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Friday, December 10, 2010

Current Predicaments

Hello Bloggers,
Fallen here.

Apparently, something has developed at our newest base.

Lily, our ally within the mind of Rose came to us today.

She was bleeding from the abdomen.

It looked like a stab wound.

She offered us information for some assistance.

At Lost, or perhaps Jeff's insistence, we allowed her to enter.

I would have let Rose die and Lily live on.

But the master would have been disappointed to lose her.

But the matter at hand.

There is an entity roaming the land around our base with a gasmask on.

It was wielding a knife and had attempted to and succeeded in attacking them.

Without the mask, it had bloodshot eyes and no mouth.

Is this another servant of the abomination?

I must speak with the master about this.

-The Fallen

To the bloggers.
Rose is safe.
We managed to clean and dress the wound in time.
Jeff is watching over her now.
Lost has retreated temporarily into his mind.
They have agreed to share the space.
This is an odd scenario.
I must report this to the master.


  1. Gasmask.this is not my vile.maybe...it is.vile is born.fear him

  2. I second that query. Things with gasmasks and no mouths? Sounds pretty freaky. Looks like Slendy isn't the only one screwing with our lives now- some other creepies have joined the party.

  3. I have created a creature to fight slender man.read my newest blog entry and you will know who he is.

  4. J, what the fuck were you thinking?
    Bringing something like that into existence.

    It was bred to kill.
    All it does is kill.

    What have you done?


  5. We didn't want to do it jeff butwearetiredof waiting on the sidelines vile will kill slender man one way or another

  6. I have to second that, Jeff. What the hell, J. What the hell.

  7. I'm sorry but i am taking this into my own hands. Jeff/lost,when you see the knights,that means he's coming.

  8. Sadly, you cannot defeat Slender Man that way, J... all you did was release another monster into this thing. This is something that can have major implications on all of us.

    Now we have to figure out what to do about Vile... and I don't think Mega Man X or Zero are going to be able to help us out.

  9. You idiot.
    Vile isn't just going to kill Slender Man.

    You gave it a story.
    You gave it a name.
    You gave it targets.

    You didn't give us a way to kill it.

    Because thanks to you, it's already dead.

    Next time you want to take matters into your own hands, think first.

    I'm sorry buddy, but you've doomed us all.


  10. Jeff,vile is immortal.he will come back again.you want a way to kill him jeff? sorry.he only takes orders from me through my mind.nowhewillkillalltheevil

  11. You think it will listen?

    You think it's just going to sit there and follow orders?

    You've created a monster.

    You hurt Rose.

    You are going to get a lot of the people you have sworn to help killed.

    And when its out of evil, the only evil thing left to kill will be you.

    And then nothing will be able to stop it.

    Give us a way to stop it, J.

    Just in case.

    For your sake, and for the rest of ours.


  12. ...
    Alright.i'm going to come up with something.can you tell me what's going on right now?

  13. Nothing so far.
    But I did managed to barter a truce with Lost.

    He's allowed to use my body when I'm tired. Or when He wants to talk.

    He's actually very nice once you get to know him.

    Short of the "I breath for the master" lines every once in a while.

    But yeah, nothing so far.

    All that's been happening is the construction of that structure here.

    Fallen has been overseeing this thing.

    I don't know what it is.
    But it looks bad.


  14. No,i mean what is vile doing? look outside every window.do you see anything suspiscious?

  15. No sightings so far.
    But I'm going out later.

    Recon mission.

    Just send me a way to kill it ASAP, just in case.