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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Okay, So I lied...

I'm all alone on this one.

Fizzy's dead, Jeff's dead.
I captured Cheska in the heat of the moment.
Jeff's easy to imitate. Be nice, sound stupid.

It was kind of sad, seeing her sitting in her own little world.
She misses them so much, her friends.

I have her, she's been sedated.
She can't fight back as it is.

The drug isn't going to wear off anytime soon.
And apparently it doesn't keep her from hitting me.

But enough small talk.
I'll cut right to the chase.

You try to find me and save her?

She dies.

You let me do what I want?

 She lives.

Simple as that.

I could have killed her from the beginning.
Serves her right. Her little boyfriend killed my two best friends.

They were guarding the cell the day we captured them.

But I need her alive.

I need to know what the hell this thing is.

I need to learn everything about Slender Man.
And she is the key to all of it.

She knows who Jeff was.
She has all the information.

And one way or another...
I'm going to damn well get it.



  1. That doesn't sound good...

  2. Seeing as she hates SlenderDouche as much as you do...why don't you just ask her, get what you need, and let her go? The heat stays on her, you get the information you want, and everybody wins.

    Just what I'm thinking anyway.

  3. What is the only country that can serve up the rest of the world on a platter that bares its name?

  4. Beat me to it, Cal. :)

    Am I the only one sensing a theme here?

  5. I'd probably have to know more about that Silk Road to comment on that, we shall see.

  6. Oh I see, silk trade routes originating in China.

  7. Exactly. So if your answer is right...potential trend?

  8. Could be, could be.

    He's quiet..

  9. Oh, very well-played, Cal. Very well-played. As for themes...well, maybe there's a theme or maybe you're reading too much into things. Possibly both.

    Get your game face on is our next stop!