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Friday, December 3, 2010

Feeling Like...

a train just fucking hit me.

Hey guys, Jeff here.

Something feels off about me today.

Fallen was more attentive to me than usual.

I tried to get up from bed this morning,
almost tripped, and she came out of nowhere,
caught me, and carried me to the table.

It all started yesterday.

Last night, I was trying to sleep.
Thank god that I managed to.

I got a few good hours in, and when I woke up, Fallen was lying next to me.

I mean, not even in the cute way.
She was just laying there,  staring at me.

And  she has me wrapped up in her arms.
I thought it seemed soft and warm, and realized why.
She wears a closed robe with the hood pulled up,
so I have no idea what the rest of her body looks like.
She's...um... very developed.

But enough about my busty Hallow nanny.

I asked her why she was doing this.

She answered that she wished to comfort me.
I wondered why, and then everything went blank.

All I could feel was some deep, burning pain.
It lasted for what seemed like eternity.

I heard something.
A voice. Telling me to bend my will.
Telling me to join them.

Every time I thought .

And, the pain kept getting worse.
I thought about my friends.
I thought about my family.
They would never get me.
They would never get them.
I screamed and cried out.
I felt rage like nothing else was there.

And then, it stopped.
It was strange.

I felt like I was being cleansed by heat.
And I mean the mushy heart kind that someone gets when they're in love.

Then the cold began.
It pierced every part of my body.
I screamed again. Harder than I've ever screamed before.

It sheared and lacerated the inside of my chest.
But I didn't give in. I didn't want to.

I heard a guttural yell.
And then. Nothing.

No noises.
No pain.

I woke up and felt like shit.
After breakfast Fallen went out on patrol again.

So, I'm basically alone here.

Hey guys, who has two thumbs and  just won against a mind fuck?

This guy.



  1. Jeff,if you have plan 2 ready,do it now.because it gets worse every moment you sit there.

  2. First rule of fight club, J.
    Do not talk about fight club.

    I don't think I want to reveal anything to my "Mother" here.

    You are really lucky she is still out.


  3. Jesu Christe, man. I'm glad you're still with us, as much as you can be. But you had me scared there. My God.

    You're a toughie, aren't you? Keep it up, rescue will come for you. (If I could get some directions...)

  4. Jean, the one thing I learned that didn't involve interstellar travel and aliens in Doctor Who was that fighting back is easier when one has the element of surprise.

    And that when in doubt.
    Use a flat what to answer every statement.

    And that fezzes are cool.
    So are bow ties.

    I'm fine. Don't worry about me.
    I'll be getting out of this as soon as I can.

    I miss you, my dear Brit.
    Truly I do. And always will.
    Thanks for the concern though.

    Stay safe Jean.
    I'll be watching out for you guys.


    I've really been getting more into TV Tropes while I'm here. Not much to do really. Practicing on punching today. I want to see if I can pull off a Futae No Kiwami!
    (Rurouni Kenshin Copyright)

  5. Its a simple taunt.if they come,so be it they have sealed their fate with me.

  6. You will be dealt with J.

    If not by me. Then by others.

    Now, if you excuse me.

    I must go and help Jeff in the tub.

    -The Fallen

  7. Fallen, pretty much everything about you and this situation has a creepy Oedipal feel to it. Did your mother never love you as a child?

    And Jeff, this isn't directed at you. It's directed at your creepy ass maternal wannabe Electra-complex-having hallowed. Who is also pretentious.

  8. I lost my children to the master, Jean.

    In return, I tried to get them back.

    As my reward, I now serve him.

    He has now given me a child again.

    And I will not hesitate to care for him in any way possible.

    The master has caused him pain.
    I must now apologize.

    My relationship with Jeff is as a caretaker. He is under my charge.
    Nothing more. But he has grown on me.

    -The Fallen

  9. The fact that you believe somehow your children are replaceable proves that you are no longer the mother you believe yourself to me. Children aren't like goldfish, and the fact that you serve a master who took your damn children shows how far lost you are. I pity you. I pity all of you hallowed. But it doesn't lessen my anger at you.