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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moving Out of Our Current Location...

As Jeff is still recovering from his encounter with the master.

But, I must be quick with this.

The multiple personality entity Rose is coming.

She is determined to save what remains of the Keeper.

She is a threat to our plans.

The master requires his services as a Revenant.

And she will not take Jeff from me now.

But, if only to encourage you, child.

When you find our current location, Rose.
You shall not find anything but emptiness.

We are determined to keep Jeff,
regardless of your efforts.

You will find him again on the Solstice.
And he will be under our control.

He shall truly become LOST.

-The Fallen


  1. You know Fallen, I hear your talk a lot lately, and maybe it's just my authority defiance acting up, but screw that.

    Even amnesiacs have elements of personality, and understanding, so even when you take away a man's memory, he still remains, maybe there's more that's in there, that you can't touch.

    Maybe that's why a forty year veteran of the Slendercorps can defect and seek his own path.

    Maybe that's why a Hallowed, desperate for an end to the pain, can come to me, and beg for death.

    Maybe...you're just a shadow.

  2. You better watch out, there's a wolf on the prowl. I've already found you old base... You left so many clues, I could follow you blind folded. Watch your back. ~Rose