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Friday, December 10, 2010

Just the Two of Us

Hello Guys.
Jeff here.

If you read the last post and this one,
well you know I've done the impossible.

I've managed to barter a truce between Lost and myself.

Isn't that nice?

Apparently Fallen is pleased to see us get along.

It must be her motherly traits.

But yeah, Lost now has full control of my body when I let him.

He's mostly been using that time to speak with Lily.
Apparently the two have sparked quite the friendship.
After reading Rose's blog, apparently there could be something more to it.

And I thought he was a bad guy.
All he needed was a friend.
And a little guidance from yours truly.

Good thing too, our first mission is tonight.

We've agreed to work together on this one.

And I made him to promise not to kill anyone unless totally necessary.

It's just a simple reconnaissance mission.

Odd, considering our Revenant status.

But nonetheless, all we're doing is going out to patrol the grounds around the base.

Going to try and take down J's little monstrosity if I encounter it.

Sorry buddy, but that thing can't be allowed to exist.

But first, I have to take Rose back to a hotel.
She's still asleep, but I have the room booked for another two days.
She's going to need it.

I've already spoken to Lily.
She agrees that its for the best.

Well, time to head out.
Wish me luck guys.



A man in a gas mask and a fighter pilot.
J, what the fuck did you bring into this world?

Avoiding getting stabbed.

Lost, you're cleared to kill here, pal.



  1. I almost have something.when you see him,update on this post.

  2. Make it quick, I hear noises.


    Oh shit!

  3. Alright.heres the incantation to stop him:scum of the underworld,unholy and unkept,return to hell,and never come back again! " if it works correctly,he will start making a huge screeching noise,and he will sink into the ground,like quicksand.

    The fighter pilot's there? what's he doing?

  4. Good luck, Jeff.

    It's good to see you and Lost at least trying to coexist. I don't like having to be hostile to people.

    Please, stay alive. Lamp Santa compels you.

  5. He's stuck in a tree courtesy of a roundhouse kick.

    Give me something a bit more substantial.
    No offense J, but I've lost fate in words after Nessa died.
    But I will try it.


  6. Alright,first try the incantation.i have a feeling your about to see john f. kennedy

    if the incantation doesn't work the first three times,

    get him near water or fire.he will turn into dust.kinda like that seen from robocop were that guy melts like acid? That.

  7. Well, that worked.
    Vile is screeching, the pilot is gone.

    Lost would you do the honors?


    And there he goes into the lake.

    So, did we win?


  8. One problem.
    Since he's immortal,he'll respawn.like in call of duty.county down by thirty.sorry.if you don't see him by then,vile is gone.

  9. And, thirty.
    Yup, the fucker is dead.

    J, do me a favor.
    Next time you want to think of a Slender Man killing monster, tell me first.

    I'll make sure it's safe.


  10. Kay.jeff,can you ask lost if this gets me in any trouble with slender man?




    Yeah, you're fine.
    Just don't do it again.
    Merry Early Christmas


  12. Jeff,i think me and you need to come up with something,like a hero.whaddya think?

  13. No.
    There isn't a hero, man.
    Quit the title use.
    Right now, we have to relax and trust Zero.

    And honestly, considering the little stunt we had to pull back there to kill your last imaginary Slendy killer, why should I help you make another?


  14. Jeff,today i juat learned i was born to make a monster by using nothing more then my own imagination,and a name generator.what if slender man got smart and realised he could use me to make minions?

    Face it.everybodys gone nuts or died.

    If we make this hero,we can beat him.

  15. Another choice, I could kill you for realizing that ability.

    Or you could help me and keep the rest of the people we know safe.

    Vile could have just as easily been a threat to all of us.

    I killed it to save your and all of our collective asses.

    Thanks for the help.
    But we have to do this through the Tulpa Effect.

    Find a way to kill him that won't backfire on us.


  16. Jeff, I'm almost convinced that this 'LOST' persona is simply part of you. Your tongue in cheek 'battles' with him lead me to believe that.

    Not to mention him wishing a merry christmas to anyone.

    I think this is your attempt to 'tame' yourself.

  17. Instead of making something else that could just as easily turn on us, the Tulpa effect is probably our best bet.

    Also, Jeff? http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn96/ailurafelidae/LampSanta.png

    My artistic skills are crap BUT HEY LAMP SANTA.

  18. @Zero
    Sorry to contest to that old friend, but Lost did not exist before my Hallowing. He knows things that I don't know. The only reason he acts a little like me is because he emulated part of my persona into his. And well, if he was part of me, well why couldn't I sense him before?

    Yay, Lamp Santa!
    Thanks for the drawing Vivi.
    It's cute.


  19. I think what Zero means is that LOST is a manifestation of your attempts to fight your hallowing and to distance that hallowing via "removal" from your main consciousness.

    You're welcome, Jeff. Lamp Santa!

  20. So I manifested LOST as a separate part of my consciousness as a representation of my Hallowed nature?

    Or am I just a figment of my own imagination?


    It makes sense.
    It all makes sense now.

    I was never me.
    I am LOST.


  21. Whoa whoa whoa, buddy. Whoa.

    You're not LOST. You are you, but LOST is you too. Not the other way around. Don't BSOD on us. You're as real as real gets.

  22. Did I really fight it, Vivi?
    Did I really beat him?

    Or am I just another deluded soul?

    Am I really still me, Vivi?
    Am I really still Jeff?


  23. I'm sorry, Jeff, but the only person who can answer that is yourself. Personally, I believe that you're still Jeff, and LOST is just a part of yourself that you have to learn to overcome, but I don't know what's going on in your head. And even if you aren't Jeff anymore, you're still a good person and a friend of mine- and as a friend I owe it to you to say so.