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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Solstice is Nigh

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

You know the phrase "hits like a girl"?

The guys who made that phrase have obviously never met Fallen.
Or Fizz, Jean, Vivi, Rose, or any other badass girl I know.

The reason for the title is, well you guessed it.
The event we have all been waiting for.
Is just one day away.

The month before, Fallen began waking me up at six to train.
I mean, I was previously engaged in martial arts.
A little jujitsu and some capoiera.
But this was just torture for me.

All the Hallowed are migrating back to their bases.
It turns out Fallen's hideout was meant to house fifty.
They're all training for the big event.
Some of them are nice.
Others looked like they wanted to kill me.

But back to what I was saying.
Hand to hand combat.
And Fallen is experienced.
She pinned me after two moves.

I had no idea she knew martial arts!
Her punches and kicks hurt.

Which is why I've managed to block each hit.
Until she pulls out a tactic that I've never seen.

I can only go so far with my Revenant speed and strength.

And Fallen just knows how to rub it in my face.
Not in a bad way, mind you.
She still treats me to our usual cuddle sessions.

But yeah, today was another one of our training sessions.
Our last in the series.
A month of training can do wonders.

The thing that worries me though,
is that if Fallen is this rough on the battlefield,
How rough is she in the bed room?


But yeah, on another note.
Back to the comments of the last post.

Fizzy, I don't need to see Fallen
in knee highs and a leather bustier.
I've already seen her naked.

You, Jean, and Rose as the OT3?
Wow, just. Wow.

And Chester.
Do me a favor and
give Vivi a hug from me.

Get ready for the Solstice guys.
Can't wait to see you there.



  1. Jeff, I've been assigned to spar with you next. This is going to be fun! >:D >:3 ~Rose

  2. Jeff, the thing about hanging out with girls who can fight is that you have to learn how to be able to hit them back or you're screwed. Period. Viv's going to get me a cricket bat because I really can't use this crowbar because I'm afraid I'll kill someone. D: Non Action Guy for the lose. I play sport, I don't try and kill people!


  3. Well, Chess, sorry to say it.
    But tomorrow's the Solstice.
    I'm afraid those who are going are going to have to kill people.

    But, for me.
    It's more of self defense.

    And well, I know a lot of badass girls. I will fight back if necessary.

    But, well, it's more of the problem of getting a hit in edgewise rather than actually wanting to hit back.

    Not that I want to.

    Seriously, they're really fast. DX


  4. Well, if you're small and light and speedy, you do have a natural advantage in terms of getting out of the way.

    Chester's just making pathetic excuses for why he's no good with a crowbar. He needs a different weapon since the crowbar isn't working for him.


  5. I've been thinking about sending you guys a pair of guns.

    What do you think?

    Early Christmas Gift?

    Lamp Santa would be pleased.


  6. Unfortunately, guns are illegal in New Zealand without a license. Nice thought though.