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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coffee House Fun

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

So, I may have mentioned in the comments of a particular post
that Fallen and I went out to go meet Fizz.
We did. At an awesome coffee shop.
And It was fun.

I kind of wrote down everything we talked about.

I managed to sneak the laptop down.

Transcript Time!

(On the way to the shop)

Hey Guys.
Jeff Here.

So, I may have mentioned in the comments last post,
that Fallen and I went out to go meet Fizz.
We did. At an awesome coffee shop.

And It was fun.

I kind of wrote down everything we talked about.

I managed to sneak the laptop down.

Transcript Time!

(On the way to the shop)

J: So Fallen, what are you going to say to Fizz?

F: I do not know. It is the first time I would be meeting a runner in person.

J: Aw, don't be shy. She's really nice.

F: From what the master has told me, she is a credible threat. Even equal to that of the Sage, Zero.

J: That's our Fizzy for you.

F: Apparently she also likes women.

J: Yeah, I kind of found that out the awkward way.

(Subtle laughter from the two of us)

(Entering the coffee shop, we spot a  girl in a Blizzcon hoodie , blond and blue eyed, Caucasian, early 20's, who waves us over to a table.)

(She begins  checks out Fallen, who I pull out a chair for. I then sit down next to her.)

J: Fizzy, nice to finally meet you.

(I extend out a hand in greeting. She takes it and shakes it in reply, smiling. She then looks to Fallen, who she looks over and winks at.)

Fizzy: Fallen, right? Jeff, why the hell didn't you tell me she was this hot?

J: Fizz...

Fizz: Sorry, mate, but beauty demands I acknowledge it. I am, among other things, an artistic soul.

F: It is okay Jeff. In the past, many have found me attractive.

(Fallen is a bombshell, to quote Fizz. A curly haired brunette with soft blue eyes, pale skin and top top it off, an hour glass figure.  She's also told me that she's a 36D.)

J: So, have have you been lately?

Fizzy: Been doing well so far, since well, Nessa, my hideout being burned to the ground and all.

J: Nice to see you've adjusted well so far. So how is it in your current stowaway?
Fizzy: A cheap little motel. Not exactly the Hilton, but it's nice to be staying somewhere and not freezing my ass off. I could do with a little company, though. Maybe a certain proxy can take care of me?

(Fizzy raises her eyebrow at Fallen, letting her guard down and giving both of us a warm smile.)

F: While I am flattered, Fizzbomb, I cannot accept that offer. The only person I care for is sitting right next to me.

J: *clears throat* Well, while we're here, why don't we chat about a few things?

Fizzy: So, how about you two?

J: About us?

Fizzy: I dunno, I mean what the hell has happened since I've disappeared?

From what I heard , Zero started running, M and Shaun are back, Robert's gone, and you got yourself Hallowed.

J: Well, that's a complicated story, but all I can say is that I had a plan before all of this happened.

Fizzy: Jeff, I always thought you were the smart one.
This has to be the craziest thing you've ever done.

J: All for the  sake of everyone else.

( Fizz is about to make a rebuttal, but stops)

(A slim, green eyed redhead comes to our table and pulls out her notebook.)

Waitress: So, what will y'all be having today?

Fizzy: One mocha latte, a croissant, and hopefully your phone number.

J: Large soy frappucino, please.

F: Cappucino, please.

(The waitress blushes as she walks away to get our drinks, Fizzy patting her on the butt as she passes by.)

J: *sighs* Oh Fizz...

Fizzy: What? She was pretty cute.

(Fallen giggles)

J: So, off that whole notion, what do you think about our situation so far?

Fizzy: Well, everything  that's happened so far has really had me mind fucked.
But at least I know that the rest of my friends made it.

J: Oh Fizzy, Nessa's death hit us all very hard.
At least she's living some sense of normalcy again.

Fizzy : *silent*

F: So, Fizz, I heard that you were one of the better fighters among your group.

Fizzy: Yeah, I'm not that impressive, though.
(Ten minutes worth of questions and answers later ) 

(Fallen is staring out the window as Fizz and I air guitar out to a song)

J: So, what else do you like to do, Fizz?

(Two hours talking about our respective interests and looking out the window later)

 F: Time to go, Jeff.
It's your bed time.

J: Okay Fallen.

(We start on our way outside as Fizzy pays the bill, and receives a slip of paper from the waitress.)

(We stop outside the entrance and stand on the curb to say our goodbyes.)

J: By the way, here, hopefully this will help.

(I hand Fizz an envelope)

Fizzy: What's in it?

J: I'll tell you later. We have to head off now.

( I walk up and give Fizzy a hug)

 J: Stay safe Fizz.

(Fizzy hugs back and breaks off to say goodbye to Fallen)

F: It was nice meeting you, Fizz.

(Fallen wraps her arms around Fizzy. The thing about it is, Fallen is very tall, so Fizzy's face is basically in her chest at this point.)

Fizzy: Aw, it was nice to meet you too, and I have to say, your chest is very comfy.

(We separate and walk our separate ways to go home)

End Transcript.

So, yeah, that's what happened.
If was fun to finally see Fizzy.
She's really cute.
Too bad I have someone else on my mind right now.

Later guys.


  1. I've got a regular sunny ol' personality, but I swear Slim was looking in on us from the woods near there. I dunno. Didn't see him, just had that feeling, you know?

  2. Fallen could sense him.
    That's why she was looking our the window.


  3. You got a transcript? Handy. I usually have to recall all my transcripts so they aren't completely reliable.

  4. I just had a paranoid feeling that I've come to trust--that's why I was scoping out the area. Also, I need to remember to call that waitress.... Amy was her name, right?

  5. Amy Reiben.

    She was cute.
    But Fallen is cuter.


  6. -writes that down- Also, gotta remember to get Jean to go to the grocery store with me later today.

  7. Don't forget the whipped cream.
    Lol, baked goods.

    But yeah, have fun together.

    Just don't do anything you can't write about on the blog.

    Not that I know how you classify things anyway.

    Tell Jean I say hi!
    Oh, and check the doorstep.
    I left a package there for you two.
    It's full of British snacks and other things.

  8. That looked like it was fun. Next time I get to come too, right?


    And Fallen sounds cute. :3