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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I happen to like cats...

and watching Cassy claw her way up Vivi was cute.
She started doing it to Cheska and I after they left for work.

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

We're having lunch right now.
Cheska is cooking and it smells awesome.

Cassy is sitting on my lap now.
She's purring and nuzzling against my stomach.
She's so cute and fluffy and adorable!

We were going to go out and get a bite at
Vivi and Chester's work place.
But we decided to stay and see if any proxies attacked.

Not going to let out friends home get defaced again.
The weird part is, there has been zero activity here lately.
Well, proxy wise any way, no weird sightings.
But speaking of really weird activity, get this.

We got another note today.
It was posted on Vivi and Chester's door.
This one had a skinny figure and two people on it.
The first was a girl with long hair near the skinny figure.
It had her falling down a pit. I think it was Cheska.
The other figure, who I can assume was me was
reaching up and picking her up out of the pit.

The note read, YOU MADE A MISTAKE.
The O in You was written with the Operator Symbol.

Whoever's doing this, you'd better think it's worth it.
Because the minute I find you, it's the last thing you'll ever do.

But enough of idle threats.
Down to Keeper business.

Observe and Terminate is getting all codey.
What in the hell does that mean?

Jean, dear God. She found Kim.
They're safe and together now.
But, I don't think the same can be said for Fizzy.
Damn it all to hell. Fizzy, you'd better be safe.

Scott started a new blog.
He's holding all his Thage decoded text there.
Go  to: http://truthinchess.blogspot.com/

C.A. managed to kill eight proxies.
Darby the Destroyer indeed.

Sammie and Holly are okay on the Slendy Front.

Stormecho has me worried though.
Can someone check up on her?

But oh well, that's all I have for now.

Stay safe you guys.
The Keeper

Jeffy is so cute when he blushes.
I hope he realizes that I made the entire meal only 
wearing my underwear and an apron.
Oh, and to the proxy that sent us that note.
We're gonna find you. 
The Chessmistress


  1. The lack of activity is somewhat worrying as far as Chester and I are concerned. The note, at least, is something. Thanks for sticking around so our apartment doesn't get charcoal'd again.

    (Speaking of the charcoaly stuff, there's a sample of it in a stoppered test tube in the cistern of the toilet in case you want a look. We think it's the same stuff that Kaylee threw up, but we aren't 100% sure. When you're done with it, burn it and bleach the test tube.)

    Cassy's a bit of an attention whore. She loves absolutely everyone, except the proxy who broke into our apartment and Kaylee until about 12 hours after she took the cure.

    You two enjoy lunch :) I'm just warning you, Mariko may be coming home with us (she wants to borrow something of mine) so make sure you are fully clothed when we get back.


  2. There is no time jeff.we live on borrowed time.time is an illusion that comforts us telling us that:oh it's ok you'll live an old age.in the end,we are all just walking corpses,waiting for our orders.