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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Hey Guys
Jeff Here.

Merry Christmas to All!
It's Christmas Eve in the U.S.
So we still have time to prepare.

And Cheska and I are celebrating in excess.
This is our second to last night in the base.
So we want to make it a great one.

Cheska hung up some Christmas decorations earlier.
Rose managed to catch me under the mistletoe.

But Cheska and I repaid her in kind.
A smooch on the forehead and cheek respectively.
We each got each other presents, too.

Cheska gave me mine last night. 0_0
Er... It was really nice. And really warm.

I managed to get something nice for Rose.
And for Cheska, well I have something special in mind.

But back to the move.
Since we're destroying the base
we need a few places to stay for a while.
We're headed off tomorrow due to the lack of traffic.
Everyone will be inside for the holidays.

We'll be spending Christmas with Fizzy and Jean.
I managed to keep the booking for the hotel I gave Fizzy.

So if you live in the near Wisconsin area,
you'll be catching a glimpse of a tall woman in a Santa outfit
with a teenager in a reindeer costume.

So, in advance, sorry about my lack of updates .
That's going to continue until Cheska, Rose, and I reach Poland.

I'll also be detailing my end of the Solstice later.
For now, I'd rather leave that part a mystery.

So, Merry Christmas from Jeff and Cheska!
And to all a Slender free Holiday, and  good night.



  1. Oh Jeff. Good to see you're all in good spirits. Enjoy Christmas Eve. It's Christmas already over here- we're just about to leave to go to lunch with Chester's family. I guess it's only fair that if he comes to dinner with the Sullivans, I go to lunch with the Matenga-Whites.

    Chester is staring at me and I'm not sure why. Maybe he wants the laptop.






  2. Oh my God!
    Someone divided by zero!

    It's the end of the world!

    Aw, she must look stunning though.

    So don't tease her too much, Chess.

    Merry Christmas, Vivi and Chester.


  3. Zero divided by Zero, methinks.

    Merry Christmas, sir. See you two soon-- when are you getting in? We could go out for Chinese or sommat...

  4. Hopefully around the 25th-26th.

    It's be nice seeing you two!


  5. She does look pretty good. I'm used to seeing her in casual clothes, jeans t-shirts etc, so I'm a tad shocked but it's well worth it.

    I won't tease her, although the flustered look on her face is funny, partially because I'm at my Mum and Dad's place for the obligatory family gathering and my cousins Timothy and Jon (7 and 12) will make rude noises and tell us to get a room. Vieve thinks they're cute, the little monsters.