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Thursday, December 2, 2010


I can't sleep!
I mean really, all this awesome comes with such a terrible territory.
Super strength, invulnerability, knowledge.
And all I can eat is crackers!

Reach, how in the hell did you do this for so long?
Oh, Fallen is looking into my chat again.
Hi Mom, just saying hello to some friends.

Fallen is really sweet when she isn't trying to break me into serving our mutual frenemy.

She takes care of me, changes my blankets, and well she's been a wealth of information.

And now a hug.

Okay, too tight... too tight...

Still getting used to the hypersensitivity.
Broke a table in half the other day though.

The odd part is, Reach, I can't hear the commands.
I can't hear the voices at all.
All I can hear is people talking about him.
Odd, I must have been a horrible candidate.

I should ask Fallen later.
Oh well, going to try and get some sleep.

Still Here

So, Nessa's finally free.
Thank you Zero.
She's finally at peace.


  1. Jeff.wtf man.you sit around thinking this is something to be proud about.

    Your hallowed.

    Be ashamed.

  2. Shame comes with my control J.
    Which fortunately doesn't exist.

    I don't hear what Reach heard J.
    There are no impulses.
    I'm not driven to do anything.

    Which is good because I like the benefits.


  3. You piss me off...i wanna kill you so bad right now..okay keep it together..

    Then why are you even a hollow if you do no killings/etc??

  4. All part of a plan.

    Can't say much with Fallen looking over my back.

    Let's just say that part one is done. And the our side did need an insider.


  5. Jeff,i'm curious.are you telling me you have godly powers,like:somone comes up to you.he trys to state his name,but you already know it.

  6. I'm just a guy who likes to research.

    Godly powers have nothing to do with it.

    If I know your name, I've heard it before.

    All I am is someone who wanted to know the other side.

    Good news is, I can still work with you guys.


  7. Kay.whats fallen doing?

    Btw its:Jaron.and i'm not sure i've met anybody named jeff..

  8. If someone I knew met you, Then 'd know by asking.

    Oh, and Fallen is out on patrol again.

    She's apparently my nanny and an agent.

    She lets me have my free time, but she's still trying to get me to listen to her master.

    Her real name is Francheska.

    I think.


  9. Lawl.that sounds russian..

  10. Lily told me that she get's sporatic instructions, who's her next target, who to avoid. that sort of stuff. ~Rose