?...

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

Good news, on a flight to New Zealand.
Cheska is napping against my shoulder.
I'm typing on this post here.
Thank God this flight has wi-fi...
We'll be there around 6:00 tonight.
We'll hug Vivi and Chester hi for you guys.

Bad News...
You know that house we were staying at?
A runner was staying there.
He found us this morning.
He was going nuts and almost beat us to death.
Cheska managed to knock him out.
It turns out he was being Hallowed.

We managed to get him the cure in time.
When he woke up, he thanked us and we went off.
His name was James.  I'll admit he was pretty cute.

He was such a nice kid.
Shame what happened to get him into this.
He lost his entire family to that thing.
He was an avid Marble Hornets fan.
So we managed to hook him up with
some cure and a contact number.

In return, he managed to get us a ride to the airport, 
Where we boarded a flight to Auckland.
And I am now here typing this post.

It's nice knowing we're somewhere
Slendy can't get to us. Even for a little while.
So, we'll be there by six at Auckland Airport.

But before I get into the happy sunshine...
I found something on the door of the last place we stayed.
It was a piece of paper, burned at the edges.
It had an Operator Symbol drawn on it in black marker.
It had "WE CAN SEE YOU" written on the back.
I'll take a picture and post it later.

It made Cheska and I nervous.
I've always been worried that some Hallowed had to have
been sore about her defecting. And then, I check the blog
and see this comment from Shayde.

Dearest Cheska, dealing from the bottom of the deck after claiming to fold is generally frowned upon.

What in the hell?

So, we're being a little more cautious for a while.
I think I may have to contact Thage for a few answers.

But before that, I just remembered.
My old job calls back to me.

I am and always was the Keeper.

So, Kiki and Stormecho are having their troubles.
Best of luck to you ladies.

Holly Ven has been getting all artsy. I'm very impressed, dear.

Reach is still in hiding, but at least he's safe.

No sign of Zero or Amelia.
I'll personally be on the look out for them.

Fizzy hasn't posted for a while.
It has me worried, she's so headstrong.

Jean's become a runner.
See if you can find your way to us, my dear Brit.

Scott's been decoding Thage's chess related wisdom.
Thank God for that.

Citizen Anonymous, one of our more active fighters
has had a fair share of his battles. Do try and stay safe.
We need someone like you alive.

Zeke Strahm, the badass incarnate himself.
He's still alive and kicking. And he killed a proxy.

And well, that's my report.
See you guys after our little excursion in Auckland.

Stay Safe, you guys.
The Keeper


  1. 6.00? Sweet. We'll see you in six hours, then!


  2. The Spectator's wisdom can only be dispensed so freely. Before you approach the stands, ensure that you're prepared for the referee's judgement.

  3. You honor me, Jeff.
    Make me sound all heroic, I'm just dealing with the shit that's getting dumped on me.

    Apparently I'm good at it, but taken to heart, I'll try to keep safe(r).

    Say hi to them for me, since I clearly will not be present.
    I'll be around though.


  4. Yup, still in hiding. Moving from place to place. Which has proven surprisingly effective considering what a tiny fucking country I'm based out of. Reminds me of something my grandfather used to say;

    "'Tis in the nature of an Irishman to bemoan the state of his country until he leaves it, then praise its beauty and virtue until he returns."

  5. Wait, Zeke Strahm is alive? What?! When?! How?! Is he okay?!

    (Sorry about the freak-out, it's just...his was one of the fist blogs I read so it's a bit nuts to see that he's okay).