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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Research and Poached Eggs on Toast

Hey Guys
Jeff and Cheska Here.

Vivi and Chester told us about how they saved a sample
from their bathroom graffiti. Thanks for the sample guys.
As far as we know, it's Slendy goop all right.

It smells just like a swamp.
It's disgusting to know I had this stuff in me.
All of us, my friends, had this stuff in us.
The essence of him.

Cassy hissed at the test tube when
she came near us. She's laying and purring
deep in Cheska's lap at the moment.

What's weird was, it seemed sort of alive.
It seemed like it was moving on its own in the tube.
If I didn't know any better, I swore it tried to rise
higher into the tube when it was near Cheska.

This poses a bad sign.
Maybe it recognizes my former nature.
That old bastard had me tight in his grip.
He was supposed to have you too, Jeff.

I mean, I remember seeing it before
after Cheska and I were cured.
But after we took the cure, it just seemed dead.
It laid there on the floor, like plain old water.

It was the best feeling in the world knowing we broke his control.

Oh well. Enough of this science junk.
Time to burn this stuff and clean the test tube.

Speaking of the title.
We just had that for lunch.
With Vegemite!

Vivi, do you think customs would let us bring a jar home?
Dear God, it's like heaven in a jar.
Cheska loves it too, and it's great for a snack!

It might even replace my love for peanut butter!
Only slightly though. It still makes a good fun time food.


*chuu* <3

Oh, look, Cassy hopped back on my lap again.
What's that girl, you want to say something to the nice people?


It appears Cassy approves of this message.
Thanks Cassy. Such a cute kitty. :3

Stay safe guys.
Love you all
-Jeff and Cheska
The Keeper and The Chessmistress


  1. Dear lord, you two taste like diabetes.

    Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. It's nice to have some happiness around...

    I found some Marmite today. Oh, delicious foods with the suffix -ite. Why are you so expensive?

    It's bloody cold in the Midwest. Maybe we should go south...

  2. We noticed the movement while it was on the wall. kind of like it was breathing or something. That's why we kept some.

    We told you vegemite is amazing! I'm pretty sure customs will let you take a jar or two as long as you declare it. They should understand why you want to take some away with you, if they are truly New Zealanders.

    Pretty much anyone with any kind of Cuteness Proximity loves Vivi's cat. And Vivi's cat loves people (and randomly walking across the keyboard, and sitting on the DVD player) so it all shakes out. xD


  3. Seems I'm the only person who thinks Vegemite is gross...... *slinks away*

    xD And it's 70 in Texas at the present moment, quite wonderful, so if you care to venture south, look me up.

    I'll be around.


  4. Not very fond of Vegemite myself, Darby. But then again, I think everything tastes better with some shrimp tossed into the mix, so my taste buds might be slightly blown out.

  5. A foreign black substance that moves. So, You Know Who is infected with the symbiont from Spider-Man? o.o

    I can't tell if that makes him scarier or less scary, because we all know how to beat Venom. But then again, that's a comic book. This is reality. Reality with a tall humanoid abomination that eats people.

    ...I'm just...going to go contemplate how effed up my life is. >.<


  6. I enjoy shrimp more then Vegemite.

    Good connection Alora, I thought the same thing at first. Personally, I've never encountered this substance before so I really don't know.

    I might find out though, just in case.