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Monday, December 20, 2010

Awkward Situations

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

Rose kicked my ass good, so I guess a month isn't
enough time to master  my abilities as a Revenant, was it?

Which isn't the worst part.

She kissed me in front of Fallen.
Fallen really didn't like that.
It was really unexpected on my part.

She jumped into the training area and started beating on her.
It was scary as hell seeing Fallen jealous.

It was flying fists and horrible fury.
She was fuming like mad.
I had to step in to stop it from escalating.

And afterward, it was really weird between all three of us.
Fallen kept giving Rose a death glare.
She also kept pressing my face into her chest.

Rose, word of advice.
You're a sweet girl.
But please don't do that again.
For both our sakes.

But as of this event,
Fallen's been a little less friendly to Lily.
Admittedly this is getting out of hand.



  1. Holy shit, that's awkward. Reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally awkward.


  2. I did NOT mean for this to happen.... Who knew Fallen could be so jealous? ~Rose

  3. She was threatening Jean earlier.

    When it was obvious that Jean didn't like me.

    Yeah, she can get this jealous.

    Oh well, hopefully, after some calm and quiet conversation, it'll all be over.

    She can be forgiving.


  4. I say, threesome. Just email me pictures and we'll call it even stevens.

  5. Fizz!
    I really don't think Fallen or Rose would agree to that.


  6. Do I get to be on top?

    Ah, Fallen, not helping!

  7. Now now, Fallen. Don't shock the boy. You certainly shocked Vivi. I can hear her rummaging through the cupboards on the other end of the phone. I'm not sure if she's looking for the chocolate or the vegemite, since they're the nearest substitute to brain bleach she has.


  8. Just kidding, Chester.
    Only to rile my little Jeffy a little more.

    I forgive you Rose.

    But, if the next time the feeling comes across you.

    I will end you.
    Or maybe just cry and hug Jeff until he stops breathing.


  9. You sure enjoy riling the boy up, Ms. Fallen.

    Well, if Rose is forgiven so long as she doesn't try it again, that's reasonable. :D